Stay Sharp: ECBASKET Natural Coffin Fake Nails Review

Natural Coffin Fake Nails - ECBASKET 500pcs Ballerina Acrylic Nails Review

Nothing tops off a look like a fabulous manicure. For those who have trouble growing nails or want an acrylic look without the price, fake or press-on nails are for you. In this ECBASKET Natural Coffin Fake NailOpens in a new tab. review, you’ll see why I’ve fallen in love with these beautiful nails. 

Traditionally, press-on nails come second after acrylic and natural nails. I can’t entirely agree with this and argue that these false nails are long-lasting and look natural. Don’t get me started on the natural feel of them.

A great beauty product of any kind will leave you feeling confident and beautiful. These nails give you a stunning look, and I can’t wait to give you the details!

Before we get down to business with the review, we need to set some things straight. What exactly is a coffin nail? Popular with celebrities today, the coffin nail shape is pointed but has a flat tip. This nail shape is also called a ballerina nail, as it resembles a ballet slipper. 

Personally, I love the shape as it can look edgy or classic depending on what color or DIY nail art you choose to rock on them.

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ECBASKET Natural Coffin Fake Nail Review

Natural Coffin Fake Nails - ECBASKET 500pcs Ballerina Acrylic Nails Review

ECBASKET is an excellent company that makes artificial nails and tools to maintain and apply them. The kit has 500 pieces, and all of them are of excellent quality. 

Some of my favorite features of the nails are 

  • They are flexible: The thickness of the nail looks natural and feels great. The nails do not ache when I put them on, and people don’t see them as fake. 
  • The nails’ size from 0-9 so that you can pick the perfect fit for your nails and use the same size the next time you give yourself a mani. 
  • If you like to change up your nail length, then you’re covered! The nails come in three different sizes. You can easily file down the longer length if need be.

Something unique about these press-ons is that they take nail polish well. Whether it be gel or regular polish, it lasts about three weeks with no real touch up needed. I also loved the fact that even if I kept the nails clear with just a bit of glitter for accent, they looked amazing. 

I also love the case that ECBASKET uses for their nails. It’s made of quality material and can be repurposed after use. I don’t mind confessing that I love a great reusable case for little odds and ends like storing bobby pins! 

When I buy things, I like to look at reviews to see how many people have purchased what I want and their experience. On Amazon, the ECBASKET Natural Coffin Fake NailsOpens in a new tab. Review holds a four and a half out of five-star rating when it comes to customer reviews. 

That rating is an average out of 5,728 customers! See, it’s not just me who’s digging these nails. 

If you’re looking for some more tips on how to make your press-ons look fabulous while wearing them, this Harper’s Bazaar article is a great guide and offers terrific tips. 

Gotta’ Maintain 

a woman removing red nail polish

What kind of friend would I be if I didn’t share some pro tips about keeping your natural nails fabulous while wearing your press-ons? 

Before applying your nails, you must make sure that your natural nails are ready and healthy. Not doing so can result in weak, broken nails affecting the outcome of your manicure.  

Before I apply fake nails, I like to prep my natural nails by removing any nail polish or oil from them. Rubbing alcohol works perfectly for this.

After my nails are immaculate, I will then file them down a little shorter than the press-on. Filing will prevent them from breaking underneath the fake nail. During the step, I also push my cuticles back. 

Do not cut your cuticles off! It’s painful if done wrong and may even lead to infection. It’s also important to skip the cuticle oil before applying a press-on or getting acrylic nails. Just like old nail polish, it can mess with your nail glue.

I get a bit picky at this step, and I like to make sure that I buff my nails before adding press-ons. Buffing gives the right texture for the glue and nails to grip. I do want to warn against over buffing. 

You shouldn’t see any peeling on your nails or grit after buffing. That means you’ve gone too far and probably should skip the fake nails until healed. 

Before applying my coffin nails, the last thing I do is think about what I’ll be doing while wearing them. Will I be on vacation and want to have pretty long nails for pictures? Maybe I need them a bit shorter because I’ll be working and don’t want to snag them. 

Keeping your nail length realistic and friendly to your lifestyle will save you a headache later. Another consideration to make is the curve of the bottom of the nail. You can file the base of the nail to fit the shape of the bottom of yours. Luckily they’re so easy to file and shape!

This little extra goes a long way in giving your nails an excellent finish. It also makes them more comfortable.

Other Application Tips

Nail art featuring Natural Coffin Fake Nails - ECBASKET 500pcs Ballerina Acrylic Nails a "shop on amazon" button
Here are some more simple tips for making your ECBASKET Natural Coffin Fake NailsOpens in a new tab. looking great for as long as possible:
  • Use new nail glue every time. Nail glue works the best when it’s a fresh tube. It’s a good thing, it’s cheap!
  • When applying the glue, put it directly on your nail and on the fake nail itself. This trick is the best way to make sure your nails stay put. Don’t put too much glue, though. If it’s oozing out the sides, you’ve done too much.
  • Once you stick the fake nail to your real nail, press and hold firmly for about 30 seconds. Pressing the ECBASKET Natural Coffin Fake Nail onto your real nail ensures they are really stuck together and will increase your mani’s wear-time.


A woman applying cuticle oil to her nails

When you remove your press-ons, be sure to show your natural nails some care. At this point, I make sure to get off any glue, and I let my nails breathe some by not using nail polish for a few days. 

I also like to treat my nails and cuticles to some Cliganic OilOpens in a new tab., which is super moisturizing. The product is my personal favorite, but any cuticle oil will do. 

Looking for More Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Beauty Routine on Point? 

After reading my ECBASKET Natural Coffin Fake NailsOpens in a new tab. Review, I’d love to hear your suggestion or opinion! Be sure to join Team True BeautyOpens in a new tab. today for more tips, reviews, and to share your beauty adventures.

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