How to Use Purple Shampoo

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Different shades of blonde hair look great and give you self-confidence and a specific dose of sexiness. But that comes with a price tag, as only ladies with this color know how demanding it is, especially if it’s dyed.

One of the common problems most dyed blondes face is brassiness. It occurs when the natural dark pigment wants its place under the sun, i.e., when dye toner starts to fade. And when that happens, your platinum hair can get brassy undertones.

Although this problem can really get on your nerves, you can solve it with purple shampoo. You should include this product in your hair care routine to keep your blonde hair at its best. And with regular use, you’ll avoid frequent dyeing and damaged hair.

What Is Purple Shampoo?

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Purple shampoo isn’t like regular shampoo. It’s actually a toner, i.e., a specialized product with crushed violet pigments that should tone color-treated hair and remove undesirable brassy tones.

Now, you might wonder why it’s purple. Each color has its own contrast in the color wheel, and violet shades are the opposite of yellow and orange. So simply put, it can neutralize unwanted yellowish tones and restore your blonde hair to a platinum shine. But, of course, you should use it regularly.

How to Apply Purple Shampoo Correctly

Purple shampoo can work wonders on your hair but only when used according to the instructions. And hair stylists agree it provides the best results when applied twice in one hair wash.

For the first application, you must put purple shampoo on your hair, lather it with your hands, and gently massage it into your scalp. Then, rinse it off while having a shower. In essence, it’s no different from regular hair washing, but it opens the follicles for absorbing purple pigments.

The second step also involves an extra squeeze of purple shampoo that you’ll leave on your hair for five minutes. But never leave this toning shampoo on longer than prescribed, as it can make your blonde hair look darker and lifeless. So after five minutes, rinse the hair with lukewarm or cool water and give it some extra love.

That usually means adding a purple conditioner to your hair care routine, as it’ll enhance the results of purple shampoo. So apply this nourishing product on your wet hair after rinsing and let it do its magic for a few minutes. Its role is to smooth out follicles, repair split ends, and fix the purple pigment to your bright hair.

Can I Use Purple Shampoo Every Day?

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If yellow and orange tones annoy you, you might be tempted to use purple shampoo daily. Indeed, you can find toning products suitable for everyday use, but there’s no need for that. Instead, applying it once or twice a week is enough to refresh your colored hair and prevent yellow undertones.

In case you need to wash your hair in the meantime, you can use standard shampoo. But choose the natural and mild one, without sulfates that can build up on your scalp and further damage your hair. Applying some natural masks from time to time will also do the trick for deep hydration.

Overusing Purple Shampoos

Both purple shampoo and conditioner are great products, but if you overuse them, you may notice that the shade of your blonde hair has become darker. Also, spotting a purple hue clearly indicates you’ve gone too far with purple shampoo.

Luckily, both situations are temporary, so you shouldn’t give up on the shampoo. You just have to take it easy on it, especially if you have bright or slightly damaged hair.

However, you won’t go wrong if you add a few drops of purple shampoo to your regular shampoo. And always wash with a conditioner or nourishing mask. That way, you’ll maintain your blonde hair’s vitality, shine, and freshness.

Who Can Use Purple Shampoo

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Purple shampoos aren’t just for salon-achieved blonde, platinum, or honey hair colors. In fact, natural blondes and brunettes can also benefit from these products. These ladies can experience hair brassiness when overexposed to UV rays, hard water, and harsh styling products.

Also, you’ll be happy to know that purple shampoo works for gray hair. So if that brassiness bothers you, this product will remove it in just a few washes, leaving your silver hair flawless and shiny.

Ladies who like more intense hair colors, like blue or violet, can also use purple shampoo. The same goes for girls with hues in some of these colors. The violet pigment from purple shampoo prevents them from washing off.

Moreover, if you have dark hair with blonde highlights, this shampoo will keep these strands lightened and free of brassy tones. And without worry, this product won’t bring any unwanted tones to your brown hair. In fact, the purple shampoo will only cancel out yellow tones from bleached and light blonde hair or strands.

What Is a Purple Mask?

Brassy blonde hair or yellow tones of gray or brown hair can also be fixed with a purple mask. It’s a product similar to purple shampoo because it relies on the color wheel theory. And these two products give the best results when working together. So you can use them to tone your hair without visiting a salon.

However, unlike purple shampoo, this mask should be used occasionally. For starters, apply it once a week to remove visible brassy tones from your blonde hair. Then, you can use this product twice a month to maintain the results.

Extra Tips for Blonde Hair Care

Besides using purple shampoo, proper care between color services is of utmost importance to keep that beautiful blonde hair.

  • After applying purple shampoo, never wash off your blonde hair with hot water, as the heat will release moisture from follicles, making your hair dull and dry.
  • Protect your blonde hair color from brassy tones and fading in the sun with a hat or bandana.
  • An itchy scalp and split ends usually indicate dry hair, so don’t exaggerate with salon treatments.
  • Always ask your hairdresser if they use violet base toner, as that’s the best way to achieve platinum blonde hair color, and ask for purple shampoo recommendations.
  • Try blue shampoo if your brassy tones are more orange than yellow.

Wrap Up

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Purple shampoo works by removing brass and giving your locks warm, fresh blonde color. But it’s not just intended for a blonde hair care routine. In fact, you can benefit from it regardless of your hair type and color. Just remember to use purple shampoo as prescribed and follow expert tips to ensure hair health and vitality for a long time.

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