Is It Worth The Hype? Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask Review


When it comes to my face, I am always fighting imperfections. I’m creeping up on 30 years old, and I still get acne on occasion (OMG are you kidding me right now). It’s just a part of life I guess, but I will always do what I can to avoid it.

So- blackheads suck. I am willing to try anything and everything to get rid of them, no matter how ridiculous it is. Face masks, cleansers, moisturizers, wipes; you name it, I’ve tried it.

Thankfully I know what to look for when it comes to skin care products and what ingredients are beneficial.

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Lately, I have heard a lot about a bubble mask trend. After some research, I found that its a Korean face mask called Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay MaskOpens in a new tab.. It is your standard clay mask that has a fun feature; it bubbles up when it comes in contact with air.

Do the bubbles make a difference? Who knows but I had to check it out.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay MaskOpens in a new tab.


This mask has excellent ingredients to take care of your skin and tons of reviews all over the web, so I had to give it a shot. I am stoked because I saw that it’s really inexpensive for over three ounces.

That’s a lot of product for the price when it comes to skin care.

I was so excited to try it I couldn’t wait, so thanks to online shopping I had it two days later. I swear to you, I got home that day and ran to the bathroom to wash my face so I could try this crazy mask.

As I opened the package, I got nervous because all I was seeing was a bunch of strange symbols, so I was feeling let down because I didn’t have instructions follow.

Let me say, have patience grasshopper.

The container has the name in English but nothing else. Once I took a minute to slow down, I realized that I had to look at the box and I found the instructions in English.

Low and behold instructions.

Interestingly enough, it tells you to apply the proper amount (What the hell is the proper amount? To me that means pile it on thick.) to your whole face except around your eyes.

Well thank you Captain Obvious, I will try not to blind myself.

As you open the lid, there is a cute little spatula you can use to apply. Personally, I love this because I usually make a mess with products all over my hands. As a bonus, there is a holder for the spatula on the inside of the lid, so you don’t lose it.


How to use carbonated bubble clay maskOpens in a new tab.

Here’s the thing, you want to apply this fast. It will start bubbling quickly, and it gets messy if you are still trying to spread it around.

Now I have it on my face, and the instructions said to leave for 3-5 minutes so of course, I’m going for five minutes. It’s starting to bubble. My whole face is tingling, and it tickles.

OMG, I love this. I can feel the tingling getting the crap out of my pores.

The bubbles are getting huge. I don’t even know how to describe how I look, but let me tell you, it’s positively goofy. My face looks like a walrus.

I realized after about the first three minutes that I put it on a little bit too thick. As they were expanding, the bubbles were creeping up my nose, so I was afraid to inhale so instead I exhaled and blew the bubbles everywhere, oops.

It’s about three minutes in and there is a little bit of burning but nothing unbearable, so I decide to rinse instead of waiting the full five minutes.

It says to do a foam massage with tepid/room temperature water (I like warmer water than room temperature so of course, I used the water temperature that I prefer). So I get my hands damp and start massaging the bubbles around my face. Did that for a minute then grabbed my face cloth to wipe the leftover off?

I have to say; I love the glow I have after the mask. My face was looking amazing right after the rinse (not perfect, but I promise no product will get rid of everything in one shot). My pores were much smaller, and my skin was just so smooth.

Knowing proper skin care techniques from my cosmetology training, I did apply moisturizer after the mask. I always recommend putting on moisturizer after treatments even if instructions don’t call for it.

Paulina’s Final Thoughts

The bubble clay maskOpens in a new tab. worked well for me overall.

The cost is amazing. How often do you find a good quality facial mask that you get multiple uses out of for $10? You don’t. This mask is a diamond in the rough.

I enjoyed the tingling sensation while it was on. I feel that the bubble do help work dirt and grime out of your pores while you have it on.

After rinsing, I did find that my pores were much smaller and cleaner. So naturally, my skin looks much smoother and has a better glow.

I didn’t feel that it has much moisturizing power, but that’s not a problem. I apply my moisturizer after I do the mask.

Who doesn’t enjoy taking a goofy selfie while doing masks (if you say you don’t I think you are kidding yourself)?


I have continued to use the mask and am enjoying the results after consistent use. Besides, who doesn’t love having fun with a face mask that bubbles up like crazy on your face?

So get the girls on the phone, plan a slumber party, grab the wine, and get ready to bubble up. I have included links to find the mask throughout the review so you can get yours right now. I promise you and your friends will not stop laughing the entire time you are bubbling, and you will be grateful for how your skin feels afterword.

The only question you should have left is where to buy Elizavecca Milky Piggy Bubble Clay Mask. Click here to get it nowOpens in a new tab.!

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Paulina Romain

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