What’s all this Buzz about Microblading?

Image of one eye with microblading

Microblading – it’s a word you’ve heard a lot more of lately. This innovative treatment has recently taken the salon and beauty world by storm. 

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo procedure. Ink is deposited manually using a pen that holds multiple tiny needles. This tool allows microblading technicians to achieve minute, hairlike strokes that result in a gorgeous and natural-looking brow.

Microblading can also be known as feathering, eyebrow embroidery, or etching. 

Multiple factors play into how long this procedure will last, but its life span is typically anywhere from 12 months to 3 years. This maintainability means you don’t need a weekly or monthly appointment.

You’ll be at the salon way less than the people who are getting their eyebrows waxed!

To learn more about microblading, book a consultation at Mill Pond SalonOpens in a new tab..

Mill Pond SalonOpens in a new tab. is a small town salon with big-city services, microblading being one of them. You’ll feel right at home at the salon and gorgeous when you walk out the door!

Who Needs Microblading?

Microblading isn’t just for all the beauty gurus out there.

Here is a list of certain types of people who may benefit from microblading that might not initially come to mind.

If you read through this list and find yourself thinking, “Yup, that’s me!” once or maybe a few times, microblading is for you!

Help, I Can’t See My Eyebrows

Good vision. It’s something we all deserve, but not something we are all blessed to have.

If you were born with less-than-perfect eyesight, or have found your ability to see well degrading over time, you want to consider microblading.

When you have this issue, you know how unbelievably frustrating a simple task such as filling in your freaking eyebrows can be.

If you are farsighted, without your glasses, you can’t see your eyebrows. With your glasses on, you can only see half your eyebrows because they’re covered up by your frames.

Contacts may be your saving grace, but they aren’t for everybody. 

Start your mornings off right by waking up with perfect eyebrows. Yes, after microblading, you can wake up with perfect eyebrows every single day.

Imagine a world like that. Or don’t. Just get microblading, and you can know that feeling for yourself.

Low Maintenance Linda

Now you might be thinking that your beauty routine is minimal, if not non-existent. You feel dressed up with just a little mascara and a sheer, tinted lip balm.

If that’s the way you do beauty, then microblading may be perfect for you.

According to Medical News TodayOpens in a new tab., many factors can contribute to eyebrow hair loss. Aging is a common reason why your eyebrows may become lighter and more sparse.

If you have been the type of person to apply an SPF moisturizer and maybe some mascara for your whole life, the last thing you want is to add another step to your routine.

Just because mother nature wants to take away your natural brows doesn’t mean you have to settle with what she gives you.

Get your brows back and stay true to that low maintenance gal you are with microblading.

True Life: I Went Crazy with Tweezers in the ’90s

We all know the look. The pencil-thin eyebrows of the ‘90s. Some people even went as far as completely forgoing brow hair altogether and just drawing them on.

As trends go, that phase came and went, and some of us never got our eyebrows back.

Microblading is the perfect procedure for people with minimal brow hair that wish they had it. The brushstrokes that the tool and technician create are so tiny, and mimic hair so well that others will wonder what miracle product you found to get your brows back.

The secret if microblading is worth telling anyone who will listen.

I Would Live in a Tent if I Could

Ahhh, the great outdoors. You have to love the fresh air and sunshine.

What we don’t love is when those pictures get uploaded to Facebook of your most recent family campout to the beach. You zoom in, and you have jacked up eyebrows because you’re rocking that au naturel, I-slept-in-a-tent look.

Not. Cool.

Yes, microblading is even for outdoorsy folk. Enjoy all of your vacations a little more with (semi) permanently stunning brows.

Be the brightest-eyed and bushiest-tailed camper at any campground every morning. Sit and appreciate your camp coffee for a little longer, feeling confident in your killer, microbladed eyebrows. You’re ready for all the photos now.

I’m Just Like, Really Busy

Work, errands, family, friends, social obligations, the gym, housework. They’re all the things that can pile up. Add looking presentable to that to-do list, and you might feel like throwing in the towel and giving up.

Shave time off your getting-ready routine and give it to something else that is important to you once you have fabulous microbladed eyebrows.

You know those mornings, the ones where nothing seems to be going, right?

Your left brow is perfect, but you’ve started over your right eyebrow approximately four times. The teapot and your children are screaming in the background, and you have a commute that includes two extra stops. Those are the mornings when your right eyebrow won’t cooperate.

Your time is precious and can be spread thin. Alleviate some of the pressure and free up some time in your jam-packed schedule when you get microblading.

Stress doesn’t look good on you, but microbladed eyebrows do. 

Here’s the Buzz on Microblading

So the next time someone in your life asks what they can get you as a gift, you may want to say “eyebrows!” Tell them about microblading, and they will understand.

Microblading is so much more than another beauty treatment for those that frequent salons every week. It is ideal for the outdoor lovers, the low maintenance gals, and the vision-challenged.

Visit Mill Pond Salon’s websiteOpens in a new tab. and message a stylist directly for more information on microblading. At Mill Pond SalonOpens in a new tab., they will welcome you with open arms and a comfortable environment to get your fabulous new eyebrows.

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