The Wet Brush Review – Why is it so special?

We have all had that day that our hair (or our children’s hair) is snarled so bad that we can’t even begin to brush through it without taking ibuprofen first. Thankfully, the Wet Brush company has come to the rescue. So here is my Wet Brush Review.

It can be a total nightmare to try to get a child to sit still while brushing their hair (the incessant screaming/crying and the “no stop it hurts!”). No one enjoys having to do that.

To be completely honest, I have days that I struggle brushing my own hair! Let me tell you what… If my hair is a hot mess, I don’t want to be seen in public. Period.

So – after being very skeptical of brushes that claim they can magically detangle hair (if this is legit, why didn’t they come out with a true detangling brush a long time ago?) without the pain and struggle, I finally gave in and decided to try a Wet Brush. Here’s what I found.

I am going to tell you right now, if you don’t own a wet brush but struggle with tangles regardless of if it is your hair, your child’s, or your pet’s hair. You will be running to the store to get one I swear.

Wet Brush Detangle Review

Wet Brush Detangle

At first glance, there is absolutely nothing that sets this brush apart. I honestly don’t get it. But then I have an aha moment.

Once I start brushing my hair with the Wet Brush Detangle, I am blown away. I don’t know what kind of sorcery this is, but my hair brushes out quickly (no pain, no more tangles).

Wet Brush has what they call Intelliflex Bristles. The bristles are firm yet soft and covered with their other invention called SofTips. The bristles are said to know when to be firm enough to pull through the tangles, yet be soft enough not to get caught and rip through the hair.

Again, this is pure sorcery… Que Harry Potter.

OMG! The science behind this brush is legit. I literally brushed through my gnarly, unconditioned hair in about ten seconds, maybe 20 but what gives? It’s still awesome.

Typically, this would have taken me at least a few minutes.

On top of that, I have a young niece, and I love playing with her hair, but let me tell you if her hair is all tangled up it’s not going to happen.

Now, thanks to having a massive selection of wet brushes at my disposal, she lets me do whatever I want(because it’s now painless to brush her hair).

As a bonus, I use my Wet Brush Detangle on my Yorkie, and it works wonders(if you have ever tried brushing out a dogs hair that is matted you too understand).

Luna the Yorkie

The Wet Brush Detangle isn’t a great styling brush for blow drying, but if you need something like that check out my review of Brushopolis.

Unfortunately, after my daily use and, unfortunate abuse, I did find that some of the tips on the bristles do come off after a while(not that big of a deal to me because the brushes are so inexpensive. Click any of my links and check for yourself.).

Wet Brush Shine Review

Pink Wet Brush Shine

My favorite brush of all time, #gamechanger. Words cannot express the feels I have for this hairbrush. We all hate having greasy hair, and I will explain why this will help.

The Wet Brush Pro Shine is a detangling brush that has their patented Intelliflex bristles along with boar bristles(you can not beat a boar bristle brush if you ask me).

Unlike the detangle, the company made the Wet Brush Shine for dry hair. Don’t worry about it though; it works well on wet hair too. I use it to distribute my product before I blow dry my hair as well as on my dry hair.

So- adding boar bristles is the solution to not having a grease mop on top of our heads… Cool.

The bristles help naturally distribute the oils from our scalp down to the ends of our hair where the oils are needed. No other types of bristles do this(not well anyway, or without damage).

After I started using the shine brush every day I cut down to shampooing my hair once or twice a week because my hair doesn’t get greasy near as fast. In turn, I am saving big bucks on shampoo and conditioner since I don’t have to wash my hair every day anymore. Who doesn’t love saving money? Let’s be real if you tell me you are lying…

FYI, this brush will help stimulate your scalp which in turn can help stimulate hair growth. Who isn’t excited about your hair growing longer or helping thinning hair grow back, I know I’m all for it.

The only sucky part about this brush is that it can be tough to clean. Not a big deal, just grab a rat tail comb and use the end to pull the hair out of the brush. With all of the bristles, it can be tough to get in between and get everything out. Being hard to clean isn’t a big deal for deal for personal use, but as a salon professional, it is an annoyance.

Paulina’s Final Thoughts

I have to say; the Wet Brush brand has been a lifesaver for me in my everyday life as well as my professional life.

I have saved myself hours by cutting down brushing time for my hair, my client’s hair, and even the kiddos hair.

I don’t know how I lived without it before.

Not only that, I have saved myself mental exhaustion(I don’t get all stressed out thinking about kids haircuts and having to try and brush out their tangles without them screaming and crying).

On the downside, I do tend to go through them quickly because I use the brushes so frequently.

Once again though, they are cheap, and I’m sure the average person won’t go through them as quickly as a hairstylist.


I wear hair extensions. (BTW, HairTalk tape-in extensions are the bomb diggity!) The Wet Brush is by far the best brush I have found yet for my extensions. It doesn’t catch on the bonds or tug on my extensions to detangle them. Honestly, it works better than the brushes I have purchased directly from the extension companies.

Wet Brush Shine

Don’t take my word for it or waste your time being a skeptic like I was. Spare yourself the mental anguish and dread at the thought of getting through snarls. Seriously, change your life by getting your Wet Brush here.

Hair Brush

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