Salon Marketing: How I tripled my Income in 1 month

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We all want to make more money right?

If you said no, I’m going to assume that you are lying.

When I left my corporate salon job and switched to booth rental, I tripled my income in one month by good salon marketing.

No type-o…

I tripled my income in 1 month

I want to help other stylists achieve their dreams and do it too!

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Anything is possible when you set your mind to it. No jokes. No bullshit.

Just some dedication and you can have the lifestyle that you dream about while you are scrolling through all of the amazing things on the internet that you aspire to do someday.

The purpose of this post today is to share the basics of how I did it.

I won’t sit here and tell you that it’s easy because I would be full of shit. I will tell you, however, that if you put in the effort, it’s absolutely worth it and you will see results.

So let’s get down to business.

First things first, it is important to establish your value as a stylist.

What do I mean by that? Well, it’s simple, show people your worth and what makes you stand out.

In other words… Brand yourself.

Word of mouth and referrals are very important when it comes to marketing. When someone trusts you enough to recommend you to a friend, that speaks volumes.

The best compliment you can give is a referral

There is much more to it than that. Word of mouth and referrals will only go so far. You have to use every tool that is available to you to achieve high levels of success.

Salon Marketing: The 3 Essentials I Used To Triple My Business In 1 Month

I started off with an average clientele. It was nothing outstanding, but enough to maintain myself and pay the bills.

I knew that I could do better so I left my corporate job so I could do my own marketing in hopes that it would pay off. It did!

1. Salon Marketing through Social Media

Social Media has been my #1! As I said, I started off with a decent clientele, so of course, I created a Facebook page right away and invited them and all of my friends to like it.

I followed up my Facebook by connecting my already existing Instagram to my account. Instagram is visually appealing, so it is beneficial to the world of Cosmetology.

Once I got that done, I went straight to work. There are a few key points you need to remember when you are using social media as a marketing tool.

First, you want to post consistently. If you don’t, people won’t remember you.

People will scroll right past your post without a second thought. The more frequently you appear in the news feed, the more recognition you will get, even if it is subconsciously.

Basically, if you are posting every day, your followers will see you on their news feeds all of the time even if they are just mindlessly scrolling, so you and your brand will get embedded into the backs of people’s minds.

Insights Updos

Do not have posts that are strictly business. People get sick of that sales’y shit. They want posts they can relate to.

Post pictures of your work frequently but don’t forget to post fun things that show your personality.

Posts need to be authentic, truly a reflection of who we are as people, not just stylists. Yes, we want to share our work so people can see what we can do but you cannot forget:


Salon About Me Page


People want to know who you are.

We all have days that are just sweats and messy buns, and that makes us more relatable(even though we hardly ever go out in public that way). We are not perfect, and people appreciate knowing that.

Once you have people’s attention and you have started getting leads or clients you move on to the next step, reviews.

Hannah Facebook Review


If you are looking for a stylist, a service, or almost any product, what do you look for? Good reviews, right? So is everyone else, so don’t be afraid to ask for one.

The more positive reviews you have, the more trust you will gain.

Elise Facebook Review


Not only will you gain trust, you will also gain recognition from the platform. Most algorithms favor pages with more reviews and engagement.

As for Instagram specifically, when talking about consistency, you not only want to post on a consistent basis but with a consistent visual appeal.

Meaning, I learned that you want to keep your filters and style of photo consistent for the best results(it took me forever to figure that out).

Instagram Updo Post


So- on the rare occasion that I do apply a filter to my photo(which is not very often because I don’t want to give people unrealistic expectations when it comes to hair color), I tend to stick to the same filter or ones that have the same tones of color.

Second, if you want to get more traffic, you need to have engaging posts. Put simply, post things that will trigger people to like, share, or comment on your posts.

The higher the engagement, the more people your post will reach.

gif post insights


To that point, a few emojis will go a long way. Emojis make your posts stand out.

I also tend to have a question in most of my posts. Something simple that will get people commenting with their answers.

When people comment on your post, answer every single one. A comment is HUGE!

When you reply to someone’s comment, they feel special and are more likely to convert into a customer. I get excited when people respond to my comments, and I’m guessing you probably do too. Makes sense right?

I do both Ads and Boosted Posts. There are different options for both, and each has its benefits. The key is knowing when to use one over the other.

Boosted Updo Post Insights

A boosted post is something that appears on your page, and you pay to show it to more people.

An ad is slightly more complex and doesn’t show up on your page. It has whatever ad content you choose to use, along with a call to action button(Call now, Like This Page, Message This Page, Ect…) which a boosted post does not include.

Always remember, algorithms change a lot. It can be hard to keep up.

Dimensional Blonde Video Insights

Right now, videos are the favored content on Facebook, but tomorrow it could be something different.

Just be yourself and post consistently and thoughtfully, remembering to give value in your posts, not just sales. Providing value is a crucial part of how I went from just getting by, to earning an income that allows me the freedom to do what I want.

One thing I will stress is that understanding how to use social media for advertising whether you are paying for an ad or organically posting(unpaid, regular posts) is essential. It is not necessarily about getting a huge audience or being “Instafamous,” but about getting the right audience.

2. Salon Marketing Using SEO

First off, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. That means getting your business listing as high as possible on the results of search engines(Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ect…).

Put simply, someone who knows marketing and SEO can help you get your website to be the first result that pops up in a Google search for specific keywords.

We live in the age that Google has become a verb. Don’t know the answer to something, Google it. Don’t know where to get your hair done, Google it.

You get the point.

It has been vital in my marketing strategy to have a website and to get it as high up as possible on Google search results. Let’s be real, when we google something, we click on the top two or three websites, rarely even hitting the second page. So it is imperative to get the top spot.

Google Map Pack Minneapolis

Using Minneapolis as an example, you want to be in the spot that HAUS Salon has.

I have a very basic website right now, and it works well. I keep it clean, elegant, and easy to navigate.

There is nothing I hate more than clicking on a website, and it doesn’t work, it has way too much junk on it, or it is difficult to navigate.

My website is another place I can showcase some photos of my work, and it gets me up towards the top of the Google search results.

I’m not suggesting that you go and try and figure out how to build a website and figure out SEO on your own, I didn’t, I personally used Dominate with SEO but there are a lot of people and companies out there that can help you out with that.

I do highly suggest getting a Google My Business listing and verifying it at the very least. If a website isn’t an option for your right now, that’s cool, but a Google My Business is free and required to show up in the maps so make sure you get your salon on that list.

Google My Business

You absolutely need to show up when people do a Google search for “salon near me.”

As with your social media, ask for reviews on your Google My Business page. Trust and recognition are HUGE.

3. Salon Marketing Through Networking

This one has to be the most time consuming at all but, I cannot express enough how important it is.

You want everyone in the community to know who you are, including the ones who don’t use Google or Social Media (even though it seems like the whole world uses them, I assure you, there are still people who don’t).

Attend local events. Make yourself present in the community. Go to things such as fundraisers, craft fairs, or open houses for other businesses. Host an event at the salon.

I went out in the community and found different events in my local area so that I could meet other business owners and community members. Not only that, but I introduce myself to every person I meet and handing out my business cards like they are going out of style.

There are tons of these groups available everywhere. Whether it’s a business based networking group, a group of moms that have regular get-togethers, or some other club that has similar interests or hobbies as you do, there are endless possibilities.

Paulina at Polka Dot Powerhouse Meeting

A few of the networking events that I have found very useful in my area are Polka Dot PowerHouse(for the ladies only, sorry guys) and 1 Million Cups. I’m not saying these are the only options; I’m just saying that these have worked well for me in my local area.

On top of going to the marketing meetings, I go out to the local hot spots for dinner and make sure that I am dressing appropriately. It connects me with people who have already seen my ads or listing and shows that I am active in the community.

Share with people when you go to hair shows, continuing education classes, or other industry events.

Being present in the community is somewhat of a subliminal trick. You build facial recognition with people making them more likely to “know you” and want to get their hair done by you.

Salon Marketing Overall

I can’t stress enough, whatever effort you put in, you will get back and then some.

The results that you get are entirely up to you.

In my local area, I am on the high end of the pricing scale because that is the type of clientele I want to attract. Do not be afraid to charge your worth.

They say, “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” 100% true statement. If you want a high-end clientele, you must provide a high-end experience and believe that you deserve it, because you do.

Being brutally honest for a moment, if you want to sit on your ass and put in minimum effort, you will get minimum in return.

This post is a summed up version of my marketing strategy that has literally tripled my business in the matter of a month and kept it at that level consistently.

After a few months, I was able to literally buy a brand new car, and am remodeling my house and garage because of the success I have had with my salon marketing.

I worked my ass off, and now I am living the dream. I have my chair filled with the clients that I want, and I get to work the hours I desired and travel the world on my time off.

The rest is in your hands, I promise you, as long as you put in the work and effort, you get results.

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