The Complete Guide to Growing a Viking Beard!

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Have you been considering tapping into your inner Nordic warrior and growing a Viking beard that would make the mightiest of Vikings proud? Look no further than our complete guide!

From the history and cultural significance of the Viking beard to the step-by-step process of growing and maintaining one, we’ve got you covered.

Get ready to embrace your inner Viking and grow a beard that will make you feel like a true warrior!

What Is a Viking Beard?

The Viking beard is a facial hairstyle that was seen as a sacred feature of manliness, valiance, and strength throughout Norse history. It was associated with gods throughout all Norse traditional and sacred texts, with the exception of the least favorited god, Loki.

For the Vikings, such a beard would often distinguish their leaders and most courageous men from their troops. That’s why many men in the 21st century are wearing a Viking beard, as it gives them a more masculine and competent look.

Varying from a short Viking beard to a beaded, triple-braided long one, there’s a long list of beard styles to choose from.

How to Grow a Viking Beard

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Now that you know what the Viking beard is, it’s time to learn how to grow it.

1. Wait for the Viking Within You to Emerge

If you want to look like a mighty Viking, you’ll have to wait for a while for your new beard to grow to its maximum potential.

At first, you might want to give up because of all of the itchiness and the unusual scruffy look. But if you wait enough, you’ll be nailing the Viking beard style for a long time!

A full beard can take around 3 to 4 months to grow fullyOpens in a new tab., as facial hair normally grows between a third to half a millimeter every 24 hours.

2. Keep Your Beard Clean, Tidy, and Nourished

If your dream goal is to have a perfect Viking beard, you’ll have to treat it with respect.

Keeping your beard clean is an essential step in the process, and it’s pretty achievable by using beard care productsOpens in a new tab.. You’ll also guarantee a nurtured beard that doesn’t look too dull.

Make sure to use the following in your beard care routine:

  • Use beard shampoo 2-3 times a week. Make sure not to overuse it, as it may strip your beard of its natural oils;
  • Use beard balm to nourish, style, and moisturize your beard;
  • Use beard oil to promote healthy hair growth, reduce inflammation, and give your beard a pleasant scent.

Check out our comprehensive guide about beard oil vs. beard balmOpens in a new tab..

3. Comb Your Beard Daily

Archaeologists have discoveredOpens in a new tab. that Vikings didn’t just wield swords and axes into battle but also carried beard combs. Grooming their beards was a must, and it should be so for you too.

Even if you still have a shorter beard that can’t be combed, you could still use a beard brush. However, a good quality comb should be in your Viking beard’s arsenal of tools.

Combing on a regular basis will help with the following:

  • Detangle your facial hair;
  • Evenly spread out beard care products across your facial hair;
  • Influence the direction of hair growth;
  • Give you a well-groomed look;
  • Stimulate blood circulation, which promotes growth.

4. Tame Your Viking Beard

As your Viking beard grows, you might have the idea that if you trim it, you’ll lose the mighty beard style. Yet, not trimming your beard will give you an unkempt, wild, and shapeless look, which will eventually ruin the Viking aesthetic.

Ideally, you should look for any stray hairs and split ends to know whether it needs trimming.

Also, before grabbing the scissors, wash your beard with a beard shampoo, dry it up, and comb it well to make sure there are no tangles.

Top 5 Viking Beard Styles for the Modern Man

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Viking beard styles are endless, and it’d take a lifetime to look into each individual style. That’s why we’ve put together the best Viking beard styles for you to choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Long Viking Beard

While they take years of commitment, long Viking beards often give off an intimidating masculine vibe and are well worth the effort.

That said, make sure to be specific about the shape you want, as long beards require more trimming every once in a while. Whether you’re going for a square-boxed, a square, or a straight Viking beard, trim accordingly.

Short Viking Beard

If longer beards aren’t your preference, then the short Viking beard is the easiest one to pull off. It requires less time to grow and gives off a neat look with minimal maintenance.

Braided Viking Beard

A braided Viking beard would totally turn heads wherever you go.

While it might seem hard to style at first, starting a single braid is relatively simple. All you have to do is the following:

  • Take the area you wish to braid, typically around the chin;
  • Divide into three equal sections;
  • Take either the left or right-hand strand and move it over the middle beard strand;
  • Take the opposite side to the one you began with, and move it over the middle beard strand;
  • Repeat until your beard is braided up.

Beaded Viking Beard

For extra flair and an edgy look, you can embellish your long beard with a beard bead or two!

Beard beads materials vary, and some are made of stone, metal, wood, and even bones. Some Vikings even believed that beard beads held magical powers and would protect them in battles.

Viking Goatee

A Viking goatee gives an accentuated cheekbone look. Whether your facial hair tends to form a pointy end towards your chin naturally or you need to use some styling products to hold it together, a goatee Viking beard style is totally cool.

What Is the Science Behind Growing Your Beard Hair?

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Beard growth is influenced by genetics, hormones, age, and lifestyle.

While some men can sport a full Viking beard in their twenties, others might not experience a full, thick, grown beard until their mid-to-late twenties or maybe thirties.

Hormones, especially testosterone, play a significant role. Testosterone levelsOpens in a new tab. may vary for men. Having low levels of testosterone will negatively affect your beard growth.

Your overall lifestyle affects your health, testosterone, and, subsequently, your chance of growing a healthy Viking beard.


There’s a hormone in your body called dihydrotestosteroneOpens in a new tab. (DHT).

This steroid has control over how much hair grows all over your body. However, how much or little your body excretes is already coded in your genetics.

While you can’t change your genetics, your lifestyle can positively affect your testosterone levels and ultimately result in a full thick Viking beard.


Sleep is essential for your overall health and testosterone levels.

Your body does its main testosterone production while you’re asleep, especially during REM sleep.

Also, researchOpens in a new tab. has found that sleep deprivation lowers testosterone levels in men, so getting 7-8 hours of sleep daily is advised for healthy hair growth.


You can’t possibly embrace one of the Vikings’ beard styles without a minimum effort of imitating some of their lifestyles. We’re not suggesting you go to war every other weekend, but favorably, you’ll need to exercise a bit more.

Exercise can impact your hair growth by stimulating the blood flow throughout your system, affecting both your body and your hair follicles and promoting healthier facial hair.

Intense exercising can also affect your overall stress levels and promote your testosterone levels.

Healthy Diet

Nutrition is also a crucial variable that affects beard hair growth.

It’s advisable to follow a healthy diet that provides nutrients that keep you in shape and promote your testosterone levels.

A healthy diet that supports your goals should include the following:

  • Lean protein
  • Healthy fats found in nuts and vegetable oils
  • Foods high in zinc and magnesium
  • Vitamins found in vegetables and fruits.

Drinking water is essential, too, as it’s the main delivery system for all nutrients to your hair follicles.

To Sum Up: The Viking Beard Is Worth the Effort!

Growing a Viking beard might seem overwhelming at first, but now that you know all the essentials to unleashing your inner Viking, your voyage will be much easier.

Remember that to get your preferable beard style right, you’ll need to take good care of your beard. Keep your facial clean, comb it regularly, trim it every once in a while, and keep it moisturized.

Also, a healthy diet, quality sleep, and regular exercise won’t only promote healthy beard growth but will also boost your overall health.

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