Lanza Keratin Healing Oil Review: 5 Reasons It’s The Best Hair Oil

Lanza Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment

Let me start by saying, Lanza Keratin Healing OilOpens in a new tab. is the bomb diggity(literally the best hair oil eva!). I will get to that in just a minute, but first I want to explain oils a little bit.

If you have fine hair like me, oils are typically something we stray away from. They can get heavy and greasy on finer hair textures. Lanza OilOpens in a new tab. does not.

My hair already didn’t cooperate, so why would I want to add anything that would make it worse?

I wouldn’t, so I was totally against oils. They were dead to me until I had the epiphany of a lifetime!

Not all hair oils are created equally.

There are a few different types of oils that work differently, mainly three:

  1. Oils that are made to coat the outside of your hair to smooth it and add shine. This oil usually works best on coarse, textured hair.
  2. Oils that soak into your hair to provide benefits such as moisture and protein. This type of oil works great for all hair types.
  3. Hybrid oils that soak in and coat your hair. This oil usually works best for someone with damaged hair that wants the benefits, smoothing, and shine(Lanza fits into this category).

Each has different benefits for different hair types, and the key is to figure out which one works best for your hair type.

So- one day I started working at a new salon, and the manager was completely obsessed with this Lanza Healing OilOpens in a new tab..

She tried extremely hard to convince me to try it, but I was a stubborn little brat and kept saying no way.

I knew what was good for my hair and I didn’t want any part of it (I wasn’t as informed about the types of hair oils back then).

Eventually, she wore me down. I gave in and tried it, and it’s the best thing I have ever done with my hair.

Where has this been all my life?

So why is this hair oil so magical you ask?

Lanza Keratin Healing Oil ReviewOpens in a new tab.

Bottle Of Lanza Keratin Healing Oil

Here are five reasons why this is the best hair oil ever!

  1. Lanza Healing OilOpens in a new tab. is just that. A hybrid healing oil. It has Keratin Protein (the stuff that our hair is made of) and Phyto IV Complex. In simple terms, it replaces the protein and vitamins that our hair loses when we color it, expose it to the environment, use heat styling, or anything else we do that can cause our hair damage.
  2. It moisturizes our hair. Let’s be real for a minute, we all dry out our hair all the time just by using products (yes, they can dry out our hair), flat ironing or curling, and honestly, by shampooing too frequently. I know, I know, if we don’t shampoo every day our hair gets greasy, but that is not entirely true either*
  3. It seals our hair and adds shine without looking greasy or grungy. Wait, what?! Yes. We all hate the grungy look when our hair gets oily, but this doesn’t do that. I have avoided oils my whole life because I have fine hair that gets greasy from products pretty quickly. However, this magical potion soaks right into my hair and has a beautiful shine to it without looking yucky. Who doesn’t love shiny hair?
  4. It cuts down on blow drying time and protects from heat. I love twofers. So not only does it take me half the time to blow dry my hair, but I know it’s protected from the heat of all of my styling tools.
  5. You can also use it on your skin. Yes, you read that right. Skin is made of protein too and benefits from the benefits of this stuff too. Plus, it literally takes seconds to soak in.

The one downfall I have found with Lanza Healing OilOpens in a new tab. is that it has a golden color to it. Although, it would take an enormous amount of oil for anyone to notice any gold from the oil on your hair. As a blonde, I like cool tones and don’t want my hair to be gold. Even though this is a bummer, it is super easy to combat. Every third wash I use a toning shampoo (blue or purple work best, I use Brass Off) that eliminates any unwanted warmth from my hair and TADA, no gold!

Paulina with curly blonde hair
As you can see, my hair is clearly not gold…

Side Note: You can put too much protein in your hair and make it brittle, so you do not need more than one pump unless you have a horse mane on your head. You only need to be using it every other time you wash your hair (one bottle lasts FOREVER). As a bonus, you can use it wet or dry (if you are using the right amount it will soak right into dry hair).

Paulina’s Final Thoughts

I can’t begin to explain how much I love this oil, I will never live without it again. I use one pump about twice a week, so the bottle lasts me a good six months. Lanza Healing OilOpens in a new tab. is excellent for every hair type.

My advice to you is to snatch this oil up as fast as you can. You can get it using this linkOpens in a new tab.. You will not regret it, and your hair will thank you. Get the one-day shipping if you have to and start right now, do not wait!

Quick Tip

*If you shampoo your hair every single day, it will dry out your hair.

Shampooing can wash away the natural oils your scalp produces to keep your hair moisturized so in turn, and your body will tell your scalp to produce more which causes greasy hair. It sucks for a while, but if you switch to shampooing every other day, you will notice your hair looking less greasy, and you will be able to go longer between shampoos.

At first, your hair will be slightly oily the second day, but the trick is to brush the oils through your hair really well to disperse the oils all the way to the ends where they are needed(I love my wet brushes for this, you can see the review hereOpens in a new tab.).

Not only will this save you money on product, but it will also make your hair healthy, and you will see a difference, I promise.

Team True Beauty

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