Bluebeard’s Revenge Review

Beard grooming, like hair grooming, is a process to be savored, no matter what kind of man you proclaim to be.

Beards are a uniting force for men whether you’re a busy professional, man about town, or badass-outlaw-rebel-rockstar with a wallet proudly (and functionally, really, we wonder why everyone doesn’t have one) on a chain.

You’ve worked hard and survived the pain-staking (the itching—the constant itching, until your chin locks have some length and softness) process of growing a beard of which you can be proud.

Keep your whiskers from looking wonky by adopting a three-pronged beard grooming strategy with the help of Bluebeard’s Revenge line of beard grooming products.

Even the burliest rough-hewn dudes out there (like myself) need a little self-care. There’s no shame in your facial hair game, bro. A beard offers us the best excuse for a few minutes of manly pampering before heading out to win the day.

And, At North American Beard Alliance, we’ve got the hook-up for you with products we love, like Bluebeard’s Revenge line of brushes and oils. Read on. You’ll almost be able to smell the manly aromas as you scroll.

The price points on these products are also beard-tacular at around $12 per product (depending on the exchange rate–these guys are Brits.)

It’ll be an easy click to smell and feel in real life what you’ve been missing in your morning mirror time. (C’mon. We all know you indulge in a little Man-ity vanity–it’s okay.)

Step #1: Cleanse

Of course, you can use your regular shampoo to suds up your whiskers. But, if you’re looking for a refreshing slap on the cheeks (the ones on your face, not the other ones–c’mon–we know you went there) in the a.m., try Bluebeard’s Revenge Shampoo.

A good lather and a fresh scent are all you need to build a foundation for a beard that keeps up with you all day and into your evening, no matter your plans.

Step #2: Brush and shape

Here’s where a little technique goes a long way. After you hop out of the shower, or even if you showered last night so you can head out the door and onto the tractor, the commuter train, or into the Tesla, a good beard brush is your friend.

Run a wide-toothed comb through your whiskers first to de-tangle any snarls from your night-time adventures (*wink.) Then, brush down your cheeks, chin, and neck with the Bluebeard’s Revenge Men’s Military Bristle Brush.

The natural, densely packed boar bristles in this essential grooming tool help condition your beard hair. This brush also loosens and sweeps away dry skin, because no one wants to walk around with beard dandruff.

The beechwood, palm-shaped handle is a joy to hold and steer around your man-face. A clean, no-flake, and tangle-free beard is a happy beard, after all.

Purchase the Bluebeard’s Revenge Men’s Military Bristle Brush here.

After the initial brush-down for cleaning and de-tangling, you should follow up with an against-the-grain brush sweep all over your face to fluff your whiskers and prepare for oiling and styling.

We’re serious when we say make your face look as fluffy as you can for a hot minute. You’ll smooth it out again directly.

Step #3: Oil and style

As you’re laughing at your freaked-out-cat chin and cheek hairs, shake a few drops of beard oil into your palms and rub them together.

Now, smooth the oil all over your beard, working through from roots to ends. If you have ZZ Top beard cred, you’ll need to adjust the amount of product you use for more hair.

If you’re in the preliminary growing phase with a week’s worth of rugged stubble, less oil is more. Always start with less than you think you’ll need, and then add more if desired.

Smooth and shape your whiskers to your liking, inhale once more, and enjoy the beardly scent of success, and you’re off to the wilds, the fields, or the pavement.

We love Bluebeard’s Revenge Ultimate Beard Oil (Classic Blend) and Bluebeard’s Revenge Cuban Blend Beard Oil.

Both blends amp up our beard manageability and shine without looking greasy. A few drops will do. And, we loved both of the fresh and manly scents.

The Cuban Blend made us feel like the beach was only a few steps away. Sigh. If only.

Here are the purchase links for each blend. *Bonus: The 50ml size of each oil will last a long time, no matter how robust your face-fluff.

Bluebeard’s Revenge Ultimate Beard Oil (Classic Blend)

Bluebeard’s Revenge Cuban Blend Beard Oil

Report to the (beard) captain with Bluebeard’s Revenge

You’ll thank us later when you give Bluebeard’s Revenge products a try today.

We don’t need to be actual pirates to harness the “Shiver me timbers” spirit of adventuring on the high seas with Bluebeard’s Revenge products. (And, really, how would you ever check your phone from the deck of a Brigantine in the middle of the Atlantic?)

If you’re going to join the beard club, make it look good, matey. Bluebeard’s Revenge and North American Beard Alliance are your first mates in beardly man-grooming.

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