Bronzed Babe: Sunless Tanning Water Foam Review

A woman in a bikini with a sunless tan

A woman in a bikini with a sunless tan

There are so many reasons to use a sunless tanner over a tanning booth. Wrinkles, skin cancer, dry skin, and freckles, to name a few. 

I have been using sunless tanner for many years while avoiding sun tanning and UV rays as much as possible to protect my skin. The right tanning product will have minimal streaking, a pleasant scent, fair price, a natural-looking tan, and easy application. 

I recently was introduced to Sunless Tanning Water Foam by TanwiseOpens in a new tab.. I wondered, “Could tanning water give me that natural, sun-kissed look I desire in a fake tan?”

First, let me give you some background information on sunless tanners and why I find them an essential part of any beauty regimen.

Why Should I Use a Sunless Tanner?

A woman at the beach with a sunscreen sun design on her back

In my experience, a fake tan makes you look healthier. I also believe that skin cancerOpens in a new tab., wrinkles, and age spots are not the goal for many women and men alike. That’s right; sunless tanners are for men too!

With a self-tanner, you can achieve the look without the damage of natural tanning or tanning beds. It is a gift you can give your skin. There are also some advantages that beauty experts love. 

Did you know sunless tanner can make you look thinner? Some believe that a tan can trick the eye. Many celebrities use sunless tanners before photoshoots and events just for this reason. 

Celebrities and common folk alike also love sunless tanners because they hide skin imperfections. Sun and tanning beds can add additional marks or enhance blemishes. Not the case with sunless tanners; they work as a cover-up for the whole body. 

I wondered if tanning water would give the same covered look as traditional sunless tanning lotions? 

What the Heck is a Tanning Water!?

Tanwise Sunless Tanning Water

Most tanners come in a body lotion form or maybe as a bronzing mousse. The application is very important for these products. 

I’ve noticed formulas have gotten much better over the years. Results are usually very natural, without leaving the skin orange and streaky like in the past. 

The Sunless Tanning Water Foam is just that: Tanning Water. It looks like water but comes out like foam. 

I found the product to be easy to apply. The best part it was a reasonable price. It is an advantage because some sunless lotions and mousses can be a bit pricey! 

The tanning water is safe to use both on the body and face. I would never replace my BB cream for everyday wear but appreciate a bronze base on my face to make my make-up pop. 

Read my post on Maybelline Dream Fresh BB CreamOpens in a new tab. for more info on my numero uno BB choice.

What Were Some Other Advantages of Tanning Water? 

Ross from friends after his spray tan

The Sunless Tanning Water FoamOpens in a new tab. smells dreamy, a significant plus over some other products on the market. I would describe it as girly, sweet, and fresh. I could not smell DHA, which is the active ingredient in many sunless tanners. 

I did use a tanning mitt for the application, but the recommendation is not in the application directions. I find it helps protect the hands’ palms from any product, so I always use a mitt when applying sunless tanner. 

If you do use your hands to apply the product, WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER. If you don’t, you may look like you’ve been eating a bag of baby carrots every day for a whole month.

A unique advantage of this product, however, is you do not have to worry about staining. Just like other recent products on the market, there is minimal streaking and no orange tones. 

How Was The Application Process of Tanning Water? 

Spongebob washing his hands

I applied the tanning water as directed; over the body and face using circular motions. I applied two coats just in case I had missed any spots during the first round of application. 

I hung out au natural for 15 minutes. It was advised in the instructions to avoid dressing for 15-20 minutes after application. I then put on my pajamas and felt safe from staining because there was no color guide.

I left it on overnight, so about eight hours. The manufacturers say to leave it on for 4-6 hours before showering. For the maximum tan, leave on without rinsing for up to 24 hours. But even after 8 hours, I woke up in the morning and had a gorgeous bronzed glow!

Just as advertised, I noticed it evened out my skin tone. The product is hydrating too! I didn’t apply any lotion to my body the night before, just the tanning water, and I woke up with moisture and glow. 

The tan lasted for about three days, so it is something you would need to apply more than once per week. I think it is easy, affordable, and gives great color, so worth adding to my routine twice a week! 

My New Fave Sunless Tanner: The Sunless Tanning Water Foam

Woman on the beach with their legs up in the air

I am comfortable calling The Sunless Tanning Water FoamOpens in a new tab. my new favorite sunless tanner. I have gotten several compliments, clients at the salon asking if I have just gotten back from vacation! 

While I wish I could spend some time in Mexico, I am happy to have a glowing tan, without the sun. Protect your skin, protect your life! 


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