Tackling the Titan: Dollar Beard Club Review

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TLDR: We really like Dollar Beard Club and their offerings, we find their marketing to be hilariously awesome but unfortunately does not focus on the product which may cause some confusion. If you want to skip our review and join Dollar Beard Club just click here.

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Dollar Beard Club Review: The Problem with Their Fame

Welcome to the ultimate gauntlet that is finding the one brand you can trust with your beard.

The competition in the field is even thicker than some of our beards (not mine of course).

Like with many highly competitive fields, picking the right brand for you usually starts with analyzing the top. For this reason, we have decided to take a chance with a dollar beard club review.

At the top of the beard chain comes our dollar beard club review. You’ve probably heard of them or seen one of their hilarious commercials:

Did you watch their commercial? Funny, right? They get an A+ in the marketing section of our dollar beard club review.

They have several videos. You could dedicate an entire lunch break to laughing at their videos. They’re quite enjoyable, and that’s what the problem is.

They nailed it with their marketing strategy. Even people without beards are subscribing to their services because of their love for their videos. I’ve seen more than one entire dollar beard club review dedicated to the excellence of their videos.

Everyone is on board with their product, and it has nothing to do with their oils.

This beard club has become a fad, and because of this, it is hard to find an honest dollar beard club reviewsOpens in a new tab. that focuses on the product itself.

So, while we do love their videos, our post will be entirely dedicated to creating an honest dollar beard club review. We will talk about their product only, and not their hysterically distracting videos.

Dollar Beard Club Review: Summary of Product

The club does have an option for you to only spend a dollar a month on their products (this only includes one small bottle of oil), but where they get you is with all the extra add-ons.

They have a lot of options. It’s a 5-step procedure. We’ll break it down for you, so you know what to expect:

  1. Pick an Oil – There’s the original oil and the sandalwood oil. I personally tried the original, as sandalwood sounds like it smells like shoes. Though, I hear it doesn’t.
  2. Add Essentials – Here’s where they score negative points on our dollar beard club review. You can add wax, cream, or balm for a little extra money every month. I don’t like to use these products on my beard. If you do, that’s great, but I know several other people who only like to stick with oils and shampoos. I do not doubt the ability for these products to work, I’m questioning why they were called, For this reason, I only briefly tried the original balm.
  3. Choose Shampoo – Beard shampoo can be quite useful. The oil and the shampoo are the two most important aspects to marinating your beard for full potential. It will add more dollars to your monthly billing.
  4. Add Accelerators – I honestly pity you if this is something you need. I’ve never needed accelerators. They are supplements to promote luscious beard growth. I had a full beard coming in at the age of 12. If anything, I needed a decelerator back then. I opted out of an accelerator, as adding any more hair on my face would turn me into a Geico commercial. In fact, this is all the information we have on these accelerators in our dollar beard club review.
  5. Optional Accessories – Here you can get a comb or a brush. I already had an established beard at this point, so I went with the brush. I won’t lie. I love it.

For the sake of our dollar beard club review, we will be discussing the original oil, the shampoo, the brush, as well as a brief mention about the balm. No, we will not be discussing the accelerators. We let nature do its thing.

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Dollar Beard Club Review: At First Glance

The product came in on time, but I had to pay about $4 in shipping. They need to change their name to the “A Couple of Dollars Beard Club.”

I liked the box, though. It came in a little brown box that was insulated with some kind of paper straw insulation. It looked pleasing as it fits the overall theme of their campaign.

  • The oil came in a little glass bottle that kind of looked like a liquid E-cigarette flavor bottle. My first smell told me I was going to be happy with the oil.
  • The shampoo came in a larger bottle that mimicked the oil bottle design.
  • The balm came in a little tin can. It already seemed like much more than I would need in a month.
  • The comb is great. It was just a one time 7 or 8-dollar purchase, and you get continuous use out of it. It has a wooden handle and sturdy bristles.

I had no problem with their shipping or my initial opening of the package. So as far as logistics go for receiving the product, they receive an A for this category of our dollar beard club review.

Want to see a video review?

Watch this:

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Dollar Beard Club Reviews: Three Weeks Later

I read online that it would take about two weeks, on average, for the oils and shampoo to begin taking effect on your beard.

Since I am no average man and I don’t have an average beard, I gave the oils three weeks to battle my beard instead. I wanted to give them a fighting chance to survive a fair an honest dollar beard club review.

The results still started to show after two weeks, but I was in more of a comfortable beard routine by week 3.

Let’s talk about each of the four products I had the opportunity to test drive:

  • The Oil – It smells great. It works great, and I do like their oil. I wish more of their campaign was centered around the quality of their oil, not about how cool they all are. The oil smells great. It helped keep my beard uniform. You could tell there was a difference, but most of all I loved the lingering smell. A quick waft of my oiled beard reminds me of what it means to be a classy man. It’s like smelling an old whiskey cellar in James Bond’s basement.
  • The Balm – Like I said earlier, I’m not a huge fan of using balms and waxes. I don’t feel as if I need to add more “hold” to my beard. I did test it out for the sake of a proper dollar beard club review, and I could see myself using the balm on special occasions where I decide to fashion my beard in a rather luxurious manner. This also means that I barely used any of the balm. Even if I did use it a few times a week, I feel as if there would be plenty of balm left at the end of the month. So, if you do get balm, I wouldn’t recommend adding it to your monthly order list, as you won’t need it that often. I will admit I like the Citrus smell though.
  • The Shampoo – The shampoo was excellent! It made my beard feel so soft and luscious. The smell is good, like the oil, but it doesn’t last very long. So long as you use the oil as well, the smell will stay around. The shampoo is great quality. If they just advertised the quality of their shampoo and oil a little more, maybe we wouldn’t have had to make such a cautious dollar beard club review in the first place.
  • The Brush – Maybe it’s because of the entire theme of their campaign, but I did feel quite classy using this brush. It feels good in your hand and better on your face. That being said, it’s not all that special, and if you only want a beard brush I’m sure there are more convenient options out there. But if you are interested in the oil and shampoo, then I suggest making a one-time purchase to acquire the brush.

The end of the month concluded my trial period with the beard club. This also concludes my dollar beard club review.

All in all, I was pleased with their oil and shampoo. That’s the meat of their product.

If you do plan on growing and maintaining your beard, do it with style and grace. Just don’t waste your time with the accelerators (unless you struggle to grow a beard) and waxes (unless you are in a styling competition).

Now that you’ve got a better understanding of their service through our dollar beard club review feel free to check out more of their hysterical marketing videos. Just don’t let them influence your opinion of their products.

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