What’s the Best Hair Brush For Men in 2023? A Guide For Different Hair Types

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Hair care isn’t just about the stuff you put on it, like shampooOpens in a new tab., conditioner, or styling products. The way you detangle your hair and the styling brush you use can make all the difference in how healthy, tidy, and under control your hair can look.

This means you have to find a hairbrush that works for your hair type. What works for coarse, thick hair doesn’t necessarily work for straight, fine hair.

That’s why we rounded up the best hair brushes for men’s hair based on their uses. If you’re looking to detangle, style, or touch up, we’ve got you covered!

The Best Men’s Hair Brush in 2023: Which One Is For You?

Here are our hair brush picks for all hair types and styling necessities for men:

  1. Best Overall: ZilberHaar Stiff Boar Bristle and Pearwood Hair & Beard BrushOpens in a new tab.
  2. For Fine Hair: Belula 100% Boar Bristle Hair Brush SetOpens in a new tab.
  3. For Curly Hair: Denman Cushion Hair BrushOpens in a new tab.
  4. For Coarse Hair: Diane Premium Boar Bristle BrushOpens in a new tab.
  5. For Blow Drying: T3 Dry Vent Hair BrushOpens in a new tab.
  6. For On-The-Go Styling: Kent MG3 Finest Men’s Hair Brush & Beard Brush
  7. For Scalp Massage: BFWood Bamboo Paddle HairbrushOpens in a new tab.

Best Overall: ZilberHaar Stiff Boar Bristle and Pearwood Hair & Beard Brush

ZilberHaar - Major Hair & Beard Brush for Men

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Our first and overall best pick is the German-made ZilberHaar hair brush for menOpens in a new tab.. It’s made of sturdy pearwood and stiff boar bristles. The latter helps stimulate blood flow to the scalp and distribute the natural hair oil from roots to tips.

What we love about this brush is its resilience and ability to stand up to even the thickest of manes. And while boar brushes aren’t meant for detangling hair, this one can take on the challenge if you section off your hair before detangling.

What We Like

  • Made with 127 plugs of 100% stiff boar bristles
  • The handle is made of soft, delicate pearwood for optimal comfort
  • Works as a beard brush as well as a hair brush

What We Don’t Like

  • The bristles are too short to use as a detangling brush for thick, long hair

For Fine Hair: Belula 100% Boar Bristle Hair Brush Set

Belula Boar Bristle Hair Brush for Men

Image SourceOpens in a new tab.

If you have fine hair that you struggle to keep fluffy, not flat, then check out this find!

The Belula hair brushOpens in a new tab. is made of 100% soft boar bristles and is perfect for livening up thin hair. It’s less stiff than the ZilberHaar boar bristle brush, which some customers liken to a horse brush. So if your scalp or hair doesn’t need roughing up, then the Belula is for you.

And because Belula is so sure of its product, the company offers a 2-month satisfaction guarantee through the Belula Care 100% Satisfaction Program.

What We Like

  • Well-made brush with soft boar bristles for fine hair.
  • Comes with a wooden comb for detangling, two shampoo brushes, and a travel bag.
  • Made of 100% natural components and not tested on animals.

What We Don’t Like

  • The bristles might be too soft if you have textured hair.

For Curly Hair: Denman Cushion Hair Brush

Denman Cushion Hair Brush

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If you have wavy or curly hair, then sometimes a 100% boar brush just doesn’t cut it. That’s why the folks at Denman created the ultimate combo for textured hair; a boar brush with nylon “porcupine effect” bristles!

The Denman cushion brushOpens in a new tab. combines the stiffness and length of nylon bristles that penetrate and separate hair clumps with the softness of boar bristles. This gives your curly hair the best shine and texture with less effort.

What We Like

  • Perfect for brushing curls and hair with a lot of texture.
  • Removes tangles and helps maintain shine.
  • Comes in small, medium, and large sizes for different hair lengths.

What We Don’t Like

  • The nylon bristles could be too harsh and scratch some scalps.

For Coarse Hair: Diane Premium Boar Bristle Brush

Diane Premium Boar Bristle Brush for Men

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Shaping and sculpting African hair into a wave style could be challenging using a regular brush. This Diane boar bristle brushOpens in a new tab. is double-sided to help you perfect any style you want to achieve.

The rough side is made of nylon bristles that separate and detangle natural hair without breakage. The other side is made of 100% boar bristles to create shape and offer gentle stimulation to the skin of your scalp if you have a fade.

What We Like

  • The rough side helps in smoothing hair with a lot of texture, while the soft side is gentle on your head.
  • UV-protected handle to avoid moisture damage.
  • Two-in-one hair brushes are hard to beat!

What We Don’t Like

  • The brush’s dimensions are too small for some users.

For Blow Drying: T3 Dry Vent Hair Brush

T3 Dry Vent Hair Brush

Image SourceOpens in a new tab.

If you’re growing a mane of long hair, then you know that some days, blow drying is a matter of life and death.

Ok, maybe it’s not that serious. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could completely dry your tresses in mere minutes? Well, your grooming fantasies could be a reality if you get a really good vent brush.

The T3 vent hairbrushOpens in a new tab. has a super cool design and large-enough dimensions for blow-drying longer strands. It’s also gentle on wet hair and doesn’t pull the hair, causing breakage.

What We Like

  • Large enough to get through long hair fast.
  • A perfect detangler brush for both wet and dry hair.
  • The bristles glide easily, so the hair doesn’t snap and break.

What We Don’t Like

  • Too expensive for a plastic brush.

For On-The-Go Styling: Kent MG3 Finest Men’s Hair Brush & Beard Brush

Kent MG3 Finest Men's Hair Brush & Beard Brush for Skin Care

Image SourceOpens in a new tab.

If you’re a man about town with various grooming needs, then this Kent brush is the right pick for you. It’s one of those original military brushes that work both as a beard brush and a hairbrush, thanks to its compact design and superior build quality.

If you want a quick touch-up by brushing your hair or beard for a smooth, polished look, then the Kent MG3Opens in a new tab. can help you get there.

What We Like

  • Small size for grooming needs on the go.
  • White boar bristles help with even product distribution.
  • Legacy manufacturer with a great track record since the 18th century.

What We Don’t Like

  • The dimensions are too small for long or thick hair.

For Scalp Massage: BFWood Bamboo Paddle Hairbrush

Bamboo Hair Brush with Paddle

Image SourceOpens in a new tab.

Growing a long, healthy head of hair can have its downsides. If your hair is long enough to be tied back, you’ve probably experienced a ponytail headache after a long day of sporting this style.

Well, this BFWood bamboo hairbrushOpens in a new tab. is heaven-sent. The relief of letting down your hair and massaging your scalp with those strong-yet-smooth bamboo bristles is unparalleled.

Even if you have short or medium-length hair, give this one a go if you enjoy the feeling of massaging and exfoliating your scalp at the end of a long day. It doesn’t hurt that bamboo bristles don’t disrupt curl patterns, as well, so you got that going for you if you have curly hair!

What We Like

  • Smooth, round-tip bamboo bristles are perfect for massaging the scalp.
  • Large paddle-style hairbrush for an easy grip.
  • Natural materials don’t cause static or disrupt curls.

What We Don’t Like

  • The rubber base could be too soft for some people’s liking.

What Makes a Good Hair Brush For Men?

Hair brushes are ubiquitous and cheap, so what makes one retail for over $100 and another $10?

Well, the answer to this depends on several factors that include:


Expensive materials affect how pricey a hair brush is going to be. Using natural hardwood handles and boar bristles can make for a pretty hefty price tag.

Cheaper materials like plastic and nylon don’t cost as much to handle and mass produce, so this usually reflects on the price.


A well-designed hair brush makes detangling and styling hair incredibly easy. When a brush has a good ergonomic design, your arms won’t get tired as quickly. You can better maneuver the brush and your hair, providing better results with less damage.

Build Quality

You can get a perfectly functional hairbrush for $2, but rest assured, it won’t last you that long. Mass-produced hair styling tools are a dime a dozen, but the low build quality doesn’t make them sustainable.

Meanwhile, you can invest in a more expensive offering and have it serve you for over ten years with ease.


You’ve probably heard that a boar-bristle brush is the be-all, end-all hair brush for men.

While boar brushes are great for frizz reduction, oil redistribution, and minimal damage to the hair shaft, they’re not for everybody. How suitable they are depends on your hair type and the styles you usually go for.

You can find amazing hair brushes with nylon, plastic, or even bamboo bristles. Each of them serves a different purpose and can make detangling and styling your straight, curly, thick, thin, short, medium, or long hair a breeze.

Just make sure you know what you’re looking for in a hair brush, and let our guide take you to the best option catered to your needs.

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