Bleach Gone Wrong? How To Fix Orange Hair

Salon Client with Orange Hair

So, you decided to take the plunge from dark to blonde, and instead of chic, you got… well, orange?

There I was, standing in the aisles of Target, confidently picking out that hair color kit. ‘Who needs a salon when you can DIY?’ I thought. Famous last words, right? Flash forward, and I’m staring at my reflection, asking myself how I ended up with hair the color of a pumpkin spice latte gone wrong.

Now, here’s the part where we might typically retreat to a corner, tears welling up, wondering, ‘How on earth do I fix this at home?’ But don’t worry, I’ve been there, and I’ve got your back. Let’s embark on this hair rescue mission together!

What now?!

Don’t stress. I will tell you how to fix your orange hair in a jiffy.

There are many different ways to fix orange hair, and it just depends on how serious it is and what route you want to take with it.

So let’s take a minute to answer the age-old question first.

Haley Williams Paramore Photo
I suppose you could always say you were channeling your inner Haley Williams from Paramore…

Why does your hair turn orange when you bleach it?

Ever wondered why hair coloring can be so unpredictable? Let me break it down for you. Our hair, a complex tapestry of keratin protein and pigment, holds the secret to those surprise hair colors post-dyeing. Each of us has a unique blend of pigments, but there are some universal truths.

For starters, if your hair is on the darker side, it’s packed with more pigment. And here’s the tricky part – when you lighten your hair, the cool pigments, which are tiny molecules, vanish first. This leaves behind those warm tones (think gold and orange), which are larger and stubbornly stick around in greater numbers.

So, when you’re aiming for blonde and end up with a brassy tone, it’s not just a fluke – it’s science at play. Understanding this can be a game-changer in your hair coloring adventures!

Drawing of hair strand exposing color molecules.
As an example, you can see there are more gold molecules and some are larger.

What it boils down to is that bleaching your hair is the process of breaking down those molecules. The smaller molecules will break down first, leaving broken pieces of the larger warm toned molecules.

There you have it; your hair turns orange when you bleach it because the large gold molecules are the hardest to break down enough to get rid of them without breaking down your hair in the process.

Confronting the Orange Hair Dilemma: It’s Not About Elimination, It’s Neutralization

Alright, let’s get straight to the point – how do you rid your hair of that unexpected orange glow? Here’s the scoop: it’s not just about erasing those orange or yellow tones, but more about neutralizing them.

Picture this: you grab a box of bleach, eyeing that gorgeous blonde on the packaging, and think, ‘This is it!’ But hold up – it’s not that simple. Those boxes don’t reveal the whole truth. They don’t account for your hair’s natural color, underlying pigments, product buildup, previous dye jobs, the pH of your hair, and so much more.

If these factors are mysteries to you, achieving that dream color can be a shot in the dark.

And here’s the kicker about box dyes: they’re designed for the masses, not tailored to individual hair needs. Often, they pack a one-size-fits-all, super strong formula that can turn your hair journey into a nightmare – leaving you with not just orange hair but potentially so damaged, you’re contemplating chopping it all off. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you navigate through this and find a solution that saves your hair and your sanity!

Chart of underlying pigments that are exposed when you lighten hair
This chart shows the underlying pigments that get exposed when you lighten your hair. Note- This shows natural hair, not previously colored hair.

The thing about box colors is that they are made for the general public and not highly regulated. They just throw in the strongest mix and away you go. It’s a dangerous combination because it can leave you with the dreaded orange, or hair so damaged you lose your shit and have to cut it all off.

The top 3 options on how to fix orange.

1) Find someone who specializes in corrective color.

In college, stylists get taught how to handle these situations. Not only how to combat the orange, but how to maintain your hair in the process. The box colors don’t mention much about hydrolyzation and turning your hair into over-processed mush…

The stylist will be able to tell you exactly what needs to be done to fix it, and know-how they are going to do it.

It may not be what you want to hear but trust the process. If you find a good stylist, they will be able to tell you each step and why it needs to be this way.

Before and After Photos of Orange Hair that has been toned.
Here is an example of a color correction first visit.

Not only that, but a stylist can save you from irreversible damage. As a stylist, I can attest to the crazy amount of education we go through to learn how to handle hair while maintaining its integrity properly.

Just remember, find a stylist that specializes in corrective color. Someone who specializes in a specific area is going to have the most knowledge and experience on how to fix that situation.

Going to a stylist is the option I highly recommend. While it may seem expensive, it is worth it. It will save the integrity of your hair and a lot of heartaches.

Luckily for those in Minnesota, I own Mill Pond Salon located in New LondonOpens in a new tab.. Call and ask for Paulina, mention this article and I will personally take care of you.

Edit: Because this has been so popular, I encourage anyone from anywhere to reach out to me for a virtual consultation. Just send me a message on the Team True Beauty Facebook pageOpens in a new tab..

Hair client that got a color correction that is now medium blonde.
The same client after the second visit for color correction.

2) Apply a toner.

If you have your mind made up that you are going to fix it yourself, use a toner on your hair.

Toning gets a little bit more complicated and in-depth, so please make sure you understand what you need before you dive in and throw something else on your hair.

The first thing I want you to do is to take a look at the color wheel and determine how orange or yellow your hair truly is.

Image of a Color Wheel

Find the color you see in your hair and whatever color is directly opposite of it, is the tone you need to neutralize your hair.

Ok. Got it. So now look at the opposite side of the color wheel, whatever you see there is the tone that you need to neutralize your hair color.

For example, the opposite of red is green, so you need a green undertone, so you need a straight ash color.

Red – Green

Orange – Blue

Yellow – Purple

Let’s say that your hair is SUPER red-orange looking, I mean like a pumpkin that is ready for Halloween, you want an Ash/Green toner. You may look at it and think, “Gross, I don’t want that color on my hair!” But I will tell you, it won’t end up that way, it will neutralize the red-orange, and you will end up with a neutral color.

When you are looking at this, you also need to consider how light or dark your hair is. If you are entirely red-orange, your hair is likely not light blonde and will not turn platinum with just a toner.

Remember when I said to trust the process before? It applies here too.

Even if you don’t get that perfectly white platinum the first time, don’t just throw more bleach on your hair right away because you will regret it. Your hair will hate you, and you will probably be crying in the shower as clumps of mushy hair go down the drain.

Harry Potter Hair Meme, If you have hair like Hagrid, but you want hair like Lucious Malfoy, you must first have yellow hair like Draco Malfoy, or you will be bald like Voldemort
I cannot express enough, Trust the process!

Platinum takes time.

As you figure out how orange or yellow your hair is, it will give you a hint about what level of lightness your hair is. If your hair is red-orange, you are probably around a level 6 which is considered a light brown/dark blonde. If your hair is more on the pale yellow side, you are probably a level 9 or 10 light blonde.

Now we pick out the toner that will work best. Next question:

How long do you leave a toner on your hair?

The amount of time you leave the toner on your hair varies according to the brand.

The max time for toners is typically about 20 minutes.

I recommend timing by visual. Get the toner on as fast as possible, and watch it. It may take all 20 minutes, but it could tone after 5 minutes. You will see your hair change, so once you notice the orange or yellow disappearing, rinse it out.

3) Use a toning shampoo.

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones, and your hair has a minimal yellow or orange tint to it. Awesome! Barely there warm tones are where toning shampoo comes in.

Purple and blue toning shampoos are for minimal discoloration. They are not going to be a miracle fix, but they will get rid of a slight yellow or brassy tone.

What does purple shampoo do?

Snapchat photo of Paulina with purple shampoo on her hair
I use toning shampoo on my hair once a week.

The purple shampoo will maintain blondes and cancel out some yellow tones. It goes back to the color wheel once again. Purple is the opposite of yellow so that it will neutralize it.

Blue shampoo is the next level up from purple. It’s a little bit stronger, so it will help neutralize slightly darker yellows or light oranges.

Using purple or blue shampoo once or twice a week will help eliminate yellow tones and maintain blondes. Add it to your routine but not daily.

Purple Shampoo Tips:

To get the maximum benefits, apply the shampoo to dry hair 15 minutes before you plan to wash your hair. Once the time is up, wet your hair, lather, and continue as usual.

My favorite toning Shampoos are listed below.
1) Maria Nila Sheer Silver ShampooOpens in a new tab. // Maria Nila Sheer Silver ConditionerOpens in a new tab.
2) Matrix Total ResultsOpens in a new tab.

3) Joice Color BalanceOpens in a new tab.

Please click on the links above if you plan on buying as shopping through these links will support my blog so I can keep putting out great content!

Frequently Asked Questions

What color cancels out brassy orange hair?

Here’s a fun bit of color theory for you – to wave goodbye to that uninvited brassy orange tone, you’ll want to invite blue to the party. Why blue? Because it’s the orange’s nemesis on the color wheel. They’re like two feuding cousins – always trying to cancel each other out. The trick is to pick the right shade of blue, which depends on just how ‘orange’ your hair has decided to be. It’s like a dance of colors, and choosing the right partner (shade of blue) makes all the difference!

How do I get the orange out of my hair?

Orange hair, don’t despair! You’ve got options. One, play it safe and head to a stylist for a pro color correction. They’re like the fairy godmothers of hair disasters. Two, grab a toning shampoo – blue for orange tones and purple for yellow. It’s like giving your hair a chill pill. Lastly, consider using a toner. It’s like your hair’s personal stylist, tweaking those unruly colors to something you’ll actually love. So, don’t lose hope – your journey from ‘oops’ to ‘ooh’ is just a product or appointment away!

Will purple shampoo fix orange hair?

Purple shampoo is like that friend who’s great in specific situations but not a one-size-fits-all solution. If your hair is flirting with a yellowy-orange hue, purple shampoo can be your ally, helping to dial down those brassy tones. It’s a champ at tackling yellow but doesn’t always hit a home run with orange. So, give it a shot, but remember, it’s not an instant miracle worker – think of it as a gradual color corrector. You’ll need a few washes to see the transformation. Patience is key!

Will dark ash blonde cover Orange brassy hair?

Going for dark ash blonde could be like hitting the bullseye if you’re dealing with orange brassy hair. Think of it as a color wheel match-up: ash tones have a sneaky green hue, which is the archenemy of red. If your hair is rocking a reddish-orange or a bold pumpkin orange vibe, a dark ash blonde toner could be your hero. It’s like having your own hair color peacekeeper, aiming to neutralize those fiery red tones and restore color harmony!

What hair color will get rid of orange?

If you’re on a mission to banish orange from your hair, blue is your new best friend. Thanks to the color wheel, blue and orange are like two sides of a coin – opposites that cancel each other out. Opt for shades of blue to wave goodbye to those orange hues. It’s like a color magic trick!

Does vinegar get rid of orange hair?

Vinegar might give you a glimmer of hope against that orange tint in blonde hair, but it’s more of a quick fix than a solution. Sure, it can help, but products specifically designed for hair care are your better bet. And when in doubt? Nothing beats a professional stylist’s touch for a color correction rescue!

What does Blue shampoo do?

Think of blue shampoo as your hair’s personal stylist. It’s not just about cleaning; it’s about toning and correcting color. When your hair has that unwanted orange tint, blue shampoo steps in to neutralize those warm tones with its cool blue magic.

Why did my hair turn orange after bleaching?

Bleaching is like a color strip poker – it removes your hair’s natural pigments, revealing what’s underneath. Dark hair means more pigment, and when you bleach, those cool blues and purples vanish first, leaving you with a warmer, often orange, surprise. It’s all about what’s hidden in your hair’s pigment portfolio.

Can I leave a purple shampoo on for an hour?

Purple shampoo for an hour? You could, but it’s like leaving a cake in the oven too long – you might not get the result you want. Leaving it on too long can turn your hair into a purple haze instead of correcting those brassy tones. Shorter is sweeter with these pigmented shampoos.

Will orange roots fade?

Wish as we might, orange roots from bleaching won’t just fade away into your dream color. They’re stubborn like that. The only way to show them the exit is through color correction, either with a toner or pigmented shampoo. No magic fade, just good old color science!

Paulina’s Parting Wisdom on Tackling Hair Color Woes

And there you have it – your arsenal to tackle those pesky orange, yellow, or brassy tones. Now it’s up to you to choose the right weapon from your beauty toolkit.

I’ll always root for consulting a stylist first. We’re like the hair whisperers, trained to not just fix color mishaps but also to protect your lovely locks in the process.

For a deeper dive, don’t forget to check out my YouTube video for some real-time action and tips!

And hey, if you’re determined to DIY (even with my gentle nudge towards professional help), at least arm yourself with a quality brand like Color & Co. Happy coloring!

Paulina Romain

Paulina Romain is an entrepreneur and artist in the beauty industry. She is the founder and owner of The Art of Ink Studio, where she provides services such as permanent cosmetics, microblading, and artistic ink, focusing on personalized body art. Additionally, she owns Mill Pond Salon, through which she aims to deliver big-city salon services in the comfort of a small town. Apart from her hands-on work in her studios, Paulina Romain is also active on social media platforms like TikTok, where she showcases her fine line and cosmetic tattoo work. Furthermore, she's been in the salon and beauty industry for over 14 years and operates Team True Beauty with Sam Romain. This platform includes a blog on various beauty-related topics and marks the opening of two beauty brands by the couple.

130 thoughts on “Bleach Gone Wrong? How To Fix Orange Hair

    1. Thank you for the the tips on getting rid of the orange. My two issues are getting rid of it and it’s the hair stylist that did it. I really don’t know what happened nor does she. She kept apologizing but also said she doesn’t know how to fix it. She started out with highlighting then that’s when she saw all the orange on my roots and on the top of my head, she then put a sandy blonde color on the orange. That did not work she then put another color on top and the roots. It seemed not so brute orang but I still have orange on my roots and on the top of my hair. I do have a purple red Ken toner at home but I’m afraid to use it

      1. Toner is pretty safe as long as you go by the colour wheel keep watching it it can be as fast as 5 mins or less and you don’t need a high vol of peroxide I usually go with 8 or 10 I have done it with 20 because I had nothing else but the lower the less damage. Toners are least damaging because the peroxide and timing are low.

  1. Thanks! I appreciate the info. One thing I would like to stress to anyone who is wanting to bleach their own hair at home is do a STRAND TEST before anything else. If that strand of hair turns orange, that’s how your entire head will turn out. As someone who has made many at home hair mistakes, I would very much suggest this.

    1. not necessarily true. if you do not leave the bleach on long enough it may turn orange/yellow since it may not process fully. also that is only true if your hair is all one color. Darker pieces may not achieve the same platinum blonde in one session as a peice that is already pretty light.

  2. Hello,
    I dye my hair lightest ash blonde (L’Oréal-9.5A) and have for a long time with no issues…i have done lots of color changes bleaching etc over the years and have some experience. My question no one seems to be able to answer is, why does my hair turn a vibrant orange on the blonde dyed sections but will bleach to white on my brown(& natural white) roots ? Again the dark areas bleach perfectly when I have tried this but the blonde colored hair goes orange! You would think the lighter hair would go white! I gave up several years ago with this but want to try again but am scared to.

    1. I would recommend going to see a stylist. Without actually seeing your hair I cannot say for sure what the issue is. There are several factors that could affect that you get. It could be product buildup, free radicals, damage, pigment build-up, etc. Getting a Malibu treatment is usually a good place to start to remove buildup and prepare your hair for a color service.

      1. My hair was the perfect platnium/ash blonde from when I got it done professionally, it’s been a year and I decided I want to retouch, so I bought a box bleach from the drug store which completely ruined my hair and the whole thing turned ginger, then I bought a white blonde dye the next day and a ice white toner and it turned it a very bright orange, after being completely frustrated I ran to the supermarket and bought and dark blonde dye to not have it as bright, now I’m left with a colour that I hate and idk what to do?

        1. Kimberlee,

          Honestly, at this point, I would leave it alone until you can see a stylist to avoid irreversible damage.

      2. Hi Paulina,
        First, Thank you for replying -even though I did not see till 2 years later:)- Funny ho I came across this again as I am once again contemplating some changes….Yes seeing a stylist is probably a good thing its just finding someone Good! I am just so leery after having had a stylist actually burn my scalp to bloody painful fissures many year ago. My hair was a bright light bulb yellow mush….horrid.
        My hair has a lot of build up over the years though I have been letting it grow out 3-5 months at a time before messing with it. There is now so much white coming in I really want to try and match it or get close enough to matching it I can stop this craziness altogether.
        Anyways thank you again, I wish I were closer I would totally trust your services!


        1. Thank you for your message and for sharing your experience with us. I’m sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience with a stylist in the past. It is important to find a stylist that you trust and feel comfortable with, especially if you are making significant changes to your hair.

          As a stylist, I can assure you that the safety and satisfaction of my clients is my top priority. I would be happy to discuss your hair goals with you and help you find the best solution for your needs. If you are looking to match your white hair or make a transition to a new color, I would recommend consulting with a stylist to discuss your options and create a plan that works for you.

          If you are concerned about the build-up on your hair, I would recommend using a clarifying shampoo or a deep-cleansing treatment to remove excess product and build-up from your hair. This can help to restore the health and vitality of your hair and make it easier to achieve your desired look.

          I hope this helps, and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions or concerns.

    2. When you use the 9.5a you are removing your natural pigment and replacing it with artificial pigment in the color… the ash in 9.5a is balancing the underlying orange that results from the lifting process of the color…. so when you bleach it…. you are removing the ash pigment which is keeping your hair color balanced. I hope this helps!!

    3. Isn’t it because your dark is more of a virgin hair? I’m not a stylist but it’s what I’m assuming. Ash is tricky and putting color on color rule may be turning it orange? Again, I don’t know just speculating ☺️

    4. It all depends what your natural hair color is. That is what will effect the ultimate resulting tone. Also on what hair color (s) may be on top of any others.

      1. It sounds like hot roots, its caused by using a higher developer on virgin hair when not necessary.

  3. Thanks for the informations!! you are truely a life safer of my hair life.. i was bleaching my hair into lvl.6 and it was so blonde.. than i collored it with lorealparis box kit excellence the color is ash light brown.. this looks good. but to much orange blonde. now i will buy my purple shampoo to make it really ash brown looking :”)

  4. Help my daughter bleached my hair and used t118 and t11 and its yellow orange and purple what can I do to get it out?

    1. You can use a clarifying shampoo to remove the purple tones. The yellow is exposed underlying pigment, so it won’t completely disappear without lifting it more.

    2. It sounds like she did not leave the bleach in long enough. And with the purple you’re talking about, it sounds like some incorrect toning. That’ll be the easiest to fade/remove with clarifying shampoo. From there, figure out if it’s the correct lightness you want, if not than bleach again. If it is the right lightness, but the tone is incorrect than tone it correctly this time

      1. It sounds to me like the hair is very porous causing it to hold on to the violet pigment. I would never recommend bleaching twice because it could cause irreversible damage to the hair. Instead she should do strengthening masks once weekly until her hair is in a condition it could be highlighted again. I would suggest using the Olaplex No3 👉

  5. Hello, I need help asap, ive been googling stuff all night. So I decided to go blond, but my natural hair is a dark brown but before I tried bleaching my hair it was a red color from he died months before when I bleached my hair turned Orange so what is there to do in bleached again still stay towards wash it out and I think I forgot to use shampoo I’m not sure but then I tried using a regular blonde dye to see if maybe it will work it turned into a weird color and my roots ended up being really blond and brush my hair was orange and yellow and stall kind of colors I waited 2 weeks and reboost my hair again now my roots are like really awesome platinum color the rest of it is still orange and yellow the tablet liar but not much. Please if someone could email me and give me some help on this whole situation I’m planning on going to Gray a grayish color instead of blond I don’t think blond hair look to write on me so I’m trying to figure out what’s my next move to make sure the grayish color actually sticks to my hair. Please email me

    1. Unfortunately, it sounds like there is a lot of artificial pigment packed in the ends of your hair. That will not go away quickly without damage to your hair. It will be a process.

      At this point, I would highly suggest calling your stylist.

  6. Hello I done a full head of highlights of bleach had few tiny orange spots so I used a toner but I have used the wrong one I have used 9.03 which has made the hair look abit ginger how can I fix this

    1. I would look at the color wheel and tone with the opposite color. So if it is orange, use something with a blue base.

  7. Hi I have blonde dyed hair and brown roots. I always use the same hair dye but as we are on lockdown can’t go hairdressers. I’m scared to do it myself will I mess it up and turn my hair orange please help

    1. Hi there.

      In my professional opinion, I would suggest waiting. I understand how frustrating the lockdown is but your hair will lift and have yellow or orange undertones if you are naturally brown so it would be best to wait for your stylist rather than risking it.

  8. Quick question.. I bleached my hair a few days ago… now I’m waiting again to bleach just a few strands that pulled a little more orange than I would have liked it to. With that being said after I do that I’m going to use a wells toner when I’m done but I’m being indecisive on which one to order… I’ve used almost all in the past.. t18,14,10,28… the plan is to use the silver direct dye I have after all is done but I kind of want to rock out a platinum baby blonde look for a bit before I do… and the t14 I think is a bit too ashy/gray for what I’m aiming for but I think I’m going to need a toner that is blue and violet based just Incase after I bleach again there are still orange tones mixed with the pale yellows when all is said and done… do you have any suggestions as to which toner would be best in my situation?

  9. Hi I have used a blonde lightener hair colour after b4 colour and now my hair is orange with white /grey roots, can I use another hair lightener with bleach or shall I use a blue toner, with a bleach powder sachet..
    My hair colour was a very dark red brown before I used colour b4, I have 2 ” grey roots and want to go lighter
    Many Thanks am on lockdown in the Uk so no salons open.

    1. Hi Lynne. I would not recommend bleaching again until you can get back to the salon and have a stylist do it for you. I would say you could use a blue toner but beware not to get it on the white areas. If you use the toner, just remember, your roots and ends won’t match, unfortunately, but it should neutralize the orange.

  10. hi, I’ve used lightener on my naturally brown hair, I don’t want to make it any lighter as some parts are a medium blonde but overall it’s brassy, can I make it into a neural beige by using a blue toner?

    1. Hi Katie. Depending on how brassy it is, yes. Refer to the color wheel. If it looks orange, the blue is your solution, but if its more yellow then you would want something with a violet base. Be careful though, if you use something too strong it could leave the non brassy pieces looking blue or purple. Look at the level chart I have photographed in the article and the color wheel to choose a level and base color for your toner.

  11. Hi
    I had dark brown/ black hair and i tried to bleach it my roots are pretty light but the rest is orange.
    Please help lock down hard diaster… Im sure there are more of me out there

    1. Hi Gail. It sounds like your new growth(virgin hair) lifted more due to the heat of your scalp and not having artificial color and the ends turned orange due to previous color. It will likely take multiple toners to even out the color. My best advice, in this case, would be to wait for your stylist.

  12. I have naturally mousey hair that’s always been a light blonde (years of highlights). I tried to touch up my roots being in lockdown, and it came out a mixture of blonde/strawberry/ginger. To try and combat the roots (even though the blend wasn’t too bad), I used the colour wheel above and rubbed a blue shampoo into my roots. It’s now so much worse; the blend has completed gone, as I have darker ginger roots and platinum white streaks/hair beyond the regrowth section. I used a clarifying shampoo but it’s still so awful. Any ideas? I am a key worker and really want to fix this for a confidence boost as I leave the house!

    1. If the toning shampoo deposited too much I would recommend continuing using a clarifying shampoo to remove as much as possible. It will likely take a few shampoos but that should help get the blend back.

  13. Hello,
    I decided to try bleaching my hair to blonde. My hair was previously dyed red so I started off with a colour remover. I then bleached my hair and its come out golden yellow/orange. I applied a silver toner and washed with blue shampoo. It’s still orange/ golden yellow. Should I rebleach in a weeks time or continue with the blue shampoo first to see if it helps. Also would you recommend I use the blue shampoo as a ‘mask’ to help neutralise the tone of orange/golden yellow.
    Thank you in advance

    1. You can continue to use blue shampoo to try to neutralize but it likely won’t completely get rid of the yellow. I would not recommend rebleaching. If you want to reach out we are now offering virtual consultations.

  14. Hey! So I dyed my hair orange (i believe it’s artic fox sunset) and I love it but I need it back to blonde. Would regular bleach be effective or would I need to do an extra step because of the orange hair dye?

    1. If it was a direct dye bleach will not effectively remove it. You will likely want to do a malibu of some sort before attempting to remove it. We are now offering virtual consultations if you would like to reach out about how to remove it.

  15. I had previously went to beauty shop who put blonde highlights in & dyed rest of my hair dark brown which is my natural hair color. It grew out. Covid-19 situation. I then dyed all of my hair with a boxed dye – light blonde. Of course my hair is orange @roots w/some yellow, the other previously dyed hair stayed brown. I want my hair to be a dirty blonde. If that can’t happen I’ll be ok with a light brown. Please, help.

    1. Hi Blanca. Unfortunately, color doesn’t lift color, only bleach will lift color which will likely result in orange if your hair was previously dark brown. It sounds like there is a lot going on that will have to be nuetralized. If you are interested please reach out on Facebook about a virtual consultation.

  16. Hi I have a problem my daughter wanted me to change my hair color I have colored it box black for many many years mainly because it’s all gray So black was easy Also had highlights done by a professional 2 months ago well it went well she even got rid of the Orange by coloring it with a ash blond Well when she bleached me my roots came out way lighter than the rest of my hair so did the highlights so when she did the Demi ash blond my roots came out some weird gray so did the highlights and the rest of my hair kinda came out the color I want just need to use some purple shampoo to get rid of the last little bit of brassiness but please tell me what to do about my roots and highlights how do I get them to match the rest of my hair and not be weird gray please please HELP…thank you so much for your time.

    1. Hi Kelly. It sounds like you would have to do a color on the root area to neutralize the gray color. Feel free to reach out to us on Facebook if you would be interested in a virtual consultation.

  17. I took my daughter to have highlights added to her brown hair (probably a level 5-6). We stated she wanted a cool tone, but for some reason a red toner was added??? She didn’t like the red tone so we tried to lift it with a color lift. Unfortunately, it left her hair orange. We tried to use a blue toner, but didn’t work very well. We then tried to dye her hair back to its original color. The orange/red is still Very prominent. Any suggestions? Would a bleach bath work?

    1. Hi Ronnie. Unfortunately, a bleach bath would expose even more warm tones. The toner may not have been the proper level for her hair. We are offering virtual consultations. If interested, please contact us on Facebook.

  18. Hiya,

    I would like some advice please?
    I have previously dyed my hair a light blonde and it went very well. However over time my mousey brown routes came through. So I bleached my hair and the tips came out the perfect colour I wanted. However my routes did not. They came out a orange yellow colour unfortunately. So I used a toner to help lighten my routes, I left the toner in for 30 minutes as was recommended. My routes only slightly changed to a lighter orange. When I bleached my hair I put a bit of conditioner to help not damage my hair so much. My hair is silk soft. But I still have my orange routes. What should I do?

    Many thanks Dayna.

    1. Hi Dayna. Since your ends were previously lightened, that is why they lifted differently. Most toners are not meant to lighten hair, just to shift the tone. Sounds like you may be able to get a toner for the roots. We are offering virtual consultations. If interested, please contact us on Facebook.

  19. I bleached the front of my hair and it’s gone really orange at the top, I’ve ordered t18 toner and toned it today but I’m scared to use the t18 incase it gets worse. As I’m in lockdown I can’t see my hairdresser. Any advice?

    1. Hi Lois. It would be hard to say if the T18 will get you the results that you want but it should not turn your hair any more orange. We are offering virtual consultations. If interested, please contact us on Facebook.

  20. Hi! So I bleached my highlighted hair, the ends are pure blonde and overall the whole head is a lot lighter but it has a yellow tint in some places- which has been removed with purple shampoo but unfortunately there’s a lot of paleish orange left in there, like strawberry blonde chunks, I don’t want to bleach it again because my hair is fine and very curly I don’t want to risk over processing it, I can’t find a blue toned shampoo anywhere during lockdown (I’m from the UK) and the only thing I’ve been suggested by friends is a box dye like an ash blonde box dye from garnier 7.1 (belle Color) I’m very impulsive and I was just going to throw this on my hair and hope for the best but I just want advice on if it’s safe to do so

    1. I wouldn’t suggest it since you have already bleached your hair. It would likely cause unnecessary damage to hair that has been bleached. We are offering virtual consultations at this time. If you are interested feel free to contact us on Facebook.

  21. Hello! If I don’t have a Facebook account (and don’t plan to open one), is it possible to contact you by email (and then Zoom maybe?) for a consultation please? Do you have a list of fees for consultations? Many thanks for your help

  22. I recently attempted to dye my hair blonde using a box dye (Garnier Olia 8.0) from a brown colour. Unfortunately it went orange and I’m unhappy with it and wish to go back to my original colour. In attempt to strip the dye I used colour B4 hair colour remover (extra strength), this seems to have made little to no difference. I am washing it often with head and shoulders to hope it will fade. Any advice on what I can do to get rid of this colour? Would a semi permanent hair dye be okay?
    I would really really appreciate your help!
    Thanks, Kim

    1. Hi Kim.

      Semi would be fine but will only stain the cuticle layer of your hair so it likely wouldn’t last. You could likely use a demi color. I am also offering virtual consultations if you would like to reach out on Facebook and set something up. 😊

  23. I’ve bleached my hair at home because I wanted to get rid of the last black hair dye that was in my hair because it wouldn’t budge. My hair has now turned white apart from those parts which are neon orange. I waited a few weeks and bleached them again but nothing happened! What would you recommend for me to do?

  24. Hello! How do I go from dark orange to light ash brown? I have already dyed it twice , used 7.1 and i regularly use blue shampoo but nothing has happened.

    1. Hi Sofia.

      Unfortunately color does not lift color so if you have dark orange the only way to get it to the light ash brown is likely to lighten it more with bleach. If you have recently colored twice I wouldn’t recommend lightening again right away. I am offering virtual consultations if you would like to reach out on Facebook and set something up. 😊

  25. Hello! I had my hair highlighted in February. The roots did not take and the rest of my hair got very blonde. I had it highlighted today for the first time. The roots took but now a little orange. Can I fix this with the Maria Nila? I love in Germany and hair maintenance has been so hard here! I have access to Maria Nila. If my roots are only orange should I only apply to the roots or to the whole head? Dry hair? Thank you so much!! 🙏

  26. Hello – so I used a 20 developer and the ion hair dye, from Sally’s beauty, in 10V. I had medium blonde roots and highlights in the remainder of my hair prior to processing. I had used 10V before with no issues. This time it turned my roots a light orange tint. I was told to use a charm toner which I did. Now I have a yellowy orange root color and the rest of my hair is ash color. So should I use a purple or blue shampoo now on the roots? And is there anything you can suggest for the rest of my hair that is now a ashy grayish hue?

    1. Yes, you can use the purple shampoo on the root area to help. If it isn’t strong enough you may need a different toner. As far as the grayish ends, you can use a clarifying shampoo to help remove it. Artificial gray color tends to fade very quickly anyway.

  27. I just have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, not JUST because I was DESperate for advice, but because you made me laugh…more than once (I currently look like “Malfoy”, with some brown mixed in 😄). I saved your post to my email, so I can read again. You, my lady, are AWEsome, funny, and so very generous to freely offer your guidance to those like me, with their DYI mishaps. Thank you so very much. You’re one in a million! 😉😎👍

  28. Hi there! I need an advice, I’m a natural blonde (tone 8 approximately), on the last months i realized that my hair looks like dark orange, i never had a color treatment but it seems dark and orange as never before. Do you think purple shampoo could be useful for revert my orange tones? Or I’ll made a mistake by using it?
    Thank u 🙂

    1. If you are seeing orange tones I would recommend trying the blue shampoo as it is stronger. You could even spritz your hair down, apply while damp and let it sit for 10 minutes before wetting and lathering.

      If that doesn’t do it, since your hair isn’t colored, I would recommend going to the salon and getting a malibu treatment to help remove the orange tones. A malibu won’t affect your natural color. 😊

  29. Hello! I have a small quarantine emergency! I bleached my hair using Schwarzkopf blond me and 20 developer. I started in the back and eventually did my roots. Of course the roots came out lighter, and of course there is some brassiness as expected. My issue is there is also some blue green to the mid section and under section especially the lighter sections. Probably because the bleach had a blue tint. I have tried a number of things to try to reduce the green blue moldy color and it is definitely fading slowly but still there. Because the bottom part of my hair is one shade darker than the top, would I be able to go in with a 9N on wet hair to even it out? Would a bleach bath help? My hair is not super damaged, although it is a bit dry. Please help!! (Top of my head is definitely a 9, bottom may be an 8.

    1. If you have uneven levels and tones you would likely still have uneven tones if you apply color all over. A level 9 won’t cover a level 8. I would honestly recommend seeing a stylist to get it properly evened out.

  30. Hi Paulina, First, I really appreciate your time sharing some of skills with all of us! I finally went to a new stylist a few days ago to get a drastic fauxhauk and wanted the hawk blonde. My natural hair is dark brown. She gave me an awesome haircut, but the color cam out bright orange. So she put more toner/bleach in and got most of the orange out. When I got home, I still did not like the orange hue, so I put purple shampoo in. But I think I over-did it! Now the front and top of my hair looks albino white/blonde and you can actually see my scalp, which is incredible because I have think hair – or had thick hair before I made a mess of things. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance, Carol

  31. Okay so I just read your answer to the woman’s original question about the orange hair and I read all the comments that people were asking, now I know that you recommend going to see a stylist to fix the orange hair but right now we’re in a world crisis and financial situation isn’t good so I can’t or do not have that option. So box set is what I M doing. I know that you’re saying once it’s orange to get the proper toner , which mine would be green, but my question is…so I just use the green toner and it will lighten it right up to a good blonde (which i will be dying Hot Pink) and thats it???? I mean after shampoo of course ..I know what you’re saying but I’m kind of confused, like I was going to go and buy another bleach kit and re bleach it tomorrow even though I just bleached it tonight is that really bad? Sorry I’m trying not to be the annoying person and ask you a question that everybody else has asked you a million times so my apologies if this is a repetitive question. And thank you for your feedback

    1. Most toners will not lift(lighten) your hair any further. It sounds like a situation that would need a consultation to give you a truly proper answer. Honestly, I would never recommend bleaching your two times in a row within a few days. I am offering virtual consultations. If you are interested feel free to reach out on our Facebook page. 😊

  32. Hi, so I bleached my dark brown hair using a 30 volume developer and it turned into an orange brassy color. I then used a pale ash blonde toner mixed with a 10 volume developer which seemed to work on some areas, but my hair still has sone brass to it. How long should I wait before I attempt to tone it again?

  33. Hi there, My hair is naturally a light brown and I wanted blonder highlights in my hair, I used a highlighting kit but it turned parts of my hair a blonde/orange colour . Would dying my hair back to a light brown sort this out? Thanks 🙂

  34. I highlighted my hair and it turned a brassy bright yellow orangish color 😞My natural hair color is a deep chocolate brown. I bought two different purple shampoos yesterday and I washed my hair with both (one after the other, I didn’t mix & use them at the same exact time). My hair is now brighter than before. My highlights are a super bright yellow with copper looking orange in it 😢 The brown hair that I did not highlight turned a auburn-reddish color 😩 If there is any thing that I can do besides going to a stylist will you please let me know. I really need your help 🙏Thank you in advance. Also, the advice & tips you gave are greatly appreciated 🙂

    1. I’m not sure what type of shampoo you used but purple shampoo should not change the hair that you did not highlight to a reddish color, if anything it would deposit violet and darken it. When using purple shampoo, I like to apply it, don’t lather right away(it should visibly look purple when sitting on the hair), wait for 10-15 minutes, then lather and rinse it. It will have a greater effect that way.

  35. Hi,
    My husband has about 50% gray with an areas thru the temples and wrapping around the back middle that is about 100% gray. I had a colorist do his hair about six week’s ago and it came out great. It looked just like his natural color which is a light blond. She used a 9N made by eufora. Problem is it is now back to his grays again. So I bought the same color and brand she put on it but had no way of knowing what developer she used but after doing research on gray coverage I went with the eufora 20 V because our salons all closed down again I couldn’t call her to verify the volume of developer. The box said go 1 to 1.5 and I left it on for 45 minutes just like she did. Sadly it did not cover the 100% gray complete look a little bit lighter then when she did it and it left a slight pink orange tint in the rest of the hair which it did not do when the stylist did it. I need to fix this but no salon are open in my area they closed after only being open 1 day. Where did I go wrong? Please help hubby is kig of mad at me. Will blue shampoo fix the slight orange and should I apply more color to the grays maybe use 1 to 1 color to developer to not lift so much which is what I think caused the slight pinkish orange.

  36. I colored my husbands hair yesterday and it did not turn out like it did at the salon where he had it done just about 6 weeks ago. Since then they have gone back into complete lock down again so I can’t confirm a few things I may have done wrong so I’m hoping you can help me. I used Eufora 9N no ammonia color and Eufora 20V developer just like she did, except I couldn’t confirm the 20 V developer but research on internet said to cover gray that is what is needed. Hers came out perfect and mine came out with just a slight amount of pinky orange hint to it very very slight and it did not completely cover the stubborn grays he has in a very large area of the back that are about 100% the rest of his hair is about 50 % gray. I mixed it 1 to 1.5 because that is what the box said to do. I left it on for 45 minutes just like she did. It came out just a little lighter then it did at the salon as well. Should I have mixed the solution 1 to 1 ? Can I recolor it using a 1 to 1 ratio just on the stubborn gray area and then wash it with a blue shampoo? to get the red or orange out which I can see if he is standing under a light. As I said when the salon did it I saw now of that it looked very natural and a perfect match to his natural color. Please help he has to go to work tomorrow at a brand new job and I need to fix it ASAP.

  37. I recently sent from medium dark brown to blonde. First time I ever bleached mt hair. I knew it would take time and would include the dreaded orange phase.
    After thorough research, I used two boxes of Schwarzkopf L9+ bleach as it contains olaplex And would allegedly be more gentle on my hair.
    I applied first with husband’s help on the back then worked quickly the sides, and a bit later the roots. I left for 45 minutes from the time I started at the back.
    Of course, due to my natural hair colour and previous light brown dyes, I ended up with actually a nice ginger colour.
    I embraced the ginger for a couple of weeks. I used some purple toner To tone down the brass Ines and yellow. It did not that bad.
    After two weeks, with a friend’s help, we applied bleach mixed with 20 vol peroxide to the pony tail, then the skull and roots. I was still left with a tiny bit of pale ginger but getting closer to blonde.
    Few days later, I bought two Preference California Number 8 and we applied first to the pony tail, then side and roots at the end.
    Now I am blonde And te colour is really good. However, it still has a faint of strawberry on it. I plan to wait two weeks and reapply a couple of L’Oreal number 8 and apply to the length then skull.
    I am not a hair dresser and know nothing about it but I did study chemistry at uni. All I am saying. So did my hubby and friend.
    One thing people overlook is that the head produce heat and heat activate the bleach mix. So bearing that in mind. Anyway. My hair feels great. I am using though a much larger amount of Aragon oil than before and my air has a lot ( and 8 mena a lot!) of volume. It is definitely dryer but still soft eno

  38. First of all my hair was black and my naturally the dark brown. I’ve been black for years professional done and retouch my roots with Pravana chromailk 1N darkest black. I tried to bleach my hair with Age Beautiful lightener with 20v on hair and 10v on roots. Now my hair is dark, roots yellow half inch and red orange. I dont know what to do…I’ve been told to use filler or blue green toner.

  39. How do you make a copper color look ashy blonde. This was done professionally.. would that be blue toner shampoo? I tried purple and it didn’t seem to do anything to the darker tones like you mentioned above.

    1. The blue shampoo will help neutralize a copper color, but if you want an ashy result you will likely have to remove more warmth.

  40. Help I coloured my hair which I’ve been dyeing for 20 years but I seen to always end up with some kind of orange, I’m now wanting to change it completely to like a blue blackmaghoby colour any recommendations

  41. Hi Paulina,
    I’ve been in the process of bleaching my hair, trying to get it from a black (dyed) color to blonde. When I first bleached my hair it came out very uneven so I put a medium Ashe blonde over and it turned my hair to a light ginger color, which I didn’t mind because the color was even and the ginger color was kind of pretty. Anyways, I bleached it again about two weeks later and now it’s uneven with the underneath part of my hair being light/medium yellow and the top part of my hair being light orange. I’m wondering if I put a toner over my hair that would work on the orange parts of my hair, would it somewhat even out all of my hair? I know that from videos I’ve watched, people recommend trying to even the orange parts out but I’ve tried and it just won’t lift any lighter. I don’t care if my hair isn’t completely even but I just want to know if it will come out looking natural if I used like the Wella t27 on hair that is a mixture of light/medium yellow and light orange. I’ve also noticed that you recommend to a lot of people to see a stylist but I currently don’t have the means to do that right now so I would really appreciate any advice you can give. Thank you!! I loved the Harry Potter meme!

    1. Unfortunately it is unlikely that the T27 would be powerful enough to cover the orange. You would want to use a different toner on the orange areas than the yellow areas to even it out.

  42. Hello, I went to a hair stylist to get an ice blonde look. My original color was dark brown and it was dyed red. The red faded a long time ago but it caused problems during the bleaching process. In the end they bleached my hair three times to get an even bleach color and then they dyed my hair. Now it looks white, gray, and has an orange blondish tint. It looks horrible and I’m not sure what to do about it. My hair is completely ruined…It feels like tree twigs. I’m a teacher so I can’t leave it alone and I can’t keep wearing hats.

    1. The first step would be to do strengthening treatments. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend coloring it anymore until you are able to balance the porosity.

  43. I have a question. I just used a box dye (Féria Extremely Platinum). I had pink in my hair that had faded a lot. I thought the bleach would take it out (shows how much I know about hair coloring lol). Now I am left with a brassy blonde with pink in areas. How do I go about correcting this?

    1. Direct dyes, or bright colors such as pink that do not get mixed with developer are very difficult to get out. I would recommend seeing a stylist to get this corrected.

  44. Hello so I have been going to a professional for my hair for the past few years we have be putting full head of highlights through it to reach a very light ash blonde . So my ends are still good color wise my roots grew in. I went to Sally’s bought bleach used a 30 volume developer and put a cap of for at home highlights…. well it’s golden toned to it!!! I also used a t14 and t18 wella toner . ….. should I rebleach or do you think the wella color charm permenamt gel color 9a . (I think it’s called pale ash blonde) . Will do the trick if I put it only on my regrowth!!?? Please help!

    1. What you use to tone will depend on what level you lightened to. Using the permanent gel color could cause the unlightened hair to lift and pull warm as well.

  45. I just wanted to thank you! I have come back to blonde after nearly a 20-year break. I want to say that your page here with these tips and tricks, your exact combo of expertise and explanation is quite likely the best I’ve come across. I’m not any special stylist, I don’t even have a trained hair on my body (lol). I’m not a professional anything, but you have done a fantastic job with your illustrations, the meme was so spot on, and the color wheel guidance superb! I wish I had more to award than accolades, because you deserve the best! Thank you for this amazing guide.

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  47. My mom had a her hair colored a light blonde. She asked her hairdresser to go a shade darker and when she came out it was about 4 shades darker (mousy brown) she went back to the salon and they stripped her hair and it turned bright yellow (used Malibu product) it was stripped again (same product) and a toner was put on top. It is now quite orange especially at the roots. I have violet shampoo but will that help? Will we have to maybe try more of the blue toning shampoo? Thank you!!

  48. Hello! I dyed my dark hair with a box dye it turn into reddish , and after waiting 15 days I dyed my hair again and it turned into orange. In this situation, what should I follow to get back to my normal hair colour( dark) or cancelling out orange colour.
    It will be highly appreciated if you can help me out from this embarrassing situation, I am feeling like crying everytime, whenever I see myself in mirror .

    Thank you so much in advance

  49. It’s good to know that a stylist will share with someone exactly how to handle correcting their hair. My wife and daughter both dyed their hair orange last night on accident. They are still panicking about it so I will find a stylist who can come to our home and fix the problem.

  50. I applied bleach to my level 5 virgin hair all over except to one inch of the roots, then I applied bleach to the roots. The result is pretty much all-over orange which I expected. I will wait one month to bleach again, but how do I do it, now that I have dark roots and orange length? Do I apply it separately again? Roots or length first? Which processes longer? I’ve seen hot roots and am afraid of this happening. Uggggh.

  51. Hello, I have a question. My natural color is brown but i have colored my hair for many years with Palette C12 shade. The blond color was perfect. I ran out if the color because I am stuck in China and they had to send my color to me by post. Ever since, my roots that I color always turn light orange. It has never happened before. Is it possible the color can get damaged on the way or something has changed in my hair? I am very unhappy because to go to a stylist here is really hard, they don’t have blond colors here. If i use the toner, will it help me?

    1. I would probably start with a CPR and some Purple Shampoo to clean the hair well. Then look into a high quality box color like Color and Co. I did a write up about them here >>

  52. Hi, I’m having trouble with brassy hair last few yrs and have even changed hairdressers and blamed the water in our house but that’s tested clear. I got hilites done a few weeks ago, stylist used a vitamin c based product first to lift the orange and have a clean base. I got mostly darker blond hilites with a few brighter to the front which were lovely but 2 days later the yellow tones started coming through and when I washed my hair the orange came through and most of the hilites faded out. I can’t understand why. Any advice would be great. Even blue and or purple shampoos or toners (ie Moroccan oil toner) don’t remove the orange. I’m desperate

    1. So, unfortunately, it could be a case that your hair is so highly pigmented your hair may not reach a light enough blonde to remove all the yellow. While toners may temporarily help it’s not a permanent solution. Give me a call sometime and we can talk about it.

  53. I could use some help. I’m naturally blonde (white as a kid but now it’s a dirty blonde) . My hair pulls red so when I do like dark brown it eventually fades after 3 weeks into a copper color like a penny. I just did a box golden dark blonde just for a small change for fall/winter and of course my hair now looks like it has an orange tint to it. Mostly on my roots. Will blue shampoo be enough or do I need to just put a dark blonde dye on it in a week?

    1. First of all I would never suggest box color. If your hair tends to pull red, the blue shampoo will not be enough to balance it out. You will have to go with an ashy blonde in order to get a neutral result.

  54. I could use some help. I’m naturally blonde (white as a kid but now it’s a dirty blonde) . My hair pulls red so when I do like dark brown it eventually fades after 3 weeks into a copper color like a penny. I just did a box golden dark blonde just for a small change for fall/winter and of course my hair now looks like it has an orange tint to it. Mostly on my roots. Will blue shampoo be enough or do I need to just put a dark blonde dye on it in a week?

  55. Hi —

    I used Sebastian Cellophanes in Caramel Brown, and it has worn off, but left orange-ish color behind. How can I get rid of it before using the Cellophanes again? I’ve used Cellophanes many times before, but bought Laminates Cellophanes online & that formula, which was discontinued but still around online, is inferior to every other Cellophanes formulation. Because Cellophanes is a deposit-only semi-permanent color with no peroxide or ammonia, it’s different from other semi-permanent dyes. What would you suggest? My hair is naturally medium brown. BTW, Cellophanes has always been really good, except for the Laminates formula. Can you help? Thank you.

    1. Since you ordered online its very possible you either got a counterfeit or an expired product. I’m not familiar with Cellophane but I would recommend starting with a blue shampoo, if that doesn’t work tone with an ash.

  56. My stylist has highlighted my hair for 2 years. I’m a brunette and she’s lightened my hair with some ash blonde highlights. The last few months my hair has turned orange when she lightens and tones it. She says it’s the same toner. I’m now bright orangy blonde on top. Last time it was rosy when I left and she said it would fade. Again, it’s suppose to be ashy blonde highlights. Instead it’s faded to orange. Any advice for getting it back to ash would greatly appreciate. Sounds like a matrix blue shampoo might help?

  57. Thank you for the info. Do you bleach again to try to lift the orange to blond if you are wanting to highlight your hair instead of just neutralizing the orange with a toner? my stylist can lighten my dark brown hair to blonde in one session but when I try it turns orange.

    1. First of all, your stylist should not promise those results. Honestly, you should never bleach multiple times, its a gradual process and you have to give it the time required to not fry your hair.

  58. I was never one to routinely color my hair or ever do anything to it myself, and I’m a natural golden blonde, but my color has darkened a tad now I’m my late 30s to a duller darker champagne color. I bleached my hair at home in Jan 2021, and for never coloring my own hair, it turned out pretty well. I cannot stress enough to be PATIENT AND DO RESEARCH. I read different things about color, hair, toner, bleach, purple shampoo etc. I watched videos (mostly Brad Mondo commentary ones). Used hair color websites, blogs, etc. My hair has always been “brassy” when highlighted in the past. I did the initial bleach round making sure to do small sections. I have a lot of hair and bleach does not spread or lather. If you have a thick section, the middle part of it will not catch the bleach. After washing, my hair was YELLOW AND Yellow-Orange. Like comic book blondes kind of yellow. I researched more on bleaching already bleached hair. I waited TWO days to rebleach. At this point I had platinum roots and yellowy light blonde, but the orange tones were gone. I touched up the mismatched spots with bleach and then my hair was a bright blonde (very mildly yellow undertoned platinum, so not white). My friends thought it was too bright, so I toned it. I hate ashy blonde and I did not want silver or gray. I bought a (now discountined) Wella Champagne toner. I used it two or three days after the 2nd bleaching and touch up. This softened it up and evened it out. After that, I used purple shampoo 1x a week when the yellow started to come around again.

    After a few months I colored it deep purple and it faded to blue and sea foam green. I did a 30 day fuschia that lasted 4 months and box bleached it to remove the pink. I decided to rebleach again. This is now about a year later. Same thing- yellow and oranges show up. I bleach a 2nd time the next day and leave it at that. A few months later, I touch up the roots that are way overgrown. Every time, I get less and less patient with the lenghty process. I bleach the grow out, annoyed at the yellow-orange shade. I purple shampoo immediately and leave on about 3 min, freak.out, wash hair and now its a silvery color with a slight purple hue. One day later, I use the only toner I have-Ash blonde. My hair is light gray at this point. I wait about a week and did a bleach bath. 2 or 3 days after that I used purple shampoo. It looked ok, but it wasnt my favorite shade. And all I needed to do was take the time to wait in between. The first time was the best color. Ive since cut about 6 inches off because the ends were bad. My last haircut prior was years ago, so that didn’t do me any favors. Fortunately, I never fried my hair and never had clumps fall out. I presume it’s because my hair has never been overly processed and I don’t blow dry or straighten it more than once or twice a year. I just did a bleach bath to the new growth today. I’m being patient with the yellow-orange this time.

    Moral of the story- research different opinions and try to find info from people that know their hair. Be patient and don’t try to immediately “fix” any color problems because you’re freaking out. And probably don’t assume you could do what you saw in a video because it worked for that person 😉

    1. I agree, I hope you found my article informational. Try to cut back on the bleach though 😘

  59. Hi there please help. I have the darkest brown hair lightened it. However hot roots. I am now a medium brown/auburn with orange roots. Please help. I know use blue to tone but how do I know what toner to use to even out the roots?

    1. It truly depends on how light your hair got. Generally speaking, strong orange tones indicate a level 5 or 6, in which case I would recommend using a demi-permanent ash tone with a blue base to neutralize the hot roots. Just be sure to only apply it to the orange areas.

  60. Hi, you’re awesome for answering all the questions! Bravo!
    I started out with a balayage / w added highlights a long the way. I had let it grow out a bit without adding any highlights to roots and just been getting my roots done for awhile. The latest I had decided to go all over blonde to get rid of the brown. So we did a malibu cpr treatment and a bleach bath on my roots (probably about 4inches). Naturally I’m about a level 5 (splash of gray) and colored I was about a 6/7n. So after the bleach bath I got to a level 7 (orange).
    Problem is after she toned me I still saw orange. Because I had a balayage and so much grow out there was banding left. My roots (at the scalp) look great but not after that. The mid to ends look great…but ugh. She wants me to come back for baby lights. $$$ Well…Which, in my opinion, you would have to do some major back to back foils to catch those fine hairs because I don’t want to see any orange in my hair.

    So until I can decide what to do at the salon, highlights, bleach bath, etc…I can’t live with this hair.

    It’s not like the color orange like the ads on your page. I’m sure more noticeable to me and a hairdresser. The ends look great still. Thank goodness.

    So down to business: blue toner
    7p? Just on those areas that are level 7 orange? If I were to use it all over because that’s easier…what would it do to the level 9 pieces (mid to ends)? I know that is a cool also but isn’t 7vb have the same background?
    Or do you suggest something else ?

    I’ve looked into wella some but all they talk about online is ash and platinum blonde mostly. I’m not looking for neither. The ones they recommend for orange or brass I’m not lifted enough. (Even though I have seen some orange hair online toned with other wella toners that say they are for level 9s) The only two that may work (you tell me) T27 or T35. One is pre lighten yellow…I don’t even think I’m considered a yellow. (I’m like your level 7 hair chart) A orange yellow with the toner I have on now (I see orange). I mean I know I am a 7. Anyway, sorry . T27 is a violet gold base, doesn’t even have blue in it! Well violet is a blue 💙
    T35 prelighten to gold which is closer to orange level 7 but base starts w gold then violet. Never used wella…I guess they add gold to add warmth since they don’t use blue like redken…I’m just guessing here since I didn’t go to school.
    I can get that easier but I can buy either…but I’m up for any suggestions or mixture of concoction bec trust me as much as I have studied and learned myself I should just go to school. I just hate my hair. I am ready to bleach bath at home or give up on blonde all together.
    Sorry for the long post. Thanks for your time and help.

    1. The best bet is to trust the stylist with the baby lights as that is what I would recommend as well.

      Due to the 4” of outgrowth, foils would be more effective at breaking it up and getting rid of the orange band.

      As far as toning, if you are a level 7 orange the T toners from Wella likely won’t lift enough to break through all of the orange. It may cut it down, but not eliminate it. You may also run the risk of making it brighter orange if your stylist toned it.

      As for redken, I would agree with the 7p or 7vb because you need blue to eliminate orange, however you would only want to apply it to the orange areas as it could turn the already blonde areas blue/grey or muddy.

      Good luck!

  61. I got foil highlights done on the weekend. I think the stylist took the foils out too early because the hair was orangish. Then she left a toner on for 25 minutes but it still is orange., rust color.
    Im going to complain and go back to see her but she doesn’t seem to put a lot of attention to detail so I’m worried.

    Should I get her to do foils over to bleach it more till it’s blonde? Will that actually damage the hair too much now?

    1. As a stylist, I understand how frustrating it can be when a hair service doesn’t turn out as desired. It’s important to remember that every head of hair is different and can react differently to color treatments.

      If you are not happy with the color of your highlights and feel that the stylist did not follow proper technique, I would recommend going back to the salon and discussing your concerns with the stylist. It’s possible that the foils were removed too early, resulting in the orange color, or that the toner was not left on long enough to achieve the desired result.

      If the stylist suggests applying more bleach to the highlights to try and lift the color further, it is important to carefully consider the potential risks and drawbacks of this approach. Bleaching the hair can be very damaging, especially if it is already damaged or fragile. It is important to weigh the potential benefits against the potential risks and discuss your options with the stylist before making a decision.

      I would recommend seeking the advice of a different stylist if you do not feel that the stylist you are currently working with is paying sufficient attention to detail or is not able to address your concerns to your satisfaction. It is important to find a stylist that you trust and feel comfortable with, and who is able to deliver the results you are looking for.

  62. I recently had my hair done at a salon never been before but my old stylist moved away and is too far for me to get to as I do not drive so I tried a new salon based on pictures of transformations I’d seen. I had previously bleached and dyed my dark hair red about 6 months prior to me going to the salon and had tried putting a dark semi permanent colour on about 3 months prior and had a consultation with the stylist before booking in and told her all this and she took a strand test. So I booked in for a halo bleach and dark on the top crown part of my hair blonde underneath and the front. The front had already been bleached before so she left the blonder bottom parts out. My hair was a gingery copper colour because of previous red with my dark natural roots she said it was fine it was half way there already. The brown on the crown part looks great. The blonde does not she painted the bleach on it was very itchy I have sore patches on my scalp and I’m pretty sure I lost hair cus it feels lighter and she attacked it with a brush alot I have knotty hair anyway. Anyway I don’t think it was left long enough at the roots at the front of my hair because it was orangey yellow when she washed it off I thought going to a salon professionally it would have turned out better. She put a toner on it looked no different so ahw tried a different toner and now it’s like gold I wanted a lighter blonde I hate it she obviously wasn’t happy with it either but didn’t give me any solution other than come back in 2 months time I don’t want to leave the house I don’t want to look in the mirror it makes my face look a funny colour what can I do I tried blue shampoo it did nothing

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience at the salon. It sounds like you didn’t get the results you were hoping for and that the process was uncomfortable for you. If you’re not happy with the color, it might be best to wait a few days and then visit a different salon for a professional assessment and to discuss your options. It’s important to find a stylist that you trust and communicate your expectations clearly to avoid any future disappointments. Keep in mind that correcting hair color can be a process, and it might take more than one visit to achieve the desired look. Good luck!

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