Stay Golden: Bipin Self-Tanner Review

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Oh. My. Goodness! I’m about to share my review of the best-kept secret you haven’t heard of (yet.) Bipin Self-Tanner

Have you tried the self-tanner from Bipin? If you haven’t, get ready for your head to explode. 

I know what you’re probably thinking, “Self tanning… ugh, what a pain. That stuff leaves your skin orange and streaky, smells bad, and just doesn’t work”. 

With other brands, those statements might be true. But not with Bipin, friends! 

Curious where you can get some? Read my review, then use the links on this page to purchase Bipin Self-Tanner for yourself! 

Get that gorgeous sun-kissed glow without the sun. I did! I love this tanning product, and I’m never going back.  

I’m A Former Self-Tan Skeptic


I love the golden glow of tanned skin. Something about it just looks sexy. But I hate spending hours in the sun getting exposed to dangerous UVA and UVB rays for a natural tan. 

I was once like you. I used to loathe self-tanning lotions because they were greasy, smelled awful, and didn’t work. They are made from God-knows-what and don’t last more than a day or two. 

Worst of all, they would leave streaks on my skin. Gross!

But, I’ve learned that self-tanning can look great if you have a high-quality self-tan and take some extra precautions. You can get an instant tan with no need to worry about unnecessarily harming or aging your skin.

Bipin Self-Tanner Review: What Is The Best Way To Apply Self-Tanner?

A woman holding a Bipin self-tanning mitt to help get the best self-tan application

When I decided to try a self-tanning product, first, I needed to understand self-tanning better, so I did some research. With a bit of help from Allure, I adapted the steps necessary to get the best self-tan ever. 

The steps go something like this:  

  • Do everything else FIRST – This means haircut, brows, nails, waxing, shaving etc.
  • Take a shower for gosh sakes, and exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! – Getting squeaky clean and smooth helps the tanner adhere better and helps prevent streaks and splotches.
  • Dry yourself fully. Excess moisture means spotty or uneven skin tone, so it’s best to wait until the skin is completely dry
  • Pre-lotion rough areas with an aloe vera-based product. Get around rough areas and crevices like knees, elbows, ankles, nostrils, ears, etc.
  • Apply Bipin Self-Tanning lotion with the included mitt in small grape-sized portions. Face first, then bottom to top, getting EVERYWHERE (hairline, ears, and all nooks and crannies)
  • Let it dry completely! When the package says 10 minutes, wait for 20 (trust me on this.)
  • Apply lotion or body powder to seal in the goodness. This will help prevent any transfer to clothing 
  • Get out and go show off your glowing badass self! 

My Bipin Self-Tanner Review: Why Bipin is Better

An infographic for Bipin Self-Tanner review showing why it is a good product

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2020 was the year of DIY. For most people (including me sometimes,) it was really DIYW (Do It Yourself Wrong). Having the proper self-tan process and setup helped me a ton, but it wasn’t everything. 

The quality of self-tanner mattered also. So I got to work and started experimenting with various brands. After about ten different lotions, sprays, and mousse, I was about to give up. 

Then like an angel sent from heaven, one of my microblading clients told me about Bipin. 

I thought it couldn’t be nearly as good as he claimed, but I was willing to give it one more go. 

This sunless tanner was super easy to apply! 

Here’s why:

  • First, the coconut scent smells friggin amazing. It’s like coconut rum, minus the rum. 
  • It’s Vegan and organic, which I love. Plus, it has no added crap like parabens, dyes, or artificial ingredients. It’s made from natural products like Argan, Jojoba, and coconut oils. 
  • It goes on smoothly and feels great on my sensitive skin, leaving a natural-looking tan. Best of all, it dries quickly and doesn’t leave any streaks on me or my clothing. 
  • Did I mention it’s affordable? Lots of us felt the financial pinch during COVID. But Bipin will fit into my budget any day!

Results Of My Bipin Self-Tanner Review: You Can Count On Bipin

A woman laying by a pool in a black swimsuit very tan from self-tanner.

A long-lasting, easy-to-maintain self-tan is now part of my weekly routine. With Bipin, I figured out how to keep my skin hydrated and oh so gorgeous. My self-tan is here to stay. 

You know you want this gorgeous glow! If you follow the steps above and use Bipin self-tanner, you are sure to get great-looking bronzed skin any time of the year. 

So what are you waiting for? Team True Beauty has you covered. Get your bronzed glow without the sun today! 

Stay golden with Team True Beauty and Bipin!

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