The Best Straight Razor Kit – A Pat Mueller Review

I am going out on a limb here to say this, few things in life are certain…death, taxes, and poor quality disposable razors. Not only are most of them poor quality, but you must continually replace them. And let’s not even get started on the volume of garbage from all the packaging. After trying nearly all of them, I decided to give the straight razor a shot.

Occasionally I’ll hear of a new disposable razor that really rocks. I’ll try it out, and sure enough, it’s pretty damn good. The problem is they don’t stay sharp. Before long, I’m throwing it in the trash wondering why I bother. This leads me to explain why I like a good straight razorOpens in a new tab.. Haha! Straight razor, not just a straight blade…

straight blade

Why Straight Razors are a Growing Trend

Straight razors are a growing trend, coming back as good quality things always do. Many of us are fed up with the disposable razor wars. Turbo, Fusion, Mach 5 – up to 5 blades, gel-covered…each one claiming to be better than the others.

The truth is that none of then can give you the same close shave that a straight razor can. Men who enjoy the ritual of shaving, and a nice close shave, are going back to a simpler time. A time when using a shitty disposable razor was not even an option.

The straight razor is one single blade that when used right gives you a closer shave than anything else on the market. It is reusable over and over, requires occasional sharpening with a strop, but again, there is nothing disposable. They last forever, and to me, that is a good investment. Take good care of your straight razor, and it will take good care of you.

Back in the Day…

According to my dad and granddad, barber shops used to be on every corner. They dotted the streets much in the way Starbucks does now. Men would frequent the barbershop for a haircut and a shave. And not just any shave, these shaves were special. An old-fashioned barber shop shave is an art form, a science.

Barber Shop

Going to the barber for a wet shave is a real treat, but it takes time. They have many extra steps in the ritual. Hot towels, pre-shave balm, moisturizers, post-shave balm, more hot towels, then cold towels… you get the whole shebang! Although I like the special treatment, I can’t do that as often as I need to shave, so learning to do this myself became my goal.

I have reviewed several different straight razor options Opens in a new tab.and have found that this kit is the set up I like the best. I am a bearded man as you know, but shaving with a straight razor has shown me how clean I can make that edge line. A nice crisp upper edge line is what I want, and with a straight razor, I can get it. And for the guys that shave their head… this Solomon straight razor is wicked!

This amazing kitOpens in a new tab. has everything you need to get started. Let’s take a look at what’s in it.

Naked Armor – Amazing Straight Razor Set

Wooden Storage Box Opens in a new tab.

This straight razor wet shaving kit comes with everything you need. Sometime down the line, you may want to buy a few accessories, but they aren’t necessary to get started.

Wooden Storage Box

This handcrafted wooden box is the perfect size for all the tools in your shaving kit. It’s a classy way to store the goods and not leave them scattered all over the bathroom counter. I’ve taken some heat for this before, so now I just tuck all the goods inside the box, clasp it shut and store it away. No more troubles! Comes in black or brown wood.

Stainless Steel Blade The Japanese made Solomon stainless steel blade Opens in a new tab.

The Japanese made Solomon stainless steel blade is ⅞” at its widest point and tapers to ⅝” on the ends. It will not rust or chip. Beautiful Algum wood handle with gold copper accents. Made for an exceptional shaving experience.

Leather Strop with Brass Hardware

Leather Strop with Brass Hardware Opens in a new tab.

You’ll need to practice using the strop. It’s not difficult, but if not done properly you can dull the blade. Stropping regularly keeps your blade sharp with a keen edge. Read stropping tips online to get the most out of this tool.

Sharpening Paste

Use the sharpening paste with your new strop. It’s used in the final stages of stropping and gives the blade that polished, honed edge. Using sharpening paste along with your strop will keep your blade and strop in great shape!

Wood Handled Brush

This brush looks great, and works great! This brush is badger friendly, but because it is synthetic, you should soak it for a minute or two while you get ready. Frothing up the shaving soap is a meditative experience. Some men find it labor-intensive in the beginning, but the more people get used to it, the more they find they enjoy the process. I do. It’s almost ritualistic for me, very calming.

Shaving Soap

The soap is just as important. The resulting foam from your new soap should be frothy and full of body, almost like lemon meringue pie. That’s the lubricant for the blade, which will prevent a large number of accidents. The soap prevents the blade from snagging. It also stands facial hairs up so they’re easier to mow down.

Leather Traveling Case

This little gem is so I can take my stropping and straight razor shaving on the road should I choose to. What more can I say about that?

Naked Armor Opens in a new tab.

Worth the Time

The Amazon page itself Opens in a new chock full of beginner information and tutorials on straight-razor shaving, sharpening with a strop, and some very satisfied customer reviews. Straight razor haters criticize how long shaving takes compared to a disposable razor shave. I’m here to testify, shaving with a straight razor is just manly as hell. That’s just a fact. Even if it takes a few extra minutes, it’s a better shave by far, and the meditative factor will also make the day a little easier. The Art of ManlinessOpens in a new tab. declares that putting a sharpened blade to your face every morning will remind you that you’re alive. Hell yeah!


This straight razor kit Opens in a new the perfect gift for someone who could use a little extra mediation in his day. It’s already wrapped in a great little wooden box with a clasp. And the best part of gifting is you can gift yourself! Why not pick a gift for you, and a gift for someone else today!


Paulina Romain

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