5 Sheet Masks You Have to Try

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Has it already been a long week? Ready to pamper your skin back to its baby-like smoothness? Lucky for us, having a sheet mask on-hand makes it so easy.

You already know what to do. It is hard to believe that our grandmothers got by without sheet face masks.

Nowadays, sheet masks are a staple in our skincare toolkit. They’re useful, affordable, and great for scaring children or your significant other!

But as with anything you put in or on your body, you have to be careful to choose the highest quality product with the best ingredients.

Luckily, Team True BeautyOpens in a new tab. has got your back. Check out our list of recommended products that will keep your skin glowing like the goddess you are.

L’AFFAIR Korean Face Mask Sheet Set, ‘Firming’

10 v-5 muti-care firming vitamin sheet masks

If you need the ultimate hydration, this mask is for you. Your thirsty skin will rejoice underneath a selection of 5 Korean skincare vitamins.

Vitamins B3 reduces wrinkles, Vitamin B5 moisturizes, and Vitamin B6 reduces the signs of aging. Vitamin C restores collagen, and Vitamin E blocks free radicals.

All of these work together to keep your skin looking firm, flawless, and young.

The L’Affair V5 Moisturizing Vitamin Face Mask Sheet is also safe to use for any skin type. This is because it works to eliminate oily and dry parts of our skin. It also balances out your skin and maintains your youthful glow.

This mask is non-greasy, has a great smell, is ultra-hydrating, and will have your face feeling super fresh.

Your skin works hard for you every day, and L’Affair V5 Moisturizing Vitamin Face Mask Sheet is a lovely way to show your appreciation.

FaceTory Glow Baby Glow Niacinamide and Cica Brightening Sheet MaskOpens in a new tab.

10 facetory glow baby glow sheet masks

Are you feeling a little uneven? Try FaceTory Glow Baby Glow Niacinamide and Cica Brightening Sheet MaskOpens in a new tab. to achieve an enviously even glow.

The ingredients in this mask speak for themselves. Niacinamide helps diminish the appearance of pores and evens skin tone while aloe Leaf Extract helps reduce redness and inflammation. It also helps to hydrate dry patches of skin.

This mask also contains Centella Asiatica Extract, also known as the “miracle elixir of life.” This fantastic ingredient will brighten your skin, boost collagen, and fight acne and other blemishes caused by inflammation.

Use this sheet mask just before any big event where you want to shine. The glow will last for a couple of days, and your face will thank you for the extra moisture!

Florapy Beauty Strength + Energy Sheet Aromatherapy Mask, Arnica RoseOpens in a new tab.

the flora-py strength +energy mask

You’ll want to accompany this mask with a hot bath, an acoustic set, and a burning candle. Set the mood for a beautiful aroma-therapeutic experience.

In addition to receiving a hydration boost, your face will soak up the energizing aromas of arnica and rose.

The arnica flower revitalizes the skin, fights puffiness, and cleans pores. Rose aromatherapy broadens awareness, releases fear and elevates mood.

The Florapy Beauty Strength + Energy Sheet Aromatherapy MaskOpens in a new tab. is also made entirely from cooling coconut fibers which gently adhere to the face and stay in place. These fibers hold up to 20x their weight in water, and so can deliver ultimate hydration.

Because of its energizing aromatherapy, this mask is perfect to use in the morning, or as a pregame to a big event. Improving your mood and revitalizing your skin all in one go? Yes, please.

Facial Sheet Mask [NAISTURE] Face TreatmentOpens in a new tab. 

5 green tea tree mask packs

Do you have sensitive skin? The Naisture face treatmentOpens in a new tab. is your mask!

Whether your skin is prone to dryness or oiliness, this mask will provide the care you need. Tea tree will immediately help to soothe your skin and restore it to its original elasticity.

With plenty of rich serum in each mask, Naisture Facial Sheet MasksOpens in a new tab. will gently saturate your face with the best natural ingredients for sensitive skin.

It’s a well-known fact that Korean skincare technology represents the best of the entire market, and this particular mask is a perfect example of why. Simple, natural ingredients and easy-to-use convenient packaging are just a couple of reasons why this mask rocks.

NAMCHINI Korean Face Mask Sheet SetOpens in a new tab.

a picture of the Namchini Message mask sheet pack

If you like your skincare routine with laughs included, this might be your mask.

Perfect for a Friday wine night with friends, this mask makes for a silly selfie. But don’t let the exterior fool you—the quality of ingredients means serious business.

Made with purifying natural ingredients, NAMCHINI Korean Face Mask SheetOpens in a new tab. revives dry skin, firms elasticity, and freshens your glow. This mask is soothing and relaxing, easy to use, and highly moisturizing.

Advanced anti-aging properties keep your skin youthful, and whitening technology reduces redness. Safe and gentle for sensitive skin, NAMCHINI Korean Face Mask SheetOpens in a new tab. is a great all-around choice to include in your skincare routine.

Tips for using Sheet Face Masks

Woman lying in bathtub with a sheet mask on her face

After you’ve chosen one of our Team True BeautyOpens in a new tab. recommended sheet face masks, keep in mind these suggestions for getting the most out of your products!

First of all, sheet face masks shouldn’t replace cleansers or traditional masks. According to Women’s Health Magazine, you should combine sheet masks with skin exfoliation and deep cleaning.

There are so many benefits from using a sheet mask like firming, energizing, cooling, and revitalizing.

But, the primary purpose of any sheet mask is to let your skin take a sweet, long drink.

Hydration is the number one benefit of using a sheet face mask.

That means that you should be careful if you have acne! Because sheet masks seal the skin and raise its temperature, you should avoid using them directly on skin that has acne blemishes.

woman with hair wrapped in towel

Try this trick: instead of using the entire mask, isolate parts of your skin that need hydration.

These areas are usually everything outside your T-zone, like your cheeks. Make sure to put the sheet mask directly on those regions of your face.

Sheet masks are always one size fits all, but sometimes the application can get a little messy.

When you are ready to apply, start with the forehead and line your mask up with your eyes.

Pat your cheeks gently and smooth the sheet mask in a downward manner to avoid getting air pockets.

And most importantly, take this time to relax while you soak up the mask moisture.

The point is to pamper, so don’t be washing the dishes while you should be taking a bubble bath!

Godspeed and happy hydration!

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