BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask Review

BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot mask review

It’s 10 pm on a Saturday night, the neighborhood around me is buzzing with friends, fireworks, and a few drinks.

Meanwhile, I’m in the house watching Duck Duck Goose on Netflix and pushing my not-so-convinced boyfriend to help me in my search of how to get baby soft feet by trying out a foot peel with me.

Reluctantly, my boyfriend finally agreed to do a foot peel. Let me stress to you, he was not at all enthused, but I insisted that his feet needed some help.

Not only that but his feet look worse than mine so I felt we would get a better visual of the results with his feet(which I later forgot to take pictures of anyway *facepalm).

How to Get Baby Soft Feet

So- I started by searching for the best foot peels the web has to offer. After browsing through what felt like thousands of reviews, I found BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask.Opens in a new tab.

BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask

I couldn’t get over the disgusting yet intriguing images of chunks of skin peeling off of other people’s feet. GROSS!

At the same moment, I know that exfoliation and peeling is getting rid of dead dried out skin, and it is good for you.

That must be the answer to the question that had tormented me for so long. How to get baby soft feet? So I had to try this.

BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask

After scavenging all of the dark corners of the internet, I found BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask. Opens in a new tab.

The reason I decided on this one is that it was in the middle. It wasn’t the most expensive, nor was it the cheapest.

Of course, I ordered the two pack so my reluctant boyfriend could participate as well.

Applying the foot peel

The instructions on the box made it seem pretty self-explanatory. We made sure our feet were clean and dry.

BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask Back of Box1

Taking the peels out of the box. Nothing too scary just yet. The pairs of booties come in sealed foil packets with the instructions on them.

The booties come in pairs that you have to cut apart. Basically, you unfold them, and they look like butterflies, and you separate them. No problem.

BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask

The confusing part for me was that the instructions on the packets the booties come in said something about peeling a red film from inside of the booties. I never found such a film. Whatever.

I later concluded that the so-called red film they are talking about in the instructions is just the backing on the stickers that you use to seal the booties on your feet. They didn’t make that very clear on the instructions, and the backing on my stickers was not red.

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Now we have our feet wrapped up, so we chose to sit on the couch and watch the movie. My boyfriend just wrapped his feet with the booties, and I put socks over mine.

BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot MaskOpens in a new tab.

The instructions say to leave the mask on for 90-120 minutes. My boyfriend chose 90 minutes, and I opted to do the 120 minutes. Might as well get the full effect right?

After relaxing and watching our movie, we removed the mask and rinsed off our feet.

Everything I have read online said the results would be best if you soak your feet daily after doing the mask. I followed this recommendation, but my boyfriend did not.

Neither of us noticed anything out of the ordinary with our feet for the first few days after applying the foot mask. By day 3 I was starting to get concerned that it hadn’t worked.

Low and behold, that evening when I took my socks off after getting home from work, my feet were starting to peel. It wasn’t crazy peeling like I had seen on some of the reviews throughout my vast internet scouring, but it was something.

BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask

I continued to soak daily, and my feet continued to peel. It reminds me of the peeling you get after a minor sunburn.

Day 5: My feet have begun peeling more rapidly, and my boyfriend’s feet are just now beginning to peel. While my feet are at the peak of their peeling, his are finally to the stage I was at on day 3.

BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask

Although it was incredibly disgusting having peeling chunks of skin coming off in my socks, I was excited that something was happening and couldn’t wait till it was over to see the final results.

Both of our feet peeled consistently for about five days a piece. The peeling was not the extravagant thick layers of skin that some people boasted about in their reviews, but it was successful.

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After all of the peeling was finished, both of our feet were much softer, and we were satisfied with the results, regardless of the disgusting peeling process.BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask

Overall Conclusion: How To Get Baby Soft Feet?

Overall I am happy with the results of the peel on my feet as well as my boyfriend’s feet. His feet were dry and had visible cracks before the peel. I had dry feet as well, but they showed much less damage.

After the BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot MaskOpens in a new tab., we both have softer feet. Is it the best foot peel on the market? I can’t answer that until I compare it to others, but I would absolutely recommend this foot peel if you have issues with dry, cracking, or callused feet.

Click here to find the BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask.Opens in a new tab.

Through my experience there a few factors that I feel compelled to share.

Soaking my feet seemed to speed up the peeling process for sure.  Whether or not it actually impacted my results versus my boyfriend who did not soak his feet is debatable. Although my feet seemed to peel sooner, his feet did peel as well and just as much.

Soaking Feet

There is a lot of peeling yes, but I did not experience huge thick chunks of skin peeling off. My experience was much milder as I mentioned before, thin skin pieces peeling off my feet as if I had had a sunburn.

Honestly, I think the best results will come with continued use and doing the foot peels regularly. Get on the road to baby soft feet by using the peel monthly. Find your BEA LUZ Exfoliating Foot Mask here and save it to your favorites so you can get the final answer to the ultimate question: How to get baby soft feet?Opens in a new tab.

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