Belmint Professional Foot Spa Bath Massager Review

Belmint Professional Foot Spa Bath Massager Review

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I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite ways to relax is the spa soak when I’m getting a pedicure. There is one product I’ve found that gives me that oh-so-relaxed feeling at home: I give you The Belmint Professional Foot Spa Bath MassagerOpens in a new tab. Review.

This product is exactly what I need to soak my sometimes swollen and tired pregnancy feet and I’m excited to tell you all about it. 

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Four Plus Stars

Belmint foot spa

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What is so special about this little ditty? It lives up to the “professional” in the name.

This baby has six motorized massage rollers that massage aching, tired feet.

With the heat mode, bubbles, and a rotating callus remover you can give yourself that relaxing pedicure experience in the comfort of your own home (face mask free!).

The Belmint Professional Foot SpaOpens in a new tab. has a time and temperature control. These features are key for true relaxation!

If I have to check the time or temperature regularly, I am not relaxing! I think of it as the cruise control on my car.

When I finish my day, I want to shake off all stress and a foot soak is the perfect way to do that.

I fill my foot spa with enough water to cover my ankles.

Next, I might add some lavender essential oil to increase my relaxation. I love epsom salts as well, and the Dr. Teal’s Lavender Soothe and Sleep setOpens in a new tab. is the perfect partner to the Belmint Professional Foot Spa.

Epsom salts don’t just smell good, and feel luxurious. While not scientifically proven, according to Healthline,Opens in a new tab. there are some benefits to using soaking salts. Some advocates believe the amount of magnesium (the main ingredient in Epsom salts) able to enter the skin through water is sufficient for reducing swelling and relieving aches. 

I have no personal anecdotal report on this, but I like the extra fizz. It seems elegant, like champagne. 

With the touch of a button, I can set the timer from ten to sixty minutes. Water temperature is adjustable from 35° to 48°C (95° to 118° F).

Now, I review a ton of products, and usually, I wouldn’t put a large item like this on a gift listOpens in a new tab.. Honey, let me tell you: add it to any wishlist you have now!

With the rollers, temperature, and time control, plus the bubbles this foot spa is a one-way ticket to Relaxation Station!

Extra Relaxation

After you’ve soaked your tired feet in the soothing, warm water, maybe you’d like a massage! Sadly, that is one thing this fantastic foot spa can not offer. But, you can give yourself a relaxing foot massage instead!

This article from Harvard Opens in a new tab.Health has some great tips. It may not be as fabulous as when someone else is doing the massage, but it’s better than none!

Get yourself comfortable in a big enough chair. Cross one leg at the knee and rest it on the other thigh. 

Have your favorite cream or massage oil ready. Put a dollop or a few drops into your hand and rub it together with the other. 

Spread the cream/oil over your whole foot. Get in between the toes, around your arch, and don’t skip around.

I don’t rush through it, either. Chances are I’m tired, plus the spa has loosened me up a bit.

You can get to more tissue with your knuckles. Use them to knead the areas, like bread.

Or, hold your foot with both hands and press your thumbs into the skin. Moving your knuckles around like this might remind you of a massage chair in a salon. 

Wiggle your toes gently, pull them apart to stretch. Ahhhh, how does that feel?!

Once you’ve used this superior Belmint Professional Foot Spa Bath MassagerOpens in a new tab. and perhaps, given yourself a little massage, there’s even less stress because clean up is a breeze. 

Clean Up

The Belmint Foot Spa is easy to clean and store.

One of the things that make cleaning up so easy is its portable design. It is compact and has a carrying handle.

Use the drainpipe to empty all of the water easily. After that, use the built-in sterilizing infrared light to keep your foot spa bacteria-free and ready for its next use.

Once it’s dry, cover it with the provided lid for dust-free storage. 

To Wrap Up


In closing, I definitely recommend the Belmint Professional Foot Spa Bath MassagerOpens in a new tab.. Among foot spas, I find it easy to use, easy to clean, and it has some amazing and relaxing features.

This personal foot spa comes with motorized massage rollers, easily adjusting heat and time, and has rotating callus removers. Add in some bath or Epsom salts for a special treat in the comfort of your home. 

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