How to Master Beard Shaping Like Prince Harry?

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prince harry beard shaping

So I can’t turn around today without hearing about Prince Harry and the Royal Wedding. Blah blah blah. It’s almost a week since the thing, and we’re still being bombarded with it.

While that’s all fine and dandy and only **slightly** annoying, I do have to admit I admire the man’s beard.

So, this is the only time you’re going to ever see me even mention a royal wedding because the only concern I have with this damn thing is how does he groom his beard?

Does Prince Harry Use Beard Shaping Tools?

beard shaping

How can this ginger beard have such a crisp outline? Having a light colored beard that looks perfect and full is a challenging task to complete, yet Prince Harry makes it look like a walk in the park. I’m half impressed and half mad, cause we’ve gotta up our game here.

My thought is he has to be using some sort of beard shaping tool. Each hair is under control and laying in place with what looks like no effort. There is no way that his beard lines are that straight and even by just trimming it freehand. Gingers, you know what I’m talking about!

So, how does he do it?

The Devil is in The Details


beard shaping

Clean lines and neatly groomed facial hair will separate the boys from the men (the difference between a royal beard and looking like Grizzly Adams). I am a seasoned vet when it comes to caring for beards, so I know what needs to be done to suitably maintain my beard.

It is obvious to me that Prince Harry takes care of his beard in a way most of us men, do not. Having a good beard isn’t all about growing it out and shaping it. It is about having the proper tools and products to shape and maintain it.

Here are a few we all need to have at hand:

These are a necessity because you need to not only keep the beard hair moisturized and softened to have a good beard, but you also need to keep the skin underneath hydrated. If you don’t, you will have an itchy, possibly flakey face (not fun).

I am willing to bet that the Prince has a product arsenal at his disposal.

Taming the Mane

beard shaping for man main

I’m no Prince Harry, but I am pretty dang proud of my beard. The hair is coarse, wild, and crazy (if I don’t use my balm I have an afro on my face). My favorite product is my Honest Amish Beard Balm. You can see my review of it Opens in a new

However, I can’t always tame the mane (we all have bad beard days), so it can be difficult to shape it without it looking lopsided. I usually wear a full, lengthy beard, but it’s time to go with a different look. If I don’t like it, my beard will grow back in no time.

Here’s my secret- when I need to tame the mane I know I need a good beard trimmer. The look I’m going for is clean cut with sharp lines, so I want to avoid looking scruffy. That’s why I don’t mess around and have my favorite beard trimmer on hand, everywhere.

FARI All In One Multifunctional Rechargeable Electric Hair Trimmer Grooming KitOpens in a new tab.

beard shaping

This Fari set has multiple attachments and a bunch of different positive reviews, so I will give it a chance. I appreciate the multiple heads that come with the clippers to get all of those hairs where I don’t need them.

If you don’t keep up on long nose hairs, they won’t just blend in. The crazy hairs that come from places they shouldn’t be will make or break a beard (we all saw how sharp and clean the royal beard looks). Nose hairs show the difference between a beard connoisseur and an amateur.

It’s cordless, which is a must, and has positive comments about the battery power.

Achieving Sharp Beard Lines Just Like Prince Harry

Now that I have the clean-cut figured out, now I need to move on. I have the beard tools I need to keep it well trimmed, but still not what I need to get the crisp, sharp lines. That’s when I remembered a conversation the guys were having. We may, or may not have been making fun of hipsters when someone mentioned how they get sharp lines.

I present:  Beard BroOpens in a new tab.. We were sitting around having chips and beers, talking about what the actual hell a Beard Bro is (a brother in arms with a beard as manly as mine maybe).

It turns out it is a shaping tool for beards. It is a comb on one side and a nice c-curve on the other side. This comb comes with a beveled edge so it should be easy to run the trimmer over and get the line I need. I should be able to change the angle I hold the comb to get the thickness I want.

I haven’t received the comb yet, but just from looking online I’m actually a bit stoked for it.  Don’t tell my hipster haters. No really.

Beard Bro ReviewOpens in a new tab.

Beard Bro

Overall it has a four-star rating, that’s a good start. I got lucky and found what I needed on the first review.

Apparently, there are three dots on the side of the comb that you use to line up with your ear to make sure each side stays even. This makes perfect sense.

Overall this beard tool is proving to be a promising choice. It has the features that I need to achieve the clean-cut beard style that I am looking to create. And, it’s only ten bucks!

Final Judgment


beard shaping

I know how to manage my facial hair I just need to have the proper tools to maintain the royal Prince Harry beard. With that in mind, I’m giving the Beard BroOpens in a new tab. a shot and invest in the Fari-all-in-oneOpens in a new tab. because my man-main is worth it. If a messy-man-main ain’t your thing, try these tools to keep it clean.

Master Beard Shaping

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