Manscaped Review: Refining the Gentleman

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Manscaping can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be…

Dude approved MANSCAPEDOpens in a new tab. is the #1 brand dedicated to taming the beast!

Even if you are a Yeti, you don’t have to look or smell like one. MANSCAPEDOpens in a new tab. is a full line of specially formulated hygiene products and tools designed explicitly for ‘below-the-belt’ male grooming.

The art of Dude Pruning has become the latest trend in refining a gentleman’s nether region, as well as other hairy man parts. Most guys think of manscaping as “below-the-belt; however, manscaping includes all hairy areas from the neck down.   

The way a man grooms himself is a clear statement on how he views himself.

According to Business WireOpens in a new tab., a staggering 89% of men consider good grooming essential to their professional success. Whether just a gentle shape and sculpt, or completely smooth aerodynamic body parts, manscaping is just plain common courtesy.

If you hear Welcome to the JungleOpens in a new tab. when unzipping your fly, you should seriously consider a little manscaping. To get out of this hairy situation, go for MANSCAPED (Click this link to see their website)

The Lawn Mower – Manscaping Trimmer

(aka BUSH Maintenance Trimmer)

Manscaped The Lawn Mower Front View

Don’t start by taking a razor to that backwoods twig and berries. Trim the hedges with this high powered electric trimmer. Trimming first will take the volume of hair down to a reasonable length.

Now you can shave without mucking up the razor. Dragging that across your sensitive areas will only add to the irritation. A clogged blade makes a useless razor.

I have tried several different trimmers(check one out hereOpens in a new tab.) over the years, and the 1st thing I notice is pulling hairs.

Not only is this annoying, but it’s also painful!

That’s why I like this trimmer. It’s tough enough to mow through the densest thicket without snagging on the short and curlies.

The Lawn MowerOpens in a new tab. is no ordinary trimmer! It’s designed to fit in the palm of your hand. If your hands are anything like mine, it will fit perfectly.

Maneuvering around my meat and potatoes can be precarious! A giant appliance between my legs isn’t going to cut it (pun intended)!

The powerful yet portable trimmer comes with a detachable and adjustable safety guard allowing maximum maneuverability. Trim the jungle without fear of injuring the wildlife.

Manscaped The Lawn Mower

TIP: Never, under any circumstances use the trimmer without a guard on your nuts.  That skin is so delicate and pliable that it is susceptible to catching in the trimmer, a painful, bloody mess.

*AA battery included

Check PriceOpens in a new tab.

The Plow – Double Edged Straight Razor

Manscaped The Plow

After using the manscaping trimmer, MAN-UP!

It’s time to use the double-edged razor to put the finishing touches on your goods. The single blade safety razor will give you that super smooth finish.  

Hey guys, I know using a blade around the family jewels can be frightening…  

Personally, I was a little freaked out and hesitant to try it. Once I did, I realized how easy it is! I’ll never look back! Now my wife calls me Smooth Move.

NOTE: Consider leaving a small patch of hair, what most of us call a landing strip, above your shaft to avoid looking prepubescent.

The PlowOpens in a new tab. is constructed of durable stainless steel with a secure grip for precise handling wet or dry, though my recommendation is to do this in the shower. Provides for a nick and snag free shave.
Manscaped The Plow Razer

The best technique I found is to trim the bush first, using the guard as we have already discussed. Then shave the Bojangles by pulling the skin tight and smooth. Don’t be afraid to stretch the boys as low as they can go. Don’t worry – these little guys are resilient and will bounce right back into shape.

Even country singer Rodney CarringtonOpens in a new tab. sings about his balls wanting a good shave!

Check PriceOpens in a new tab.

The Crop Cleanser – Hair & Body Wash

Manscaped Crop Cleanser

One of the first rules of Manscaping is to get rid of nasty Fumunda Cheese, that unpleasant combination of ball sweat and naturally occurring body odor. Not sure about you, but man musk is not the scent I want to have on me.

I love the smell of the Crop Cleanser body washOpens in a new tab.. It’s amazingly fresh and clean. I can vouch for the staying power. That fresh scent lingers all day.

My experience with bar soap is pretty nasty. If I see pubes on a bar of soap, I won’t even touch it! In fact, the only time bar soap is usable, is the 1st time, right out of the wrapper.

Truthfully, there is no better way to sink the stink than to wash your boys with this body wash. It’s gentle enough to use daily and powerful enough to handle even the ripest of body odors.

By infusing Manscaped Crop Cleanser Hair & Body Wash with natural hydrators, soothing aloe, and refreshing sea saltOpens in a new tab., I combat high exertion stink and sweaty ball syndrome all day. Keeps me smelling fresh for a full 24 hours!

Check PriceOpens in a new tab.

The Crop Preserver – Non-Powder Ball Deodorant

Manscaped Crop Preserver

Open your eyes and keep the little guys deodorized!

Ball deodorizing is a crucial step that many guys miss…

Talcum powder won’t do the job. I’ve tried it, and what a mess! I shook that talcum powder on the boys before a run, hoping for smooth dry relief from chafing. Let me tell you that mixing talcum powder with sweat makes a pasty mess in your pants. Yuck!

With this no-mess, non-powder ball deodorant, there is no gooey mess.

It’s an antiperspirant and a moisturizer with anti-bacterial, anti-chafing properties. And the best part is its liquid talcum gel – no powder!

Slap some on, and you’ll be ready for anything! Guaranteed all-day dryness and friction control. No more pasty pants! Stop sweating your balls off!

Pamper the boys as they deserve!

Check PriceOpens in a new tab.

The Crop Reviver – Spray-On Body Toner

Manscaped Crop Reviver

Ever get that less than fresh feeling ‘down there’? Invigorate the whole nine yards with Manscaped Crop ReviverOpens in a new tab.. I found that a quick spritz a few times during the day and all bets are off. I’m ready for any SNAFU that comes my way.

This ‘on the go’ spray-on body toner contains aloe & witch hazel extracts for anti-inflammatory, anti-burn protection. The pH levels are optimum for keeping my balls feeling crisp and fresh.

The Crop Cleanser body washOpens in a new tab. is a perfect addition to my manscaping rituals. If you want to keep the little fellas smelling fresh, a little spray of Crop ReviverOpens in a new tab. will do the trick.

Check PriceOpens in a new tab.

Manscaped The Sheers – 5-Piece Nail Kit

Manscaped Kit Nail Kit

This 5-piece nail kit is made to handle the most demanding aspects of men’s nail care. Each piece is fabricated of tempered stainless steel, is corrosion resistant, and has a classy matte satin finish. Comes with a masculine carrying case to keep all the tools organized and accessible.  

This nail kit is not your mother’s nail kit.

It comes with safety scissors for trimming stray, unwanted hairs such as nose hairs or the ol’ pube patch, high-quality tweezers to eliminate your unibrow, nail clippers, nail file, and lastly, an ear pick.

Just one word of advice, don’t pick too deep!  

Check PriceOpens in a new tab.

The Magic MatOpens in a new tab.

manscaped magic mat

The Magic MatOpens in a new tab. has kept me from getting divorced.

Arguments about the mess in the bathroom after manscaping are a thing of the past.

The Magic MatOpens in a new tab. disposable shaving mat keeps all the trimmings together for easy cleanup.  

The Magic MatOpens in a new tab. doubles as entertaining reading.

CAUTION: Read the mats either before or after you trim. Your focus should be on your man parts.

Check PriceOpens in a new tab.

The ShedOpens in a new tab.

I love this high-quality travel bag, designed to store and manage all my manscaping tools and other “man care” products.

The Shed travel bagOpens in a new tab. features a Grab ‘n’ Go handle, reinforced corners, and is, of course, water resistant.

The SHED travel bagOpens in a new tab. looks classy and is small enough to fit in my carry-on but also has extra room to toss in a toothbrush and other toiletries.

The perfect RON kit (Remain Over-Night) for all your personal hygiene needs.

Check PriceOpens in a new tab.

Additional Manscaping Zones

Statistics signify that a moderate amount of manscaping is compatible with current social norms. Gone are the days when men went au naturel. Read it and weep Grizzly Adams!   

Growing facial hair has been a common trend for quite a while now, but excessive body hair has NOT. It’s time to rethink that all-natural look you’ve been sporting.

An independent study reported by WFLA – Tampa Bay Channel 8 News says 80% of women think men should manscape below the belt.  

Manscaping your Man Muff is one thing, but what about the other hairy body parts? There is no right or wrong answer. Everyone has a pruning preference.

The colossal question you are probably asking is how much pruning is appropriate?

The range is anywhere between a wooly bear gone rogue or shaving everything off, for a smooth aerodynamic baby seal feel. I find somewhere in between works best for me.

Chest, back, armpits, legs, butt cheeks, etc… so many parts so little time.

Remember that there is a purpose to pubic hair. Primarily the point is to trap odors and other bacteria. Guess what? You get to carry that trapped bacteria around with you all day!

Heed my advice, don’t forget to use The Crop Cleanser and keep that bacteria offOpens in a new tab.!

Reducing the volume of body hair is one way to handle the problem. Personal hygiene, a little soap and water, and deodorant can also do the trick. Thank god for MANSCAPED for giving us all the tools necessaryOpens in a new tab.

Manscaped Cologne Samples
This is one of the bonus samples that came in my box.

In addition to smelling bad, body hair can also be bulky, hot, and damp. An excellent place to start is merely trimming down some of the bulk. (insert TRIMMER link)

You will find your clothes fitting better, less hot sticky mess, and overall, improved comfort.

Check PriceOpens in a new tab.

Chest and Back

The most common areas guys want to reduce the wool is their chest and back. Too much hair can be like wearing a sweater under your clothes

We are not talking about manscaping a mankini, i.e., chest hair shaved in the shape of a bikini. Not even an Austin Powers’ heart-shaped chest pelt.

We are just talking about reducing some of the bigness of it. Who needs that much hair other than Chewbacca?

The Manscaping Trimmer with a clip guard (varying lengths) will do the trickOpens in a new tab.. Trimming with a guard will reduce the volume but not leave you with ingrown hairs or an itchy growing period.

Unless your body hair grows like a weed, you should be able to get away with doing this only once a week or so.

Some say ANY amount of back hair or shoulder hair is unacceptable.  To be sure, having hair sprout out of your shirt collar, front OR back, is absolutely taboo.

Trimming the hair to under ½ an inch will give you less swell under your clothing, will be cooler, and more manageable all around. Remember to shape your neckline low enough that hair sprouts don’t show.

Don’t forget to use the MAGIC MATOpens in a new tab., otherwise your significant other might blow a gasket.

Check PriceOpens in a new tab.

Armpit Shrubs

Armpit hair does not need to be long enough to braid to be masculine.

Using the trimmer with a guard, perhaps a #3Opens in a new tab., in this areas will cut back on wetness and odors.  

A nice side benefit is that deodorant won’t clump in short trimmed hair as it often does in long untrimmed armpit hair. I know I feel more comfortable in a tank top after trimming back the armpit shrubs.

Legs and Butt Cheeks

Most men are averse to shaving their legs. Unless you are a swimmer and are going for that streamlined look, a little hair on your legs feels more masculine.

Taking down the bulk with the trimmerOpens in a new tab. will leave you with enough leg hair to be manly, but not so smooth that you would look great in a pair of high heels.

If your butt cheeks are exceptionally hairy, feel free to run the lawn mower over that territory; however, I highly recommend you use The PLOWOpens in a new tab. sparingly on the cheeks or you’ll be itching all day.     

Tame your inner sasquatch and leave just enough leg hair to walk like a man!

Hairy Hobbit Feet

Hobbits are known to have exceptionally hair feet. Unless you are a Hobbit, hairy feet have to go. Using the Manscaping trimmerOpens in a new tab. on your feet will bring the hair volume into acceptable levels for humans.

Treasure Trail

Now for the down and dirty – let’s discuss the Treasure Trail.

A treasure trail is the strip of hair that grows under the belly button down into the nether region, a path leading to the promised land, the home of unknown mysterious treasures!  

If you’re a guy who is moderately hairy everywhere else, you don’t want to take this down too much, or it looks unnatural and obvious.

On the other hand, if you are trimming down the bulk everywhere else, it’s probably best if you taper this area up a little bit too.

Remember that this little strip of hair should be a TRAIL – not an Interstate!

Meme Crying girl with text that says my boyfriend doesn't have a treasure trail, he has a treasure field

It should be narrow and fade on the sides. It should not have a hard straight line as if trimmed with a razor. I prefer to leave the center of the “trail” a little bit longer giving it a more natural appearance but still cut short enough to keep it low profile.

Using a trimmer instead of a razor will keep you from getting little red bumps, ingrown hairs, or looking too sculpted.

Simply adjust the trimmer and guard so you can feather from the happy trail off to the sides.

EXTRA TIP: I like to leave a few inches of trail above my navel for a more natural appearance.

Check PriceOpens in a new tab.

Don’t Be a Savage – Get MANSCAPED

There you have it, folks. These tools and tips are just a few manscaping ideas for the beginning manscaper.

The MANSCAPED Perfect PackageOpens in a new tab. is the perfect combination of tools to set you down the path of grooming yourself.

Manscaped Review: Conclusion

Main point: This manscaped kit has not only made me happier with my grooming routine but it has pleased the ladies too.

This is only the second product to get the North American Beard Alliance Seal of Approval. The first being The Beard StruggleOpens in a new tab..

Don’t waste any more of your time looking like Chewbacca and get your Manscaped Perfect Package here.

North American Beard Alliance Seal of Approval
North American Beard Alliance Seal of Approval

Stay tuned for “Advanced Manscaping Tips” coming soon.  

Click This Damn Button & Get ManScapin’

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  1. Pat is spot on! The products are amazing and the comments I received from the ladies are glowing. I couldn’t agree more with the advantages of smooth sailing… v/r SKIPPER

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