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If you have pets, you know how it is. They’re so much more than just pets. They’re your babies–a part of the family. Spoil your fur babies and make being a pet owner a little easier with the ingenious VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot. The VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot is a pet gadget that you and your furry friend will love.

Exercise for your pet with a fun pet gadget

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Just like for humans, exercise is essential for your pets. While the amount of exercise your pet needs varies between species, breed, and age, all animals deemed physically capable should exercise.

When you bring home your furry friend for the first time, you imagine a long, happy, and healthy life with them as a part of your family.

Regularly exercising your pet can extend their life by helping to keep them at a healthy weightOpens in a new tab. for their breed standard. A healthy weight minimizes strain on joints and can help prevent other unwanted health conditions.

Additionally, having a healthy pet means fewer visits to the vet. This will keep your family and your bank account happy.

Exercise not only helps your pet physically but mentally, too. Regular exercise can help deter unwanted behavioral problems. When animals get bored because they have boundless energy, they may develop some destructive behaviors like chewing, having accidents, scratching, or digging.

Some pets may even develop bad manners like jumping on house guests, or they may regularly raid the garbage can when they have nothing else to do.

But just because your fur baby has some bad behaviors doesn’t mean they’re a bad pet. They may just be telling you in their own way that they need more physical and mental stimulation in their lives.

We hate leaving our pets

Nothing sounds better than staying home with your pet all day, right? While some of us are lucky enough to work from home, many people have to report to their job regularly.

While you may get away with playing hooky with your furry best friend every once in a while, skipping work regularly is a bad idea if you want to keep bringing home the bacon (or Purina).

There’s no doubt that you miss your pet while you’re working away at the office, and they miss you too!

If your pet is not working off all of their energy, your time away from home is probably when their naughty behaviors are at their worst. Nothing (literally) stinks more than coming home from a hard day of work to find the contents of your kitchen trash can all over the house.

Luckily, there’s a pet gadget designed to keep your fur babies occupied while you’re away from home.

VARRAM Pet Fitness RobotOpens in a new tab., the ultimate pet gadget

a small dog playing with a pet gadget Varram Robot

The VARRAM Pet Fitness RobotOpens in a new tab. is the perfect solution for a pet who isn’t exercising as much as they should. 

This pet gadget is a small, rechargeable robot that can link to an app on your smartphone. It is compatible with Android or iPhones.

You may control your pet fitness robot in real-time or set a schedule for playtime, so you’re pup or kitty can play while you’re away. 

The VARRAM robot has sixteen different movement settings to keep your pet engaged and moving during playtime. Turns, circles, and S-shaped movements will have Fido running all over the house.

If you’re not sure your pet will love your new AI friend, they’ll learn to love them once they realize they are getting rewarded for play with positive reinforcements with treats!

Once they notice food comes out of this gadget, they’ll be excited and ready to play whenever the robot activates. The robot even makes a sound when it dispenses treats. You can “Pavlov” your pet from afar!

Check out a video of this pet gadget in action by clicking hereOpens in a new tab..

The specs

Specs of the Varram Pet Robot pet gadget battery life

The VARRAM Pet RobotOpens in a new tab. can hold a charge for around four hours. This means you can have them play continuously for the whole four hours, play two days for two hours, or one hour a day for four days. This means you can successfully exercise your pet while you are away on a long weekend.

The VARRAM pet gadget was designed with durability in mind. It is water-resistant and easy to clean. If your pet is a chewer, the poly-carbonate material can hold up to sharp teeth. 

You can even track your pet’s exercise progress using the handy VARRAM Pet Robot app. You’ll know it’s working–the proof is in the app.

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We love our pets

As pet owners ourselves, we know how much your furry family members mean to you.

Show them how much you love them by gifting them (and yourself!) the VARRAM Pet RobotOpens in a new tab.

Keep them happy, healthy, and enriched with this easy to use exercise machine. 

This pet gadget is specifically designed to get your pets the exercise they need to ensure that they have the best lives possible.

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