How to Use Mousse for Wavy Hair

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Learning to take care of your wavy hair is a lifelong journey. You’ll come across many products, and only some of them will permanently go on your dresser. One of those products will be a mousse. Hair gel leaves your hair crunchy and stiff, both textures that hair should never be.

Mousse leaves your hair soft, with added volume, and reduces frizz in your wavy hair. Keep reading to find out the perfect way to use this magic product!

Identifying Your Hair Texture and Waves

There have been instances where people with seemingly straight, frizzy hair turn out to have wavy hair! Before you even look at using a product like a mouse, you must understand whether you have wavy, curly, or just simple straight hair.

To clarify, here are a few key characteristics of wavy hair!

S-Shaped Pattern

Wavy hair is defined by its distinct S-shaped pattern. When you look at a strand of wavy hair, it should have a gentle wave that flows in an S-shape from root to tip.


One of the characteristics of wavy hair is that it is often prone to frizz. This is because wavy hair has a tendency to absorb moisture, which can cause the hair shaft to expand and lead to frizz.

You might have naturally voluminous strands but frizz might ruin the natural curls or waves in your hair.

Medium Porosity

Wavy hair typically has medium porosity, meaning that it is able to absorb and retain moisture fairly well. However, it is still important to use products that hydrate and nourish the hair, as wavy hair can still be prone to dryness and damage.

To check the porosity of your hair, do the strand test. Get an extra tall glass of water, and dip a strand of your hair into the glass.

If the strand floats, your hair is low porosity which means it doesn’t absorb water well. If your hair sinks right to the bottom or floats, that means your hair is absorbed and has anywhere from medium to high porosity.

How to Use Hair Mousse For Wavy Hair

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Hair mousse works by forming a thin cast around your hair, which works well in holding whatever texture your natural hair has, no matter how fine or coarse it is. You can use it right after you shower or to refresh your dull hair when you don’t plan to wash it.

Applying Hair Mousse on Wet Hair

Wet hair is generally more prone to breakage as it’s less elastic. That’s why it has to be handled with care. Using hair mousse on wet or damp hair gives an extra layer of protection. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply your favorite hair mousse product on wet, wavy hair.

1. Start with clean, damp hair

Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and apply your favorite conditioner. Then use a clean microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt to lightly remove any excess water. A regular towel would absorb too much moisture and, therefore, make your hair more prone to frizz.

2. Dispense the mousse

Apply a golf ball-sized amount of mousse to the palm of your hand. If you have long or coarse hair, adjust the amount of mousse accordingly. Conversely, if you have fine hair make sure not to exceed with the styling mousse, as it could weigh down your your strands.

3. Spread the mousse evenly

Use the praying hands method to make the hair mousse penetrate well. Then, run your hands through your hair, starting at the mid-shaft and working your way down to the tips. This will separate the strands and add volume.

Make sure to spread the mousse evenly and apply enough on each section.

4. Scrunch your hair

Once the hair mousse is applied, scrunch your hair into your hands. Gently squeeze it section by section for a few seconds between your fingertips. This will help form and enhance your natural waves.

5. Add clips to the roots

To give you some extra volume, use clipsOpens in a new tab. to lift your hair up from the roots. However, you can skip this step if flat hair isn’t a concern for you.

6. Diffuse or air-dry

If you have a diffuser attachment for your hair dryer, use it to diffuse your hair and enhance your waves. If you prefer to air-dry, simply let your hair dry naturally.

7. Fluff out your hair

When it’s completely dry, use a pick a combOpens in a new tab. to fluff your hair from the roots. Refrain from brushing out your waves since it’ll only cause more frizz.

Refreshing Your Waves

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Nobody has perfect waves on day four or five. At this point, you only have limp locks with tons of frizz. But if you’re in no mood to hop into the shower and do your full hair routine, then you can simply opt for a refresh.

The refresher method refers to bringing back your waves or curls using a few products, reviving your hair, and delaying your wash day.

Here’s how to get your wavy hair back:

1. Begin with completely dry hair

If your hair is greasy or dirty, you can use a dry shampoo to absorb any excess oil and refresh your hair a bit. You can spray some water with a spray bottleOpens in a new tab. to bring back some moisture.

2. Apply the mousse

Apply a few pumps of hair mousse into your hand and smother it in your hands first to distribute it evenly. Run your hands through your hair, starting at the roots and working your way down to the tips. Make sure to spread the mousse evenly throughout your hair.

3. Scrunch your hair

Once the mousse is applied, use your hands to gently scrunch your hair to bring it back to life!

4. Dry your hair

Generally, you won’t need to use a diffuser to dry your hair since mousse doesn’t dampen it too much. However, if you’re in a hurry and need to get somewhere, then feel free to diffuse it.

5. Finish with a light hold spray

Once you’ve finished scrunching your hair, finish with a light hold sprayOpens in a new tab. to help set the style and prevent frizz. This will increase the longevity of your waves.

Other Techniques

Pair mousse with a leave-in conditionerOpens in a new tab. if your hair gets frizzy easily.

To add definition and extra hold, try the mousse-gel-mousse technique. This method consists in applying the mousse on damp hair, then your favorite gel, and, finally, extra mousse. You’ll be amazed by the results!

Final Takeaway

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Taking care of natural texture takes a lifetime and a lot of trial and error. Experiment around with different application techniques and styling products to find the ideal combo for your hair. Use hair mousse either on your wash day or to refresh your waves, this styling product won’t deceive you!

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