How To Use A Beauty Blender + The 5 Best Beauty Blender Dupes

Beauty Blender Dupes

Applying foundation and concealer is made infinitely easier and better thanks to the invention of the Beauty Blender. Without it, women were sporting foundation lines and uneven foundation coverage. Thankfully, this little sponge came into my life and made applying makeup flawlessly simple.

If you haven’t tried a Beauty Blender yet, stop everything you’re doing right now and get one. Actually, before you do that, read on to check out five excellent alternatives to the Beauty Blender that will save you money, and you can order straight from Amazon.

Once you learn how to use a Beauty Blender, you’ll never go back. It’s the perfect way to apply your foundation, concealer, even moisturizer for maximum and flawless coverage. It will quickly become a necessity for your beauty routine. I can’t even remember what makeup application was like without one!

How To Use a Beauty Blender

The first thing to do with your Beauty Blender is to make sure it’s good and wet. Soak it well, allowing it to absorb lots of water. Once it fills with water, it will puff up like a sponge. The water will help give your face a dewy finish.

After soaking it, wait a few moments and then squeeze the water out gently. You want it to be full of water, but not dripping.

Next, you need to get your foundation onto your Beauty Blender. Either place the foundation on the back of your hand, a palette or even directly onto the Beauty Blender. Use the large end of the Beauty Blender to dab your foundation onto it.

Technique – Thinking Bouncing Ball

The technique of applying it to your face is the most crucial step. It might seem odd, but that’s alright. Instead of rubbing the blender all over your face, you want to bounce it around your face like a ball. Trust me; this will help prevent any lines.

After using the large end to bounce your product all over your cheeks and forehead, go ahead and use the small pointed end to get under your eyes and around your nose. You won’t miss any spots if you use this technique. You can also use the small end to contour around these areas.

If you end up making any mistakes, which will be hard with the life-altering beauty blender, all you need to do is drag your Beauty Blender across your face. You will erase any lines that you may have ended up with during application. It’s simple to fix any mistakes and achieve the look you want.

You should end up with full coverage foundation and no lines. You’ll love how your face will look after using the Beauty Blender.

Time to Get Your Own

As I said, it’s time for you to rush out and get your own Beauty Blender and start revolutionizing the way you apply your makeup. But before you spend a ton of money on the name brand, check out these fabulous alternatives! You’ll easily be able to find the best Beauty Blender for your face with these choices.

Lamora Pro Beauty

Lamora Pro Beauty

No more old-school makeup brushes or just your fingers with this fantastic makeup sponge. The Pro Beauty Makeup BlenderOpens in a new tab. will flawlessly blend your foundation effectively. Get the professional makeup look you’ve been seeking with this premium sponge.

Made with quality foam that will last, you’ll love this economic and fun beauty sponge. Click here to check out this must-have product for your beauty routine.Opens in a new tab.

Miss Gorgeous

Miss Gorgeous

If you are looking for some variety, look no further than this six-pack of beauty sponges. These Miss Gorgeous Makeup Blender BeautyOpens in a new tab. sponges come in an assortment of sizes and colors. You’ll have a sponge for all of your coverage needs.

You’ll love the choices you’ll have and the price point. Click hereOpens in a new tab. to treat yourself to the latest in makeup application.

Aesthetica Blender

Aesthetica Blender

Another fabulous sponge to check out is the Aesthetica BlenderOpens in a new tab.. Made from latex-free foam, and cruelty and vegan free, you’ll appreciate its sleek look and flawless coverage. Use the smaller end for contouring, and the large end for full-coverage foundation.

Click hereOpens in a new tab. to see this multi-purpose beauty sponge and start perfecting your look today.

Real Techniques

Real Techniques

Transform your makeup technique with this quality and favorite blending sponge. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion SpongeOpens in a new tab. will make your beauty routine easy and fun. A perfect and affordable beauty sponge, you’ll be obsessed with how flawless your makeup can look.

Click hereOpens in a new tab. to check out another excellent tool for achieving the look you’ve wanted from your foundation.

Beakey Blender 5 pack

Beakey Blender 5 pack

If you are looking for a multi-pack of these fantastic tools at an excellent price, you’ll love the Beakey Blender Five PackOpens in a new tab.. You’ll be set with this perfect five pack, enabling you to use one for each different product you’re applying.

You can get multiple sponges for the price of one by clicking Opens in a new

Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender

If you just have to have the original Beauty BlenderOpens in a new tab., you’ll be happy with its flawless application and the flawless coverage everyone wants. Including one mini blender cleanser solid to keep your blender clean, you’ll be set to start your new makeup routine with this fabulous combo.

You can’t go wrong with the original Beauty Blender. Click hereOpens in a new tab. to get yours today.

Choose the Best Beauty Blender For You

Now that you know how to use a Beauty Blender and have seen lots of different options for getting your own, you can choose the best Beauty Blender for you. Whether you’re looking for a certain price point or even color or size, you’ll love any of these fantastic choices.

After using a blending sponge, I know I won’t ever go back to using brushes. I love the professional looking coverage it gives and how I can blend and contour seamlessly. My makeup routine is so much easier. My foundation looks so much better as well.

I’m not sure what we all did before these handy little products were available, but I am a true believer and will always use a blending sponge.

Paulina Romain

Paulina Romain is an entrepreneur and artist in the beauty industry. She is the founder and owner of The Art of Ink Studio, where she provides services such as permanent cosmetics, microblading, and artistic ink, focusing on personalized body art. Additionally, she owns Mill Pond Salon, through which she aims to deliver big-city salon services in the comfort of a small town. Apart from her hands-on work in her studios, Paulina Romain is also active on social media platforms like TikTok, where she showcases her fine line and cosmetic tattoo work. Furthermore, she's been in the salon and beauty industry for over 14 years and operates Team True Beauty with Sam Romain. This platform includes a blog on various beauty-related topics and marks the opening of two beauty brands by the couple.

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