Color & Co Review: Where Tech & Beauty Meet

a package from Color&Co by L'oreal

As a hairstylist, there are very few do-it-yourself hair colors that I feel like I can stand behind. Luckily, I’ve found Color&Co to review just for you!

Color&Co is a customizable and personalized at-home color service created by L’Oreal that I feel like I can support. 

No More Rough Feet: Baby Foot Peel Review

woman's feet on a blue background with bright pink toenails

I had to fix my cracked heels. I just couldn’t stand to look at them any longer so, I hopped on Amazon and found Baby Foot. Have you guys heard of these foot masks? 

I know these foot peels have been growing in popularity. I had to try one for myself. An at-home spa treatment? Sign me up! 

Magical Clay: Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask Review

woman smiling while wearing a skin mask

This best-selling skin treatment is a staple in so many people’s skincare regimen. And, there is a reason for that–some people claim that it is a total miracle product.

After seeing this product consistently on the Amazon Best Sellers list, I absolutely had to get a jar of it for me to try it for myself!

Keep Your Makeup Clean During COVID-19

makeup and brushes on a vanity

  With COVID-19 at the forefront of everyone’s mind lately, thoughts of cleaning and sanitation are too.  If you have some free time during social-distancing, maybe it’s time to consider doing some makeup sanitation to help prevent germs and bacteria in your bathroom or vanity. While your personal makeup collection probably won’t give you COVID-19, […]