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If you have been keeping up with my blog, you know that I love my hair products. Heck, I’m a hairstylist, it comes with the territory. My newest favorite is the Maria Nila Colour RefreshOpens in a new tab.

I came across this line while I was searching for a product to refresh my and my clients’ color-treated hair. I ordered it and used it for quite some time. 

Now I am ready to give you all my honest review on this product so you can purchase it for yourself!

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  • The packaging is sleek, modern, and eye-catching
  • Leaves your hair silky and vibrant
  • Has a great variety of options

What Causes Hair Color Fading?

before and aftr using Maria Nila Colour Refresh

First, let’s talk about a few reasons that your gorgeous color can fade and ways to help prevent it. 

Washing your hair too frequently

We all love to have clean hair, but washing your hair too often can cause your gorgeous new color to fade. When your hair is color-treated, it is more vulnerable to the hair stripping chemicals that shampoo contains. 

When you wash too often, you also strip your hair of the natural, protective oils. Try skipping a wash or washing every other day. You can also purchase shampoos with fewer detergents in them. 

If your hair gets too oily in between washes, try using dry shampooOpens in a new tab. to keep it looking fresh. 

Washing your hair in hot or hard water

Washing your hair in hot water is harsh on your hair. When you use hot water, you cause the cuticle in your hair to open, which then causes your hair to release the color pigment from your hair. Cool is always a better choice when washing your hair. 

What is in your water can also be a culprit in color fading. Some water is treated with chlorine, which can lead to unwanted color stripping. One way to combat hard water is to pick a shower head with a filter. 

Too much chlorine exposure

Summer days are filled with relaxing poolside and swimming. The swimming pools are treated with chlorine, which can be damaging to hair and cause color loss. The best way to prevent chlorine exposure is to wet your hair with cool, chlorine-free water before swimming. 

When your hair is already wet before swimming, it will prevent the amount of pool water your hair can absorb. You also want to make sure to wash or rinse any chlorine out of your hair once you’re done swimming ASAP.

Lack of protection from sun exposure 

The sun’s harmful UV/UVA rays can cause damage to your hair. Some ways you can protect your hair from the damaging sun rays are by wearing a hat. 

To prevent damage from the sun you can purchase a hair product containing an SPFOpens in a new tab. that will save it from harmful rays.

Skipping thermal protectants before styling

Thermal protectant sprays help to protect your hair from the high temperatures of heat styling tools. 

If you leave your hair unprotected over time, heat tools will cause your hair to become dry, frazzled, and damaged. The long term exposure to the styling tools will also cause your color to fade. 

What is Maria Nila Colour Refresh? Maria Nila Colour Refresh in Azure

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Maria Nila Colour RefreshOpens in a new tab. is a non-permanent hair color masque treatment. 

It nourishes, refreshes, and protects your hair color from fading. It works as a color treatment as well as a conditioning treatment. 

I love that Maria Nila’s products are vegan and cruelty-free. The Colour Refresh is also gentle on the hair because it does not contain any sulfates or parabens. It remains in the hair for anywhere between 4-10 washes.   

First Impressions of Maria Nila Colour Refresh

swatch of Maria Nila Colour Refresh in Bright Copper

First impressions are everything. When I tore open the box to start my journey with the Colour Refresh line, I was obsessed with the packaging. 

I love it when the packaging has a little moment. The packaging is sleek, modern, and eye-catching. 

Another reason I was really impressed with this brand was the variety of Colour Refresh options. They have treatments for every shade of hair you can imagine: vanilla, cacao, copper, bright red, violet, black, grey, and white, to name a few. 

If you have any hair color that you feel needs refreshed, Maria Nila has an option for you. 

Using Maria Nila Colour Refresh

Maria Nila Colour Refresh in Vanilla and Pink Pop

I love using the Colour Refresh because it is a simple process, is so effective, and leaves my hair feeling silky smooth and vibrant. 

The first step is to wash your hair as usual with your shampoo of choice. Once your hair is clean from root to end, gently towel-dry your hair to remove most of the water. I like to carefully squeeze the water out of my hair and blot with the towel versus scrubbing with the towel. 

Once you have successfully towel-dried your hair to about 70% dry, you can then apply your color. I love fun colors and purchased the lavender color to apply to my bleached hair. I pumped out what I felt was enough to cover my hair completely.

Once I had enough product, I applied it all over my hair. Once you have applied it to the hair, you want to comb it through your hair to guarantee that the product is evenly distributed. 

On the bottle, it recommends leaving the product on anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes. I left mine on for 10. Once you let the product sit for your desired time, rinse your hair with lukewarm or cool water. 

After I rinse out the masque, I like to condition as normal. I feel that it helps set the hair color into the hair. 

Then style as usual! I use my thermal protectant spray, blow dry my hair on a warm setting, and style with my MiroPure Ionic brushOpens in a new tab.

Final Thoughts? 

A woman modeling Maria Nila Colour Refresh in Pink Pop

I loved using Maria Nila Colour RefreshOpens in a new tab.. I cannot stress how silky smooth and vibrant the color masque left my hair. The product requires very little time to apply, and it is simple to incorporate into my normal hair washing routine. 

I am so obsessed with the Colour Refresh line that I want to try more of the shades of colors that the line has to offer. I couldn’t be happier with the results.   

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