How to Curl Mustache: An Easy Guide

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Curling is one of the beard and mustache styles that many men prefer nowadays. It gives them a classy yet unusual look, as a curled mustache is both elegant and dramatic. You can also wear it with or without a beard.

Achieving a jaw-dropping mustache isn’t rocket science, but you need some practice and specialized products and tools. So if you want to grow a handlebar mustache to be fashionable, you have to style it and keep it under control.

Here’s how to curl mustache to get the look you’re going for!

Popular Reasons to Curl Mustache Hair

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Aesthetics is usually the main reason for curled mustache styling, but it also serves a practical purpose. Here’s why you should try a handlebar mustache:

  • Curled mustaches look great, and the longer and curlier they are, the more dramatic they look.
  • Styling your ‘stache this way makes it look larger and more lush.
  • A handlebar mustache provides a neat look to your facial hair and frames any face shape quite well.
  • When you curl a long mustache, you move the hair away from your mouth, so it won’t bother you while you eat, drink, or talk.

How to Curl Mustache Hairs

If you strive for an epic handlebar mustache that grabs attention, you need to style it properly.

You can opt for different curling styles, like a classic handlebar, a Hungarian handlebar, or an English mustache.

The process is divided into two parts, which you can easily do even if you’re new to this curly style.

Part 1: Prepare Your ‘Stache

Stray hairs of your mustache can be a hassle to tame, but you can achieve that with daily combing. That’ll ensure all hairs are separated, not tangled.

To comb your mustache properly:

  1. Wash your face as usual and use a gentle towel to dry it, with particular attention to your mustache.
  2. Apply a beard relaxerOpens in a new tab. if your facial hair is prone to tangling.
  3. Use a comb for your mustache hair and start from the top.
  4. Brush your mustache downward toward your top lip. Do it on one side and then move to the other side.
  5. Once you’re done with brushing, use a comb to make a part in the middle of the mustache, right under your nose. Then comb your hair outward, one side at a time. You can use your hand to keep one side pinned down while you comb the other.

Part 2: Use Mustache Wax or Curling Tools

Two popular ways to curl a mustache fast are wax and curling tools. The first method is straightforward and should keep your mustache hair neat. The second method requires a little more precision, but the results are top-notch.

How to Curl Your Mustache Using Mustache Wax

  1. Before applying the wax, remove beard relaxer residues by slightly wetting your fingertips with warm water and rubbing your mustache. It has to be completely dry before waxing.
  2. Now, onto waxing. Bossman MUDstache mustache waxOpens in a new tab. is a good choice if you want something unscented that also keeps your hair tamed all day.If you want something with a unique scent and good hold, try Fisticuffs Strong-Hold wax from Gentlemen’s Blend. Its formulation keeps your stache under control and the mild sandalwood scent will give you an extra dose of elegance.
  3. Scrub a small amount of wax and rub it between your thumb and index finger to melt it, but not entirely. Don’t overdo this styling product, as it thickens and can make your hair stiff.
  4. Grab one side of your mustache with waxed fingers and apply wax to the hair from the middle part to the tip. Then, repeat that for the other side.
  5. Twist your mustache tip around your finger in an outward motion. Hold it for a few seconds, and then let go. If curled tightly, your handlebar mustache will look good all day long and into the night.

You can also use beard balm to achieve a curly style instead of mustache wax, but these products usually offer less hold.

How to Curl Your Mustache Using a Curling Iron

  1. Start by setting the iron on low heat. You can gradually increase the temperature depending on your hair type. The thicker your mustacheOpens in a new tab. is, the more heat it needs for curling.
  2. Stand in front of a mirror to see what you’re doing and avoid burns.
  3. Pull your ‘stache and clip the iron to one side of the mustache closer to the skin. Hold it there for about ten seconds and be careful not to burn yourself.
  4. Next, squeeze the iron clip, move it closer to the mustache tip, and gently twist it to wrap your hair around the iron barrel. Close the clip, and hold it for another ten seconds.
  5. If your hair is too thick or long, repeat the procedure until your handlebar mustaches start taking shape.

A mustache styled with a curling iron looks good right after styling. However, if you want your fancy mustache to keep its shape longer, apply a small amount of wax after ironing.

Expert tip:
  • Curling irons come with barrels of different thicknesses, which you’ll use depending on whether you want bigger or smaller curls. The curls on your mustache will be larger than the barrel diameter, so always opt for a smaller size for the desired results.

How to Maintain Your Curled Mustache

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For a neat handlebar mustache, you have to trim it regularly. The hair has to be long to achieve that curly style, but slight trimming should help you get a neat middle part and smooth handlebar ends.

Here’s how to trim your mustache to maintain its shape:

  1. Divide mustache hairs to the sides, leaving a small hair section under your nose.
  2. Use a comb to brush the handlebar ends to the side and the middle part downward.
  3. Grab scissors to cut too-long hairs in the middle section, following the natural curve of your upper lip.
  4. Comb the mustache sides back to your mouth. Use scissors to make tiny snips and shorten the hair near the center of your upper lip. As you go outward, trim hairs to smoothen the transition to mustache ends.
  5. Apply wax or Scotch Porter Conditioning beard balmOpens in a new tab. to your mustache and use a comb to divide and move them to the side again. Grab the tips with your fingers and pull them out to check whether they need extra trimming.
  6. If so, trim your mustache in the curl direction, not the opposite, until both sides are the same length.
  7. If you wear a handlebar mustache without a Viking beardOpens in a new tab., lift the handles one by one and shave extra hair.
  8. If you want to achieve a thin handlebar mustache, you can shave the top of the mustache close to your nose.

Tips on Growing a Handlebar Mustache

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Facial hair grows in its own way and usually doesn’t have defined curl patterns. That said, regardless of your hair type, it’s possible to train your mustache hairs to get curly and thus make curling your mustache easier.

  • If you want your facial hair to achieve full length for a handlebar mustache, resist the urge to trim or shave it entirely. For reference, growing a full beard and mustache takes around four months. So in about two months, your mustache should be a good length to get those trendy curls. .
  • When you have to cut mustache hair, don’t exaggerate with trimming. You might think less hair will help you achieve the desired style, but it’s the opposite. The more hair you have, the more lush your handlebar mustache will be.
  • Use alternating hot and cold air from a hairdryer and a comb or a brush to shape your mustache hair the way you want. Do that after every wash before you curl your mustache.
  • Don’t forget about proper skin careOpens in a new tab., as healthy skin is the basis for a strong, healthy mustache and beard.
  • Apply some beard oil to the skin underneath the stache for extra hydration and nourishment. Try not to overdo it, as beard oil can sometimes make the hair more slippery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does the Name Handlebar Mustache Come From?

The name “handlebar” comes from the distinct look of long mustache hair resembling a bike’s handlebar. That’s because its ends aren’t attached to your face.

Is Beard Balm Better Than Mustache Wax?

These two styling products contain beeswax in different proportions. Although both serve to keep handlebar mustaches in place, wax is a better option if you want your hair to defy gravity or have pointy ends.

Beard balms work better to curl your mustache for looser styles, like Hungarian handlebars or Walrus mustaches.

To Sum Up

A mustache can be a great addition to your full beard, but it also looks good on its own. With so many mustache styles, you can choose the one that fits your face shape.

Hope you found this advice helpful on how to curl your mustache and achieve the handlebar mustache fancy look that’ll make others turn heads.

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