Malibu C Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit Review

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True or False? Hard water causes damage to your hair. 

Team True Beauty has done the research, and we found it to be true! 

Hard to believe, but hard water does more damage to hair than previously thought possible. Thankfully Malibu C will protect your hair from harsh, hard water. 

In this Malibu C Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit Review, I’ll explain why hard water is so detrimental to hair and how you can use Malibu C to restore shine, moisture, and manageability to your hair. 

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Why is Hard Water So Bad for Hair?


Have you tried every hair product around, and you still have hard to manage hair? Chances are, it’s not your hair. It’s your water. 

Did you know that our bodies are made of over seventy percent H2O? Internally, water does our bodies good. Externally, however, this same H2O can wreak havoc. 

Most city water contains loads of chlorine, calcium, and magnesium. Rural well water is rich in iron and phosphorus. These minerals hinder not just the quality but also the color of your hair.

Hard water can leave a variety of woes. Dry, scaly film on the skin, water spots on glass, and mineral stains and deposits on your tub are all signs of hard water. 

I most notice hard water when it builds up as mineral deposits on my shower head. Lime and calcium deposits are the hardest to scrub off, gross. 

On hair, the effects are different. I’ll explain why. 

The vitamins and minerals in water carry a positive charge. Your hair and skin have a negative charge. When they come in contact with one another, they act like magnets. 

Some results are apparent—dull, dry, and lifeless hair, to name a few. But Team True Beauty knows there’s more than just those. 

Naturally, curly hair can become matted and thick, or worse, get frizzy! Fine hair gets stringy and can even fall out. Yikes! No good can come of that. 

Skin issues like eczema and psoriasis can even occur on the scalp. If left unchecked over time, the effects of hard water are hard to reverse. 

The effects of chlorine on lighter hair shades are eye-catching, but not in a good way. Green hair, anyone? 

But did you know iron-rich water can leave rust stains and even turn hair brassy and orange? Crazy! Dryness and breakage are common issues, no matter what shade you are. 

Thankfully there’s Malibu C to the rescue!  

Malibu C’s Hard Water Wellness Kit can remove and prevent those unwanted positive ions from accumulating on your precious follicles. 

It can restore your hair’s shine, bounce, and manageability in a few simple steps. 

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Hard Water Vs. Malibu C

Malibu C Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit

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I’ve seen all kinds of hard water damage to hair. The quest to kill this sordid foe sends many people in search of quick-fix remedies. I don’t recommend these. 

When it comes to hair, stick with the experts. We agree that professional help is best. 

It is why I always carry Malibu C Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit in my salon. 

Its sulfate-free formula works every time because it removes the excess minerals without stripping the hair as many other home remedies can. 

Still not convinced? Check out some of the rave reviews people are leaving, like this one, 

“I have tried everything from purple shampoo to apple cider vinegar to fight the rust in my blonde hair. I cannot believe the difference the first treatment has made. I’m obsessed!”

With one wash, you’ll be convinced Malibu C is the answer to all your hard water woes. 

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Uncover the Secret to Total Hair Wellness

No matter what hard water hair problem you have, Malibu C’s Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit is there to combat it all. 

You can safely prevent any damage and discoloration from your hair. 

Since using Malibu C on myself and my clients, I’ve noticed that the hair gets the vital moisture it needs to be shiny and full of life. 

The Malibu C Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit contains shampoo, conditioner, and four weekly remedy packets. All Malibu C products are vegan, and paraben, and sulfate-free. 

The weekly remedy contains a unique vitamin crystal complex. It’s made from highly concentrated ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) designed to restore shine, moisture, and manageability to hair. 

You’ll get breathless results that will turn heads! 

Safe for all ages and hair types. It’s time to get back your hair’s body, bounce, and brilliance with a straightforward solution. Malibu C! 

Protect your hair from harsh, hard water with your very own Malibu C Natural Protective Hard Water Wellness Kit

Order yours through Team True Beauty today!

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