New Brush on the Block: Meet Brushopolis (Our Review)

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Spoiler Alert!
TLDR: If you don’t like to read here is the short and sweet… The Brushopolis Brushes are some of the best brushes I have ever used in my 10 years as a professional stylist. I would highly suggest trying them out and I stand behind their product 100%! I would never tell someone to try something I haven’t personally used and love myself! Click here to check out the entire Brushopolis Inventory on Amazon.Opens in a new tab.

As a hairstylist let me be honest, I’ve gone through a ton of brushes trying to find the best that will hold up to my daily abuse.  On an average day, I do at least 4-5 blowouts. So basically, finding a high-quality brush that will hold up to my abuse is a top priority.

A hairbrush is just a hairbrush though right?

Dead wrong.

There are tons of different types of brushes out there, especially when you are a stylist. Different sizes, different shapes, different bristles, different cores. I could go on and on about it.

My personal favorites are round brushes. I want something that will cut down on my blow drying time and make styling easier. That is the purpose of a round brush, but it’s hard to find one that will do everything.

Hold the press.

Brushopolis PackagingOpens in a new tab.

I think I finally found some that I can stand behind 100%. I never thought I would ever hear myself say that. After trying millions of different styling brushes, I had all but given up.

Low and behold, Brushopolis Opens in a new tab.was thrown on my radar.

So one day I got a package in the mail with a beautiful personalized letter. As I opened it, wrapped in pretty pink foil, it had a label that said “Have a Paulina hair day”.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some hair to try out these brushes. As I opened the package, everything was decorated beautifully with a personal touch.


My lack of patience got the best of me before too long. I shampooed my hair so that I could try out the Monroe Etiquette brush.

Monroe Etiquette BrushOpens in a new tab.

Etiquette by Monroe Brush

Beauty is in the eye of the brush-holder. I adore the sleek style of the brush and its smooth handle with the brush being in the shape of an hourglass. The simplicity of the design makes it desirable and professional in appearance.

I am blown away by the performance of this brush. It took me literally half the time to blow dry my hair. You heard me right, half! Talk about being in heaven.

I do like the comfort grip, so when I have product on my hands, the brush won’t slide around. That happens with a lot of brushes which I end up dropping and having to get out a new one, only to find out that the other one I have in that size is dirty, so I have to switch sizes mid blowout.

So the hourglass shape is made to impress. It follows the shape of your head so that you can brush thoroughly to the scalp and man do I love that because it creates volume- and who doesn’t like volume. It also keeps the hair on the brush so that it’s not falling off the edges of the brush while you’re drying because they want to stay close to the smaller center.

I think that’s pretty brilliant right there.

The brushes have a different type of core called a PolyDynamic High Heat Retention Core. To the average Joe, this means nothing. To me, a stylist, that means everything.  It does its job by holding the heat. Probably why drying happens so much faster. Plus, it’s less damaging to your hair.

Boar bristles are the bee’s knees. They close the cuticle of your hair, meaning they leave your hair smooth and shiny. Boar bristle brushes are also fantastic for distributing your natural scalp oils. In simple terms, your hair is a lot less likely to look greasy.

Overall opinion: I’m enjoying the Etiquette brushOpens in a new tab. quite a bit.

The Teasedale Classic BrushOpens in a new tab.

Teasedale Brush

Teasing hair is a staple when it comes to styling hair successfully. Therefore, I love the option of a brush made especially for this reason.

Let me be clear, this is a teasing brush, not a teasing comb.

The construction of this brush is incredible. Again, it provides the boar bristles, which are the prime option for hairstyling to lessen any damage to the hair.

I adore the fact that the bristles have three rows of varying lengths. Having different lengths of bristles makes it so much easier to get a good base in your style while backcombing.

As for the handle, the pointed tip is great for sectioning, so I don’t have to use my fingers or grab a separate sectioning comb.

Overall Opinion: This is an excellent addition to my tool arsenal for styling. The best teasing brush I have found so far.

The Monroe Mystique Ceramic Styling BrushOpens in a new tab.

Mystique by Monroe Brush

Another round brush. Shocker. I can’t help myself that I’m a sucker for the styles of brushes that I like. This one is a smaller 2” brush.

Beings that this a smaller brush it’s great for shorter bobs and bangs. It provides excellent control and smoothing.

The boar bristles on this brush feel a little stiffer to me. I like this because I can use it on my clients that have wirey, crazy, curly hair.

It aides in smoothing the hair efficiently while I’m blow drying to cut down on the hot iron styling.

You can get right down to the scalp with this one. It’s great to get those crazy curls under control. Thank you again Brushopolis for providing that hourglass shape so that the brush seems to seamlessly get right to the scalp since the form follows the contour of the head.

I need to stress how much this helps control the hair by keeping the hair on the brush and not falling off the sides. Keeping the hair on the brush is key to getting and even blow out and cuts down on drying time immensely.

This brush is a universal tool. You can use it for any hair type. I have used it on short and long hair which is nice. Since you don’t have to spin the brush while using it, you don’t have to worry about getting it tangled up in long hair.

Overall Opinion: I like the versatility of this brush.

Paulina’s Final Thoughts

Let me say, the couple that designed these brushes are total badasses.

The price point may be higher, but the quality is everything. As long as you care for these brushes, they are very high quality and will last. Plus, they offer a discount for professionals.

I’m a skeptic when it comes to new brushes coming out claiming that they have something bigger and better than the brushes that have been around the industry for years. After trying these brushes, I can’t deny that I’m impressed.

I want to take a minute to say Kudos to Mark and Anne! Thank you for making my life as a busy stylist easier and increasing my productivity by allowing me to cut down my blow drying time, so I have more time to fit in more clients.


Before and After photo. Curly textured hair on left, straight smooth hair on right.
Her hair got that smooth just from blowdrying with a Brushopolis brush – I did not use an iron.

Here’s a before and after photo of one of my clients with ridiculously textured hair. I used the Monroe Mystique brush on her.

What I’m saying is don’t waste your time being a skeptic like I did. Get out of your comfort zone and get the brushes and you will thank me as soon as you start using them. I include links so I can hopefully make your life easier in one more way.

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