An SWB Review of Spornette Styling Brushes

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We understand that you put valuable time and effort into styling your hair. That’s why put together this review of Spornette Styling Brushes.

Spornette has been at the center of the beauty industry for over sixty years. Reviews of Sportnette show they create the best quality brushes for every hair type.

Why SpornetteOpens in a new tab.? They focus on three aspects of beauty. They put customers at the center of the business while creating the best quality hair brushes for every style. Finally, they know that a good quality brush is at the heart of every style. 

Spornette Classic German Cushion Porcupine Boar & Nylon Bristle Oval Hair BrushOpens in a new tab.

Spornette Classic German Porcupine BrushOpens in a new tab.

This fantastic brush will brush out, straighten, and smooth all hair types. You can use it on the thinnest of hair and wigs. It has an elegant wood handle and porcupine bristles. 

Reviews show that this brush is excellent for detangling both long and short hair. It has a wooden handle, firm bristles, and is well suited for thick hair. The handle is sturdy and of sound quality. 

There have been reports of bristles falling out or sinking into the base. However, reviews of Spronette show it is comparable to competitor brands with more costly brushes, many of which have the same issues of bristles coming loose. 

The brush holds together well overall, after extensive use. Reviews show it to be comfortable with a smooth glide. If you have thick, wavy hair, then this is the perfect brush for you to purchaseOpens in a new tab.

Spornette Ion Fusion Cushion Paddle BrushOpens in a new tab.

Spornette Ion Fusion Cushion Paddle Brush

This brush is fantastic for straightening and detangling all lengths of hair. 

It is a favorite brush for both men and women.Opens in a new tab. It is ideal for detangling hair on even the most sensitive of scalps. After use hair is sleek and smooth. The bristles offer a gentle massage of the scalp. 

The handle is lightweight and offers average comfort. The brush is of good quality, durable, and reviews show fewer complaints about bristles’ loss. People like the size of the brush, stating it is ideal for travel.

This brush is also great for long hair and thick hair because of its lovely detangling design. Reviews of Spornette show it to be a fantastic brush for the price.  Click here to see it for yourself.Opens in a new tab.

Spornette Italian 2.25 inch Round Boar Bristle BrushOpens in a new tab.

Spornette Italian 2.25 inch Round Boar Bristle Brush

This brush is ideal for blowouts, styling, volumizing, smoothing all hair types, including extensions. Opens in a new tab.The brush is made of Italian wood and has boar bristles. 

When we did some sleuthing, reviews showed to get the small or medium size if you have fine or thin hair. The brushes are durable, lasting upwards of ten years in some accounts. The brush is of high quality and easy to clean. 

The brush glides through hair smoothly. It is ideal for styling curls or for creating a straight look by using it in a blowout. The boar bristles distribute the natural oils throughout the hair, allowing you to go longer between washes. 

Just as with other reviews of Spornette brushes, this brush also is economical and durable. It is an excellent price for a high-quality boar brush.  Click here to order yours today.Opens in a new tab.

Spornette Scalp Massager Shampoo BrushOpens in a new tab.

Spornette Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush Black

This Spornette scalp massager, shampoo brush has soft, silicone bristles, making it an ideal scalp treatment. Opens in a new tab.It is excellent for scalps with dandruff, can be used as a scalp exfoliator, or as a shampoo brush every time you wash your hair. 

The scalp massager activates the sebaceous gland by stimulating the follicles. It is terrific at removing scales for those who suffer from scalp psoriasis.

The brush is easy to use and comfortable on the hair and scalp. It helps to create perfect suds when shampooing your hair. Reviews state it is a fantastic brush, easy to hold and use. As with other Spornette brushes, it is reasonably priced. 

Spornette Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

It is a beautiful way to remove build up on the scalp, which we often do not even know we have. Build-up can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. 

This brush is ideal in assisting with that concern. Users love that it removes dry patches, leaving the scalp fresh and clean. Pair this brush with your favorite dandruff shampoo for a dream team.

If you are looking to try a shampoo brush for hair brushing and scalp massage, this is one to purchase. Opens in a new tab.

Spornette For the Win

SprornetteOpens in a new tab. has proven to be a leader in creating quality, durable, economical style brushes. They offer a variety of brushes, including boar, ceramic, round, paddle, ionic, and nylon. They also have a line of wigs and extensions. 

Whether you are a stylist or just looking to improve your overall hair health, Spornette has the right brush for you. 

Spornette’s motto is “at the heart of every style,” which they work to provide. They create brushes for all types, textures, and lengths. They create brushes that last years, that also do not break the bank. 

Spronette wants its customers to be in a long life partnership. Once you try their product, you will likely be a fan. Try one of their brushes and make styling a more relaxed, enjoyable everyday experience. It is a choice you will not regret. 

Click here for additional ways to update your beauty routine.Opens in a new tab.

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