Best Hair Color for Brown Eyes

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Hair dyes are a big commitment, so you might want to do enough research to ensure you choose the perfect color. Brown eyes are often overlooked, and their beauty isn’t appreciated enough because they’re the “standard” color. In today’s article, we’re celebrating all the brown-eyed girls out there.

So, we’re highlighting the beauty of brown eyes with the hair shade that’ll make them stand out. Keep reading to choose your dream hair color and perfect transformation.

What Color Do Brown-Eyed People Look Best In?

Whether you have a cool or warm skin tone, we’ll tell you the best hair colors to match your brown eyes.


Beautiful brunette girl with red lips and black bob hairstyle.

First on our list of hair colors for brown eyes is natural black or jet black, which looks so good on the ladies with cool tones. Although your eye color and the hair color are different, this slight difference will make your deep brown eyes stand out. Maintain that classic look with some soft waves and light makeup.

Are you looking for a natural hair color? Black is the way to go. After all, many people with brown eyes have black hair. If you have hazel eyes or light brown eyes, you might want a lighter black that has more brown in it.

Chocolate Brown

Are you after a neutral hair color for brown eyes? Dark chocolate brown is a go-to. You can’t go wrong with matching colors. Also, if you have fair skin, you can add golden or other light brown highlights to your chocolate brown hair. As for the recommended hairdos, you can try layered hair with curls or waves.

Dark Brown

Dark brown hair

Dark brown hair is a versatile choice suitable for brown eyes and all sorts of hairstyles and makeup looks. Whether yours is a cool skin tone or a warm one, it’ll probably go perfectly with dark brown hair. It’s a natural color for brown eyes, excellent for casual and semi-formal looks.

However, you don’t want your dark brown hair to look flat and boring, which is why we’d recommend a bit of cinnamon, espresso, caramel, or honey highlights. This should give your hair dimension and showcase the golden strands in it. Also, burgundy and red highlights make your eyes pop. As for how to style it, you can keep it sleek and medium short.

Dark brown tones are stunning if you have equally dark eyes. Combine pale skin with dark brown eyes and hair, and you’ve got yourself a striking contrast. And you can take this monochrome look up a notch with red lipstick or do a no-makeup makeup look.

Copper Brown

Are you looking for hair colors that complement any skin tone? Copper brown is what you need. And you bet the color will make your brown eyes pop, thanks to its breathtaking red undertones! But if copper is too much for you, you might want to try out copper highlights. They’ll surely emphasize the warmth of your brown eyes and hair.

With copper brown hair, you want a short wavy hairdo. You can match the bright hair with bold eyes, and you’ve got yourself a cool party look!


Auburn hair color

The auburn hair color is beyond attractive and works well with brown eyes. Such shades perfectly complement brown eyes with a hint of hazel, honey, or olive. Also, if you have a fair complexion, you’ll love its bright color, but deep auburn is a statement look for ladies with dark complexions.

Of course, there are various hues of auburn hair depending on its red levels, and it might take you a few tries to get the perfect shade. For instance, you have true auburn, auburn brown, and auburn blonde, so take your pick! As warm tones, these hair colors are especially popular during fall.

Our advice is to keep your auburn hair sleek to emphasize its color. Then, when it comes to makeup, you can try out red lips and a dark eye makeup look.

Sandy Blonde

Sandy blonde, light brown, dirty blonde, or whatever you want to call it is one of the most classic hair colors for brown eyes, especially light brown eyes. They’re a good fit for fair and warm skin tones.

Now, let’s talk styling. Light brown hair looks great if it’s long, as it shows off the color in its full glamor. You can also pair it with a dewy makeup look for a natural glow. Also, enhance the brown color’s richness with brown smokey eyes.

Ash Blonde

There’s nothing quite like how brown eyes shine with ash blonde hair. As a light brown color, it’ll bring out the color of your eyes, and it’s just the perfect blend of subtlety and edginess.

If you have warm skin, you should consider it. And if you want to take it to the next level, how about you add some lowlights or highlights? The color would look great with lighter tips. Another option is not to dye your roots for an ombre effect. Overall, we love this color on long hair, and we think nude lips look so good with it!

Golden Blonde

One of the popular hair colors for brown eyes is golden brown. This is the middle ground between blonde and brown hair colors, turning gold any minute. But if you need more dimension, ask for a 4D blonde technique.

Golden blonde hair is a trendy summer choice; picture your golden blonde strands dangling over your sun-kissed skin! Not to mention, the hair color is extremely versatile, complementing short and long cuts, straight, wavy, and curly styles, and casual and formal attire. Additionally, it works well with fair skin tones and darker ones.

Emerald Green

Do you want that big transformation? Emerald green is one of the most daring hair colors for brown eyes. Mix a darker and lighter shade to get the perfect emerald green color. You can nail the quirky look with a pixie cut. And if you want to stand out more, match your hair color with green eyeliner and lips!

For the ladies with warm and olive skin tones, emerald green might be a tricky hair color because you don’t want to make your skin look dull. As for cool skin tones, they look good with a pop of color.


Purple is one of the most vibrant colors that’ll make your dark brown eyes anything but boring. Still, it’s mild enough to complement your eyes. We love these hair colors for dark brown eyes more than light brown eyes. You can play around with various purple and red shades, do highlights with silver streaks, and more.

For instance, you can try out pastel purple with darker roots and lighter tips, which is a more vibrant purple hair color. A very classy hue for anyone with dark skin is eggplant. This powerful color will make your dark brown eyes pop!

Otherwise, a lighter color may complement a fair complexion. We’re talking lilac. This hair color is one way to make a statement! And you can finish off the look with some bold eye makeup. Finally, lilac hair dyes work with casual and semi-formal outfits.

Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper hair color is such an edgy choice for brown eyes. Older women are rocking what was once a mala haircut with confidence and class!

If you want in on the fun, get thick white hair streaks to complement your gray or black hair. But note that the light hair colors should be the inner strands. Finally, if you’re unsure how to style it, part your hair at one side, and let it dangle freely.


If you’re looking for a cute pastel hair color for brown eyes, pink might be the perfect complementary color! And there are tons of pink hair colors out there. Their brightness creates this stunning contrast with brown eyes, especially if you have cool-toned skin. Plus, these hair colors are fun, young, and very Tumblr-esque.

Perhaps you want a pink ombre hair color. That means light pink roots that transition into dark pink or purple ends. Also, if pink hair is too much of a statement color, you can opt for splashes of strawberry pink against ashy blonde hair or light brown hair. After all, contrasting shades from the color wheel are always a good idea.

Factors to Consider

Put your brown eyes in the spotlight by learning which factors affect their vibrancy.

Eye Color

Yes, you have brown eyes, but which hue are they? Are they light, hazel, or deep dark brown, and are there any undertones?

To illustrate, darker hair colors tend to suit dark brown eyes. Lovely dark hair shades include black brown, dark brown, and jet black. As for golden brown and hazel eyes, they look amazing with golden blonde, honey blonde, and other warm-toned hair colors.

Skin Tone

You may be unsure whether you have a warm or cool skin color, which is why we have this easy test. Check the veins on your wrist. On the one hand, if they look blue, that means you have cool undertones. It also means that medium brown hair color with blonde highlights might be what you need.

On the other hand, if your veins look green, you’ve got a warm skin tone. In that case, think darker colors, such as chestnut brown and auburn or caramel highlights.


Chances are you choose the colors of your clothes based on what looks good on you, which is why using that to pick your new hair color shade isn’t a bad idea.

For example, do you wear many yellow, golden, and red shades? Try out a caramel hair color with dark highlights. In comparison, dark shades and more intense blonde hair suit silver, gray, blue, green, and purple clothes.


Of course, we’ve already suggested many makeup looks for our hair color ideas. But, as a rule, a smokey eye look is perfect for brown eyes. Also, you can use green or blue to frame them nicely.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, your classic brown eyes allow you tons of options when it comes to hair color. The more subtle option is to match your eye colors or choose similar ones, such as black, brown, and dark blonde. But if you want a more edgy choice, pick an opposite shade on the color wheel for some color contrast (like pink or green).

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