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I can remember being back in my late teens and wondering why Bobby down the road had a full-on beard, and I had only just sprouted a few spritely neck hairs. Beard growing is a man’s job. It’s his right and privilege!

Fast forward years later, and here I am sporting a full beard in all of its glory. It keeps my face warm. My wife thinks it gives me a masculine edge, and it looks pretty damn good if I do say so myself. Beard growing takes time and a bit of patience. There is indeed an art to it and a bit of upkeep.

I’ve started developing a beard routine for myself. It’s easy, it’s efficient, and it keeps the beard looking groomed and gentlemanly.

I have used many beard products over the years…Honest AmishOpens in a new tab., Dollar Beard ClubOpens in a new tab., Grave Before ShaveOpens in a new tab.. Although I like all of these, I just recently discovered a new beard product line that I am pleased to review.

Scotch PorterOpens in a new tab.…these new products are amazing! With not only a beard collection, but also a hair, body, and face collections as well, this classy company has a lot to offer.

Let’s dive into this Scotch Porter reviewOpens in a new tab. Pat Mueller style.

Moisturizing Beard Wash

First and foremost, before any manscaping Opens in a new tab.of any kind, the area in question must be clean. There is nothing worse than attempting to shape and sculpt while struggling to keep your razor unclogged.

Beard Wash Shampoo Opens in a new tab.

Scotch Porter Moisturizing Beard WasOpens in a new tab.h is sulfate free. Washing with sulfates can leave your beard frizzy, dry, and all around very sad. Growing your beard out using a sulfate-free wash, like Scotch Porter’s, keeps it looking majestic and full.

Beard Wash Opens in a new tab.

If you have a naturally oily beard, limit this wash to once every five days. If your beard is drier than the Mojave, once a week usage will keep it quenched. Over-washing can leave your beard feeling dry and scraggly.

Overall, I like the scent, I love how it makes my beard feel, and a little goes a long way. Purchase the Scotch Porter Moisturizing Beard Wash here and make your beard happy, too.Opens in a new tab.

Exfoliating Face Scrub

Face Scrub Opens in a new tab.

This next step, I need to give credit to my wife. There was once a time where I didn’t incorporate exfoliation into my beard routine. It’s no secret that flaky skin affects your beard region and can even hinder growth. I’ve seen plenty of flaky skin take front and center stage right on top of a handsomely grown beard.

My wife recommended I start exfoliating and it’s been a game changer. Exfoliating your skin about three times a week, or every other day helps to avoid the flakes up-staging your beard.

My beard is once again looking fresh, clean, and ready to take on the world. The link to the Scotch Porter Exfoliating Face Scrub is here.Opens in a new tab.

Your beard will thank you.

Beard Conditioner

So you’ve cleaned, exfoliated, and you and your beard are feeling better than before. Gentlemen, I’m telling you beard life gets even better. After using the Scotch Porter Moisturizing Beard Wash and Exfoliating ScrubOpens in a new tab., kick it up a notch with the Hydrate and Nourish Beard ConditionerOpens in a new tab..

Beard Conditioner Opens in a new tab.

I credit a lot of my beard glory to this simple step. It’s such an easy task, takes only minutes, but leaves a lasting impression.

Directly work the conditioner into your beard and give a little extra lovin’ on the ends. Leave the conditioning goodness in for just a few minutes and rinse. Dry it off a little bit by giving your beard a gentle squeeze and step three is complete.

Man With Beard Opens in a new tab.

Click here to check out the Beard Conditioner by Scotch Porter and change your beard game for life. Opens in a new tab.

Shaving Cream

Most guys hate shaving. I get it. Look at it this way, though. Shaving helps to sculpt and create the beard you want while maintaining the beard you have. So why is shaving such a hassle? The shaving cream you are using can be drying on the skin, leaving your skin irritated and bumpy.

Shaving Cream Opens in a new tab.

I say screw that. Start your beard grooming routine with a good, clean shave. The Scotch Porter Sensitive Skin Shaving CreamOpens in a new tab. saves you the hassle of combating the bumps and your irritated skin. It eliminates the problem. That alone is my reason for repurchasing Scotch Porter Sensitive Skin Shaving CreamOpens in a new tab. every time.

Don’t go and roll your eyes over the sensitive skin bit. I’m not saying we have sissy skin. I’m only admitting that other creams are just too harsh and it’s a pain to deal with razor burn.

Shaving Opens in a new tab.

Purchase the Scotch Porter Sensitive Skin Shaving cream here and feel the difference.Opens in a new tab. Say goodbye to rashes and razor burn. Start enjoying your beard growing experience and groom the way you should be grooming.

Beard Balm

Although there aren’t many downfalls to growing a beard, there are a few. As tamed and shaped your beard may be, sometimes hair can be rebellious. I use the Beard Balm to keep them in check and remind them of who grew them in the first place.

Beard Balm Opens in a new tab.

This Beard BalmOpens in a new tab. is the savior of beard taming. It keeps the beard slick and moisturized and keeps any stray hairs at bay.

Start with a dime-sized amount if you have a baby beard. If you’re growing a more robust beard, use up to quarter size dollop. I promise in any case; a little product goes a long way. I’ll even let you in on a secret, one I’ve learned too well the hard way.

It’s better to take a small amount and work in a little bit more until you’ve achieved perfect beardom. You can massage the Scotch Porter Beard BalmOpens in a new tab. in with just your fingertips, but I prefer a nice comb to shape it how I like.

The Beard Balm is a great way to calm your beard’s crazy. Purchase the Beard Balm by Scotch Porter here.Opens in a new tab.

You’re welcome in advance.

Smoothing Beard Serum

We’ve almost achieved the perfect beard and allowed it to rise to its full potential. Don’t stop there. Finish it all off with a Smoothing Beard SerumOpens in a new tab.. Scotch Porter has the best Serum around.

Smoothing Beard Serum Opens in a new tab.

If you haven’t noticed, the key to exceptional beard sporting is keeping your beard moisturized and any rebellious hair at bay. The serum is the finishing touch to ensure all your beard pampering lasts all day.

Start with a single pump in your hand and gently smooth it over your frizz-free facial creation. If you have a long beard, a second pump may be necessary. Remember, a little goes a long way. You can always add more.

Purchase the Smoothing Beard Serum by Scotch Porter here, and make all your bearded dreams come to life. Opens in a new tab.

So There You Have It

Scotch Porter’s Beard Collection Opens in a new tab.has all the products you need to have a thick yet soft full beard that will be the envy of all.

The scent profile is a masculine blend of carnation, sandalwood, powdery musk, and spicy undertones. Not overpowering, not too feminine.

This Scotch PorterOpens in a new tab. line is absolutely one of my go-to beard products when I want to look and feel my best.

Go on and give it a try. Be sure to come back and let me know what you think.

Click HERE to check out their website.Opens in a new tab.

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  1. Hey Pat! It was a phenomenal read! As being a Beard guy myself I have been facing some real problems too. While living in these Asian regions the weather hear is totally unpredictable. But can you be more specify as why soften beards are good as compare to hard ones. For some rashes of beard, I’ve been writing some info do have a look on it. Thank you.

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