Spectacular Samsung Galaxy Watch Review

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If you are someone who likes to be at the forefront of technology, then a Samsung Galaxy Watch is perfect. I just got mine and so far I’m loving it. Wearing a smartwatch can free up the need to have your phone out in front of you at all times. You’ll have the features and functions of your smartphone right on your wrist. 

Get messages on the Samsung Galaxy Watch

With a Samsung Galaxy Watch, you get notifications, check your messages, monitor your fitness, play music, track sleep patterns, and so much more. Looking to use your watch to help keep track of your workouts? This spectacular smartwatch is waterproof and can be worn in water up to fifty meters deep. Just make sure you set the water use feature before jumping in. 

The Galaxy Watch is sleek, smart, and convenient. Ideal for the busy lifestyle or someone who needs accessibility beyond that of a smartphone, you’ll love the way this watch looks and feels. Have the features of your phone right on your watch to easily access your apps, notifications, music, and more. 

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At SWB, we only bring you the best of the best. The Samsung Galaxy Watch is just that. Using this watch enables you to keep up with business, personal life, fitness goals, and appointments without having your phone in hand all day. Simply check your watch’s display to see incoming messages and alerts. You’ll be able to multitask with the best of them, without sacrificing comfort, style, or accessibility. 

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If you are looking for a smartwatch that looks like a high-end wristwatch, then you’ll appreciate the look of the Galaxy Watch. This watch has style and functionality. The Galaxy Watch also comes in two different sizes and a variety of colors. Choose from 42mm in rose gold or midnight black, or go with the larger 46mm in silver. I chose the 42mm in Midnight black for myself.  So far it goes with everything in my wardrobe! 

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You’ll also have your choice of strap colors. Onyx black, deep blue ocean and basalt grey are options for the 46mm size. You’ll have even more options with the 42mm size. Cosmo purple, terracotta red, natural brown, cloud grey, and several more colors including a fun lime-yellow allow you to personalize your watch.   

The larger of the two watches has a longer battery life. Don’t worry about it looking too bulky on smaller wrists if you opt for the bigger size, it looks fantastic anyway. Make a fashion statement with this high-tech watch and be on top of everything you need. 

Battery Life

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JAKARTA – Indonesia. March 22, 2019: Close up of a Samsung Galaxy watch charging with wireless charging

Speaking of battery life, let’s talk about how long it lasts. The 46mm is reported to last up to four days, whereas the 42mm is supposed lasts for three. My experience so far has been almost exactly 3 days with the 42mm. It charges completely with about an hour and a half so it has not been inconvenient at all. Either watch you buy, you’ll have the confidence knowing you’re good to go for quite a while. 

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If you are someone who is looking for a way to track fitness and workouts, the Galaxy Watch is an ideal tool. With six auto-tracked exercises, like an elliptical trainer, rowing, cycling, and running. With these auto-tracked exercises, you won’t have to activate your watch before you engage in the exercise. Once you get going, your watch will start tracking your steps, calories burned, and your distance. 

AdobeStock 117641039 1 1024x683 1All in all, there are thirty-nine exercises this watch can track. From squats, situps, and planks, to deadlifts, leg curls, and yoga, you’ll be able to track every move you make. Now if I could just get going!

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For those of you who struggled with getting quality sleep, the good news is this watch can tell you not only how much sleep you are getting, but also, the quality of your sleep. Knowing your patterns is the 1st step in improving your health.

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Another impressive feature of this watch is the way it reminds you to stay active. If you are too sedentary in a day, the good news is the Galaxy Watch will prompt you to get moving. The watch gives you suggestions for exercises you can do to keep active throughout the day. 

If tracking your activity and fitness is important to you, then you’ll fall in love with this handy watch. You can also track your sleep habits and stress level. The watch will help you engage in deep breathing exercises to relax and reduce stress. 

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If you’re looking for a smartwatch that looks like a high-end watch, tracks your fitness, sleeping, and activity, and has a battery that will last for days, the Galaxy Watch is a perfect fit. You’ll love the convenience, accessibility, and style of this fantastic watch.  If you aren’t interested in the Galaxy Watch, check out the best waterproof fitness watches.Opens in a new tab.

Click here to get yours todayOpens in a new tab.. You’ll never look back once you have this amazing tool on your wrist.

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