NuFACE Reviews: NuFACE Red Light Facial Toning Kit

A woman with glowing skin lightly touching her face.

A woman with glowing skin lightly touching her face.

Between work and two young boys in the house, I don’t always get the beauty sleep I’d like to. And we all know that a lack of rest starts to show on our faces. Puffiness, wrinkles…you name it!

Many makeup products promise to cover up our wrinkles and discoloration, but we all want a real solution that does more than camouflage the situation. And friends, I think I’ve found a solution! 

NuFace is a microcurrent facial treatment you can do in your own home. It gives you better skin in just a few minutes a day. 

Read my NuFace review to see the results and if this product is right for you. Follow our links, so you can start turning back the clock on your skin. 

What Is NuFace?

NuFACE Reviews: NuFACE Red Light Facial Toning Kit

NuFace isn’t just one product. It uses a combination of methods to give you all you could want for a home facial lift. In this case, I’m talking about the NuFACE Red Light Facial Toning KitOpens in a new tab.. This kit includes the Trinity Facial Toning Device + Red Light Wrinkle Reducer Attachment and the NuFace gel primer. While it might look a little strange, using this device is so easy to use.

First, apply the NuFace gel primer. Choose between the hydrating NuFace gel primer and the firming and brightening version. 

This gel has hyaluronic acid. That means the gel prepares your skin for treatment while getting a head start on those fine lines and wrinkles by adding moisture to the skin. 

Next, you use microcurrent technology from the device. A microcurrent facial sends a little electricity to the skin, stimulating the cells to rejuvenate them. 

The final step is light technology. Without doing any harm to your skin, the red light stimulates and heals skin. 

The Power of Red Lights

NuFACE Reviews: NuFACE Red Light Facial Toning Kit. A woman using the red light therapy attachment on her forehead.

You might think a red light means stop. But when it comes to taking care of your skin, a red light means it’s time for wrinkles to go! 

People have studied what red lightOpens in a new tab. does to skin. And based on those, red light may just be the miracle we could all use! 

According to the experts, red light doesn’t do any damage to the skin and rejuvenates it. The light essentially gives your skin a second chance at life! 

So red lights help your skin make more collagen and rejuvenate the skin cells. So what?

With more collagen and rejuvenation, NuFace will:

  • Improve overall skin tone improvements
  • Get rid of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Give you firmer, smoother skin
  • Improve facial contour tone (think a mini facelift!)
  • Provide anti-aging

Are you ready to try this product for yourself? Buy the NuFACE Red Light Facial Toning Kit!Opens in a new tab.

The Results of NuFace

A before and after of someone's forehead after using NuFace

NuFace Reviews aren’t complete without a good results reveal! “Did it really work after all?!” you might be wondering. 

I opted for the Trinity Facial Toning Device for my experiment to get the most power. 

I used my device about 5-10 minutes a day, depending on what I had to spare. I did this five times a week, and I am already amazed by the results. In the future, I can use the device less often for maintenance (about two times per week.)

Taking the time to gently run the device over my face was so relaxing. I didn’t want to put it down and start getting the boys ready for the day! 

But not only was it fun to use – I was shocked to see real results so soon. 

I love my Instant Age Rewind Concealer. But if I keep using this NuFace device, I may not have any wrinkles to cover up!

Here’s what I saw:

  • Wrinkles started to disappear.
  • My overall skin tone improved
  • My jawline and cheekbones were more pronounced. It was like I had contoured my face without makeup!
  • My skin was softer to the touch after every use.

With such great results after only one week, I can’t wait to see what happens over the next 60 days. 

How to Use NuFace

Are you wondering if this process will fit in your daily routine? Trust me – I understand. 

The good news is that the process can be as quick or slow as you want. Simply apply the gel, and run the NuFace device across your face and neck. 

No matter what, you shouldn’t use it for longer than 20 minutes. And you can use it as few as two times a week for maintenance. 

This means that to maintain youthful skin you only need as little as 10 minutes a week! 

It’s Time to Try NuFace’s Home Microcurrent Treatment

A womanw ith curly hair and glowing skin smiling and posing.

Over the years at my salon, I have gotten so many questions about the best makeup to look younger. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think it’s time we start looking younger before we ever touch our makeup! 

I’m so happy NuFace is making facial treatments accessible and affordable for at-home use. So if you’re ready to see results in your skin, follow the links to try this product for yourself. 

Join me on my journey to better skin – help yourself age gracefully with the NuFACE Red Light Facial Toning KitOpens in a new tab..

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