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So you want to be platinum blonde? You and virtually the rest of the blonde world honey (myself included). So I’m here to give you a list of Blonde ShampoosOpens in a new tab. that will help you achieve that result and some tips on how I like to use them.

Let’s get real for a second…

If you have dark or black hair and you plan to get it bleached, it will turn bright orange or yellow first. Trying to be platinum overnight is not realistic, and there is not a bottle of shampoo that will magically get you there. I must add, few cosmetologists will be able to accomplish this either…

I’m not trying to be a crusher of hopes and dreams. I’m just realistic.

Harry Potter Blonde Meme

The best option to get the blonde you want is genuinely to trust your hair stylist when he or she tells you that it is a process.

Believe in that process.

I swear to you if we could have a magic wand as stylists and make you blonde immediately without damaging your hair, trust me, we would. (Editors Note: Paulina is the owner of Mill Pond Salon located in New London MinnesotaOpens in a new tab.)

Being a platinum blonde is not easy. Whether it is spending hours in the salon over the course of many appointments, caring for it, or maintaining it, it is a commitment and a challenge.

When you finally achieve that Gwen Stefani platinum blonde, you NEED to know how to maintain it.

1That’s why I came up with this list of my favorite blonde shampoos that will help keep your hair that iconic shade of silvery white. From my experience as a stylist, these three shampoos are the best for achieving your desired tone and maintaining it. You can get any of these shampoos from the links I have included throughout the article.

Without further ado…

3 Best Blonde Shampoos

1. Matrix Brass OffOpens in a new tab.

Matrix Brass OffOpens in a new tab.

Blue Shampoo is the brute force when it comes to stubborn tones in your hair.

The bottle has directions that recommend it for brunettes who want to eliminate brassy tones. It works.

Now, to go one step further, I use this shampoo on my blonde. I have platinum ends but rusty water; the strength of the blue keeps my hair from turning gold.

So- if you are already blonde and don’t have rusty water, I would recommend a purple shampoo; but if you are in the process of going blonde and have icky warm tones or rusty water I highly recommend the Matrix Brass Off.

2. Joico Color Balance Purple ShampooOpens in a new tab.

Joico Color Balance Purple Shampoo

As far as purple shampoos go, JoicoOpens in a new tab. is the best from my experience.

It is the least drying to use as frequently as necessary and keeps the yellow tones at bay.

Keep in mind, to get the platinum results from a purple shampoo; you have to have damn near no yellow in your hair otherwise the shampoo may not be strong enough (you may want to consider having your stylist tone your hair first, then using the shampoo for maintenance).

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t use it if your hair looks too yellow, because you absolutely should, it just may take a few more shampoos to get the desired result (or see my tips about applying it to dry hair).

3. AG Sterling Silver Toning ShampooOpens in a new tab.

AG Sterling Silver Shampoo

AG is known for its naturally derived product line.

If you have any skin sensitivities, this is a great option.

The Sterling Silver Toning ShampooOpens in a new tab. is no exception. This shampoo is free of salt, PABA, parabens, and DEA (chemicals that help thicken shampoo and make it lather). None of these are vital for the shampoo to work.

Most people feel that the more soap bubbles you have, the cleaner you get.

Sorry to burst your bubble, not true. You can use AG Sterling SilverOpens in a new tab. more frequently since it’s less drying than most purple shampoos.

Now that you have a general knowledge of the best blonde shampoos, pick out the one you think will work best for you, and I will help you figure out the best way to use it.

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7 Tips: How to use your new Blonde Shampoo

You can use your new shampoo however you would like, but these are my tips as a cosmetologist on how to use them.

While all of these shampoos are great options for maintaining blonde, I have a few pointers on the best ways to use them to ensure optimal results.

1. Always remember, it is NOT necessary to use these every single time you shampoo your hair.

Depending on the quality of your water, you can use it more or less, but still, not every time. (For example, I have water that is jam-packed with minerals and some rust, so I use Matrix Brass Off every other shampoo.)

2. If you have crappy water that seems to turn your hair gold no matter what you do (I think this is usually more of a midwestern thing…), like me, you can use the Brass Off Shampoo as frequently as every other shampoo.

3. If you have water that doesn’t affect the tone of your hair much, the purple shampoo of your choice will do the trick for you, and you can use about once a week.

4. I promise there is a reason I tell you not to use these shampoos every day. If you do, they can dry out your hair.

5. If you insist on using one every time you shampoo, I highly recommend that you mix it in equal parts with another shampoo, such as moisturizing or daily shampoos.

6. Matrix Brass Off is an excellent option for brunettes as well. Anyone who wants to avoid gold tones can use the brass off to keep the cool tone in hair.

7. When my hair is super warm or dull, and I want to brighten it up, I apply the shampoo on dry hair.

I mist my hair with a water bottle and apply the toning shampoo of choice (when I do this I use Joico Color Balance PurpleOpens in a new tab.) and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before I get in the shower. When I say mist, I mean I barely get my hair damp. This seems to give it an extra boost.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, I highly recommend getting a toning shampoo if you want to be platinum or just a cool color in general.

Without the right shampoo, you can get warm tones in your hair or dullness, which honestly, no one wants to deal with.

So if you want to be blonde like me, grab yourself one of these shampoos by using the links throughout the article!

Blonde Shampoo

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  1. Great tips and suggestions!!! It is a process to be a platinum blonde! And not every stylist can get you to that level! I have been blessed to find a stylist amazing at it! And because of that and the water where I live, purple shampoo is my best friend!

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