6 Historical Facts about Beards

We’ve had fun the past couple of weeks with our articles, but today we wanted to take a turn and learn some facts about beards that are incredibly interesting.  I was surprised how far back beards go in our history and quite frankly, I couldn’t stop doing the research for this article because I got sucked into the vortex of beard history.  I’ll spare you and not share everything, but if you google it be prepared, you’ve been warned!

  1. Beards use to be TAXED.

Yeah, no joke guys.  Back when the Romans ruled, Peter the Great taxed men with beards to discourage the trend. Peter the great wanted clean shaven faces on the men so he charged 100 rubles a year for this special Beard medallion.  The medallion, as you might guess, was the license to have a beard. The medallion literally read, “the beard is a useless burden.”  Pfft, haters gonna hate.   

On the one hand it’s pure genius for making money if you’re the ruler of a lot of people and completely greedy, but on the other hand….FREEDOM, ya know?  Don’t get any ideas, Trump!

  1. It’s in the science

In a 1990 study by Reed and Blunk, they discovered that men with beards were far more attractive and desirable for jobs than men without beards.

The study reads, “The influence of facial hair on the perception of a job applicant by persons in business was examined in this study. Subjects were 228 persons in management positions who made hiring decisions. Subjects were shown ink sketches of six male job applicants. The sketches varied on three facial hair dimensions – clean shaven, mustached, and bearded. Sketches were evaluated on semantic differential scales. Results indicated consistently more positive perceptions of social/physical attractiveness, personality, competence, and composure for men with facial hair.”

  1. Testosterone baby

How thick your beard grows depends on a lot of outside factors, like we mentioned in the last article, but one of the factors you have little control over is your testosterone levels.  If you’re low on testosterone- you’re not likely to have a glorious mane.  You’re going to be more Justin Bieber like and nobody wants that.

  1. Epictetus, a role model for all bearded men

Epictetus swore that his beard was a major part of his identity and said he would rather be beheaded than shave. The amount of respect I have for this man is hard to convey.  Fist pumps all the way.

  1. Good ‘ol Abe

Rumor has it that Abe Lincoln didn’t think to even have a beard until he got a letter from a young American girl.  She said the beard would suit him well since his face was so skinny.  Evidently, he took note and the rest is history.

  1. All about the Beer

The average beard will, wait for it….collect a pint and a half of beer a year.  Just another reason the beard is a must have, my men.  

Now put down those razors and get growing those woman magnets!

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