Morphe- The Jaclyn Hill Palette Review: Best Eyeshadow Palette You Need In Your Life

The Jaclyn Hill Palette Morphe

An Unexpected Treasure: Discovering The Jaclyn Hill Palette at Ulta

It was a typical Saturday evening, with plans for the movies and the promise of a relaxing night out. However, a spontaneous detour to Ulta before our movie night transformed the ordinary into something extraordinary. As I stepped through the doors, my eyes were immediately drawn to the dazzling display of the newest Morphe palettes. Among them, The Jaclyn Hill Palette stood out, its array of captivating shades beckoning me closer. The excitement was palpable – I knew this was not just another palette, but a potential game-changer for my makeup collection. Persuading my boyfriend to support this impromptu beauty adventure, I found myself mesmerized by the palette’s allure. As I held it in my hands, a sense of anticipation washed over me – this was not just a purchase, it was the beginning of a new chapter in my beauty journey. Join me as I delve into the world of The Jaclyn Hill Palette, exploring its vibrant colors and the transformative power it holds.

Best decision ever!


Every time I step into a makeup store, there’s a familiar, thrilling challenge – the quest to leave without significantly lightening my wallet. Yet, more often than not, the allure of new products and the promise of undiscovered beauty gems make this a near-impossible task. This visit to Ulta was no exception, especially with the magnetic pull of Morphe’s latest creation, The Jaclyn Hill Palette. Its array of stunning pigments, each seemingly more captivating than the last, rendered my usual budgetary constraints powerless.

The true test came when I swatched the colors against my skin. The rich, vibrant hues not only painted a spectrum of beauty on my arm but also effortlessly concealed my tattoo – a testament to their incredible pigmentation. It was a moment of awe, a testament to the palette’s quality, and, let’s be honest, a decisive factor in my purchase decision.


Surrendering to the palette’s charm, I walked out of Ulta, palette in hand, eager to explore its possibilities. Now, after having the opportunity to experiment and create with it at home, I’m ready to share my unfiltered thoughts. From the initial swatch to the creation of various looks, join me as I delve into the experience of using The Jaclyn Hill Palette, breaking down everything from its texture and blendability to its staying power and versatility.


The Jaclyn Hill Palette Review

The Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette Open

If you are anything like me, you have entirely too much makeup. I have been in search of eyeshadows with great pigment forever. I buy them, am not thoroughly impressed, and put them in the drawer of doom where I forget them until it’s too late.

This is the best eyeshadow palette and will never make it to that drawer.

OMG! Seriously guys, check out The Jaclyn Hill Palette swatches! If you haven’t taken the dive yet, I bet you will now.

You can find The Jaclyn Hill Palette here!Opens in a new tab.

An image of all of the shades in the jaclyn hill morphe palette

My excitement was palpable as I began my adventure with The Jaclyn Hill Palette.

The first shade I reached for was Enlight. This light shade was my blending base, initially appearing sheer and subtle. With patience and a little building up, it transformed into a beautifully understated backdrop for the more vibrant shades to come.

Next was Hunts, a striking lighter red destined for the crease of my eye. Its vibrant, pigmented nature made a bold statement with just a touch, though it required some finesse in blending.

Jacz was a revelation – a deeper maroon that I swept into my crease. It blended like a dream, adding an exquisite depth and warmth to my look.

Then came Chip, a complex dark color with intriguing purple undertones. Perfect for the outer corners of my eyes, it added a mysterious depth to my makeup.

Finally, Queen – this shade is a masterpiece. I prepped my inner corner with concealer, then layered this sparkling gold over it. Its radiance was breathtaking. A touch of it also graced my lower lash line, adding a stunning highlight to my eyes. This color left me speechless; its beauty was beyond words.

Each shade brought its unique character to my look, creating an ensemble that was more than just makeup – it was a form of self-expression. The Jaclyn Hill Palette didn’t just meet my expectations; it surpassed them, taking me on a vibrant, color-filled journey I couldn’t wait to embark on again.

Paulina with eyeshadow from the jaclyn hill morphe palette

Now that I have tried it on I can honestly tell you that I completely love it.

Pigment in The Jaclyn Hill Palette

Row 5 swatches of jaclyn hill palette

There is so much pigment in The Jaclyn Hill Palette. I have never seen something so glorious. Get it here before it sells out!Opens in a new tab.

I will be completely honest, if you are a beginner with makeup or not great at blending, this is going to take some work.

I struggled at first to blend it because the colors are so strong.

row 4 swatches of the jaclyn hill morphe palette

Make sure that when you are using it, you slowly build the colors. If you have too much on your brush and you plop it on your eyelid, there is trouble in the near future. It will take an extra 10 minutes to blend, during which you may get frustrated and give up or want to start over.

Overall, LOVE the amount of pigment, but I cannot stress enough, be careful with your application and don’t overdo it.

Presentation of The Jaclyn Hill Palette

Not that this is ultra important by any means, but The Jaclyn Hill Palette is so elegant.

I love the simplicity of the white and silver.

The different shades are all arranged in a very desirable pattern that is appealing to the eye. There is a nice variety and a few brighter colors that stand out, but due to the organization in the palette, they are that much more attractive.

Jaclyn also had a sweet note placed on the inside cover.

Inside cover of Jaclyn hill

The shade chart and names are on the back cover. I love and hate this. While I like that they are printed right on the palette, rather than an insert that I will surely lose, I hate having to flip my palette over each time to see what I am using.

Colors in The Jaclyn Hill Palette

Overall, this has one of the best variety of colors I have found yet.

row 3 swatches of jaclyn hill morphe palette

Most of the palettes I have found are either bold or not. This palette has broken that trend.

There is a wide variety of similar colors as well as some brighter and different colors.

It’s wonderful to have the main shades that I use on a daily basis as well as some that are a little less common but are fun for special occasions all in one place.

row 2 swatches of the jaclyn hill morphe palette

While it may not be the one solution for every application, it has more than enough to provide a massive variety of different looks.

Mastering the Art of Application with The Jaclyn Hill Palette

Delving into the world of The Jaclyn Hill Palette, I quickly realized the key to unlocking its full potential lies in the art of application. The palette’s richly pigmented colors, while stunning, present a challenge, especially for those not well-versed in makeup artistry or often in a hurry.

As someone with a good amount of makeup experience, yet not quite a pro, I initially found blending the intensely pigmented shadows a bit daunting. It’s easy to overdo it, which can lead to difficulty in achieving a seamless blend. My most valuable lesson from this experience? Start with a minimal amount of shadow and build it up gradually. Patience is your ally here; a slow and steady approach ensures a flawless blend.

With each day’s application, I grew more adept at gauging the right amount of shadow to use. If your first attempt doesn’t yield the desired results, don’t consign this palette to the forgotten realms of your makeup collection. Perseverance pays off, and soon you’ll find your rhythm with these vibrant hues.

Another aspect that impressed me was the wearability of the shadows. Often, heavy pigmentation in eyeshadows can lead to a thick, chalky texture post-application, but not with this palette. The shadows sat comfortably on my skin, maintaining their vibrance without settling into fine lines or creasing. This was a significant win, especially since my skin isn’t flawless and I’m always on the lookout for products that enhance without highlighting imperfections.



Paulina’s Verdict: Why The Jaclyn Hill Palette Is a Must-Have in Your Beauty Arsenal

As I reflect on my experience with The Jaclyn Hill Palette, it’s clear that this isn’t just another addition to my collection – it’s a standout star. Its versatility astounds me; the palette offers a harmonious blend of everyday neutrals and vibrant, playful shades, catering to every mood and occasion.

The learning curve in mastering the application only adds to its charm, reminding us that beauty is as much about the journey as the outcome. Once you get the hang of it, each application is smooth, with the colors staying vibrant throughout a long day – even after 13 hours, it stood the test of time gracefully.

Another aspect that delights me is the thoughtful balance of matte and shimmer shades in the palette. It’s like having a toolbox for creativity at your fingertips, allowing you to craft looks that range from understated elegance to bold and brilliant.

In line with our ethos at Team True Beauty, The Jaclyn Hill Palette is more than just makeup; it’s an invitation to explore and express your unique beauty. For anyone who cherishes makeup not just as a routine but as an art, this palette is an essential. I recommend grabbing one, or maybe even two, before they’re all snapped up – it’s that good. Embrace this palette, and let it inspire your beauty journey! I would suggest buying one, if not two before it sells out. You can find it here!Opens in a new tab.

Paulina with eyeshadow from the jaclyn hill morphe palette after a full day of wear.
This is at the end of a 13 hour day.


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