Honest Amish Beard Balm Review

Today, the gauntlet for beard products worthy of our legendary beards continues. We’ve been through a few, but will our latest entry survive my scrutiny? Only time will tell.

Today’s contender? Honest Amish Beard Balm.Opens in a new tab.

Honest Amish Review: Packaging

Honest Amish Beard BalmOpens in a new tab. arrives in a small burlap bag containing a little tin of beard balm as well as a neon-colored care sheet. The care sheet includes helpful instructions on how to “reset” the product if it has melted or shifted during shipping, as well as how to apply the product to the beard.

Up front, I thought I’d address the bag. You might think the bag idea maybe kinda “meh,” but I think we all know deep down that it’s a lot easier to find a small burlap bag in your luggage than a tiny silver tin. So actually, that burlap bag can be insanely helpful.

The packaging was, overall, appreciable. Personally, I get tired down to my weary bones of unnecessarily flashy shenanigans when it comes to packaging. Just give me a useful, helpful product, and we’re golden.

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In the case of Honest AmishOpens in a new tab., even the logo is straightforward yet aesthetic: an Amish man smoking a pipe on sepia tones, which provides that fond reminiscence and longing for yesteryear. The logo and packaging messages are easy-to-read, too.

The little silver tin fits comfortably in my palm, and the lid isn’t one of those holy terrors to try and remove. It slides off easily and without aggravating resistance.

So far, based on the packaging alone, we’re off to a decent start. But, as we all know, it’s hard to base a review off of just the product packaging. Let’s dig into the real deal, shall we?

Honest Amish Review: Summary of Product

Per the Honest Amish website, here’s what’s inside the balm:

  • Virgin argan oil
  • Avocado
  • Grapeseed
  • Virgin pumpkin seed
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Fruit and nut butter (including shea, aloe, cocoa, kokum, and more)
  • Hair enhancing essential oils

This is a balm obviously derived from high-quality ingredients, as you can see both by the ingredient list AND how well the product works.

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Some similar beard balms include petroleum products which can leave that gross, oily residue. Not this balm. Honest Amish uses virgin argan oil. Argan oil isn’t just for hair or your significant other’s fancy shampoo, either – it’s also known to make beards softer and help beards grow in both stronger and thicker.

Kokum butter is another impressive and noteworthy ingredient in Honest Amish’s list of components. Kokum butterOpens in a new tab. doesn’t clog pores, softens skin, and can be especially beneficial to beard growth. Not all beard balms have kokum butter, but those that do seem to quickly rise above the others in regards to performance.


The scent is perfect.

In terms of strength, it’s mild but pleasing. The tones are modest and feature hints of sweetness. Woodsy functions as the main feature for this balm. The scent kinda reminded me of a sunlit hike through the forest during the early morning hours.

In general, there’s no overwhelming scent load with this beard balm. Instead, when I had it on, I felt like I was just wearing pleasant hints of these smells. Sweet, sweet subtlety. No musky, overwhelming grandpa smells with this product.

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As I’m sure you know by your encounter with beard balms, most balms are applied similarly: remove a small amount in your hands, rub together to warm and soften any waxiness, and then apply the product to your beard by running your fingers through your beard and evenly distributing.

Honest Amish applies in exactly the same manner as the rest, but honestly, I never had an easier time applying a beard balm as I did with this brand.

Sometimes, it can take a bit to get a balm to be just the right texture you’re looking for, but not at all with Honest Amish. Not only did the balm melt and apply smoothly, but it also didn’t even leave that greasy, nasty residue behind on my hands after use.

I hate that residue. You know what I’m talking about. That funk that can stay behind on your hands for what feels like hours, even though you’ve washed your hands three times. I’ve had a few I’ve used that are like that. But again, not with Honest Amish, though. Only an easy, smooth application.

It can be difficult to establish how much of a product to use, but for Honest AmishOpens in a new tab., using less tends to be the way to go.

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So whether head hair or beard hair, I know I tend to care about how my hair shines. For me, I feel like a decently shiny beard can mean the difference between looking scruffed up or looking my most dapper. Naturally, I prefer the latter of the two. I think most of us do.

With Honest Amish Beard Balm, I found the shine to be impeccable. Not greasy or oily after application, but not dull. The shine remains all day, too.

As you’ve probably noticed as I have, some beard balms or conditioners can leave a dirty, greasy sheen after application. Honest AmishOpens in a new tab. gave me that natural and attractive (well, in my opinion, at least) shine.

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Another consideration I tend to keep in mind when testing products? Beard moisture.

I know that might seem like an odd category, but the whole point of using beard products is beard preservation, so if your beard is well-preserved by a balm or conditioner, you likely have the perfect amount of moisture in your beard. From all of the products I’ve tested, this can be a make or break category.

This is another category were Honest AmishOpens in a new tab. excelled.

After dampening my beard (I tend to apply small amounts of water to my beard before using any product) and then applying just the right amount of Honest AmishOpens in a new tab., I’d run my hands through my beard throughout the day to check on the balm.


Thanks to the beard balm, I could tell that my beard was retaining both the product and moisture in ideal amounts.

The amount of moisture was silky and rendered my beard aptly smooth.

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Once more, Honest AmishOpens in a new tab. shines as brightly as my stupendous beard.

The balm kept my beard sensational. I’d occasionally run my hands through it throughout the day, and I could tell that the product was still there. Again, not in gross, greasy formats, but with that newfound smoothness in my beard.

Not only does the product last forever in my beard throughout the day, but the balm also lasts forever in the tin. Surprisingly, that small tin lasts a few months. If you use small amounts as I do, the tin lasts even longer.

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Honest Amish Review: Final Judgment

Honest Amish Beard Balm is honestly everything you could ask for in a beard product.

The packaging is pleasing, the bag is helpful, the tin opens easily, and the instructions are thoughtful and include how to realign your product if it started to melt while shipping. That says a significant amount of how the company looks after their customers and products.

Out of all of the balms I’ve tried, the scent probably rates the best yet. Subtle yet enjoyable and present. The best part of the smell isn’t just how it smells, but how much it smells. There’s no overwhelming, lingering, headache-inducing scent ratio.

The balm applies evenly and doesn’t leave janky grease behind on your hands for hours and hours, regardless of how many times you wash your hands.

Honest AmishOpens in a new tab.‘s shine perfects sensational product in small tin format. The amount of shine that the balm pulls into my beard not only highlights underlying colors but helps my beard look healthier, brighter, and less like a bum beard.

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Moisture ranks just as high as the other categories, too, leaving remarkable and desirable amounts of moisture in my beard, no matter how many hours after application I checked.

Both the product in beard and the product in tin lasts forever. Well, desirable amounts of time. Again, with my checks every few hours, it was apparent to me that the product was still present and working to keep my beard looking professional and well-maintained.

The product in the tin lasts for months at a time, even though the tin seems small. Thankfully, only a tiny amount of product is needed per use, which is another way the product seems to continue lasting infinitely.

Overall, I couldn’t give this product I higher rating. Every desirable trait you’d look for in a beard product presents itself in this silver tin.

As you can also see by visiting their website and as can be noted by the detailed care information provided with the product packaging, the Honest AmishOpens in a new tab. company appears to be driven, first and foremost, by customer needs and attention to detail. Where other companies attempt to use flashy, exuberant packaging to draw attention, Honest AmishOpens in a new tab. focused instead on product output and customer satisfaction.

Whether by including premium ingredients or the inclusion of ingredients such as the lesser used but highly beneficial kokum oil, the company’s goals to provide a superior beard product are prosperous.

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