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Hey. You love your beard. What’s there not to love? A beard is a unique way to state who you are and what you stand for.

And it’s excellent for warding off any non-bearded folks or wild animals trying to take yours. After reviewing several different beard brushes, I can tell you with certainty; nothing treats your beard better than the Bolero Boar Beard & Mustache Brush by Spornette.Opens in a new tab.

Let’s be real; a scraggly beard is okay when you’re alone in the woods pulling your best disheveled Grizzly Adams’ look.

Otherwise? Grooming, washing, and brushing your beard is essential and badass! And using a Bolero Boar Beard & Mustache Brush made by Spornette is a wise move indeed.

Don’t be intimidated by grooming your facial hair, embrace it! Follow North American Beard Alliance (NABA) for all things beard-related.

Now read on you fine fellow, read on.

Your Beard Says A Lot

Beards are incredibly popular and hip, but also nothing new. You can choose from classic looks or something more modern to suit your style.

Walk into any brewery, distillery, outdoor outfitter, or fashion runway, and you’ll see someone with coiffed and well-kept hair about their face. The looks are limitless, as is how you tame your mane.

Perhaps you don’t yet have a beard. No problem! We’ve got you and can provide expert advice along the way.

As we’ve said before, “Beards aren’t just born, they’re made.” When in doubt, grow it out.

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Review The Bolero Boar Beard & Mustache Brush

Part of what makes a great beard is an excellent brush. The Bolero Boar Beard & Mustache BrushOpens in a new tab. made by Spornette is a must-have in your beard-care arsenal.

Spornette is a family-owned hairbrush company invested in keeping you and your facial hair looking its best. They have created a boar beard brush that leaves your hair smooth and shiny.

Why a boar bristle beard brush? Let’s start with the fact that boar-bristle brushes have been used worldwide, in virtually every culture, for centuries. It’s a brush that works with all hair types.

100% boar bristles will:

  • Add smoothness and a healthy sheen to your beard or mustache
  • Last a lifetime
  • Remove dirt and debris from your facial hair
  • Distribute essential natural oils throughout your beard or mustache
  • Promote growth by stimulating the skin under your beard
  • Maintain the health of your facial hair

Daily care of your beard or mustache will give you the results you want, and this brush will be your new best friend.

Our review of the Bolero Boar Beard & Mustache BrushOpens in a new tab. found it to be lightweight and attractive. This beard and mustache brush is perfect for travel, and the optimal shape and size for grooming your facial hair.  Check it out on Amazon now.Opens in a new tab.

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Caring Not Sharing

Some do’s and don’ts come with your beard. One of the most important practices is to keep debris (such as food, fuzz, and God-knows-what) out of your beard. No one–and I mean no one wants to see that.

Kiss that first date goodbye if you’re not practicing regular facial hair brushing, cleaning, and grooming. Accidents happen, but your beard is there to impress, not to act as a buzzkill.

So keeping your beard looking its best is essential. And, as with anything else, there are proper tools and products for the job.

Tools Of The Trade

Maybe you have your manly products and tools already, but if this is new to you, you’ll need to create or maintain a kickass beard or mustache:

Get it? Got it? Good. Continue to follow us here North American Beard Alliance for all things beard-related.

Washing Your Beard

Washing your beard. I’ll repeat it. Washing your beard is so important. It’s what the big boys do.

That doesn’t mean letting water lazily cascade over your facial hair in the shower; it means washing it with the care you’d use while washing a baby. You want that beard hair smooth and shiny.

Okay, maybe that’s overkill, sorry. But I’m here to preach the gospel of a clean and conditioned beard! Investing in a proper shampoo and conditioner that is specifically for facial hair will go a long way.

If you already use excellent hair care products, you might be able to use those on your facial hair. But be careful.

The hair on your face isn’t the same as the hair on your head. So it must be treated differently. Less expensive products often contain unwanted chemicals that can dry out your skin and facial hair. NO ONE, including you, wants to spy flecks of dead skin in their beard.

Washing every day or two with a hydrating beard wash will keep your beard satiated and help tame stray hairs and excess oil.

Man getting his beard shaped by barber

Shaping Your Facial Hair

When it comes to the shape of your beard or mustache, the sky’s the limit. No, really. If you’ve never heard of, or haven’t seen images from, the World Beard and Moustache Championship,Opens in a new tab. you’re missing out.

Not sure what kind of beard you want, or want to change your existing look?

If you can’t decide, that’s cool. A good barber or stylist will help you choose what’s best for the shape of your face.

Etiquette In Shared Spaces

If you share a bathroom with someone, here’s a surefire way to piss them off: Leave your trimmed hair in and around the sink or on the floor.

A friend who runs an Airbnb had three young men stay there who seemingly walked throughout the unit using their electric razors! The amount of hair in every room was disgusting and way disrespectful.

Don’t be that guy, okay? Keep the shaving and trimming over the sink and clean up immediately afterward.

In this day in age, be kind to yourself. Head to your local barber for some masculine TLC.

Be sure to call ahead, as walk-in appointments are rare at some barbershops these days.

Man contemplating his beard

Go Forth & Be Awesome

Remember: Washing your beard with the right products, grooming and brushing your beard with the Bolero Boar Beard & Mustache BrushOpens in a new tab. will keep you looking and feeling your best.

Please check back with NABA regularly for everything beard related. We’ll always have the latest and greatest information on trends, products, and all things a beard enthusiast needs to know.

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