My 9 Favorite Beauty Trends in 2021

A woman smiling with a red lip and space buns on a yellow background.

A woman smiling with a red lip and space buns on a yellow background.

Although 2021 is still relatively new, I love a few trends that I believe will define this year. From mullets to butterfly clips, beauty trends for 2021 are fun, exciting, and bold. 

Many trends have come out of experimentation as people have played with their image while in quarantine. Eye makeup and hairstyles have gotten bolder, for example, while we covered half of our faces with masks. 

I enjoy taking part in all these beauty trends with my clients and even enjoy trying a few myself! Visit Team True BeautyOpens in a new tab. today online for beauty hacks, instructions, and products you have to try. 

9 Of My Favorite Beauty Trends in 2021

These are the trends that I’ve had a lot of fun seeing when I’m out and about. The hair trends have been a ball to watch my clients have fun and challenge themselves with. 

The beauty game this year is all about self-expression.

1. Skinimalism 

Skinimalism is not only fun to say but is all about taking care of yourself. The actual look itself is makeup that is natural tones and leaves the face looking freshOpens in a new tab. and dewy.

It is driven by the rise of skincare in general as a trend in the beauty community. 

Due to pandemic restrictions, wearing a face mask out has become commonplace. Face masks hide half of our faces.

A phenomenon called “mascne” or breaking out because you’re wearing a mask has also become ‘a thing’ (ugh). 

I have suffered from some mascne during the last year. That has caused me to up my beauty routine in the last several months. 

Skinimalism is the perfect trend to do easy, natural makeup that highlights your best features. It also shows off that beautiful, natural skin of yours! 

2. Clips

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I didn’t want to give away one of my favorite trends right away, but clips are making a huge comeback! I’m talking butterfly clips, claws, and barrettes. 

I love this trend because it offers an easy way to make your hair look effortlessly beautiful. You can use a claw to put your hair in a loose updo for a night out. 

Or, you can do a half updo with a beautiful large barrette. 

As a hairstylist, I’ve been delighted to see the decoration that clips offer clients. Get back in touch with your 90’s roots with butterfly clips, or pin back your bangs that you’re growing out. 

Clips are practical and look good no matter the occasion. 

3. Fun Eyeliner

For years now, makeup artists have been delighting us with intricate and fun makeup. Until now, fun eyeliner looks were reserved for high fashion runways, artists, and Instagram. 

Mask wearing has changed this, as it brings attention straight to the eyes. People want to wear makeup still and have it be seen. 

Some ways that you can play with this beautiful trend are: 

  • Bold eyeliner: Think thick lines, bold colors, and unusual shapes
  • Mismatched colors: Maybe pink on one eye and green on the other. 

Fun eyeliner is a great way to express yourself and have some fun with makeup. 

4. Money Pieces

What a fun trend this one is! Money pieces or thick strips of bright and fun hair color.

The highlights are often few and fall around the face. Those who get them are trying fun pops of color that draw attention and are fun to look at. 

If you want to try the trend but don’t want to commit to a bright color, you’re covered. A trend within the trendOpens in a new tab. is to brighten the front pieces just a shade or two lighter than your own. 

This trend is genius, as it accentuates facial features and gives an overall brighter appearance. This is a beautiful hairdo for spring and summer that will highlight your gorgeous face. 

5. Center Parts 

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If you came of age in the early 2000s, a center part might seem like blasphemy, but hear me out! The center part is a great way to show off facial structure and healthy, natural hair. I love this fabulous beauty trend for 2021.

The style works for just about everyone. Facial features that are often hidden by side parts become seen and can give someone a new look. 

6. Mullets

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I never thought that I’d mention this style, but here we are. Mullets are back in a huge way, and I’m having fun seeing all the interpretations of them. 

Business in the front and party in the back has never been more relevantOpens in a new tab.. This unique style has seen a comeback during the pandemic as people have experimented with and embraced new looks. 

They have been changed up by cutting and styling the hair in several different ways. 

7. Shag Haircuts

As someone whose life is pretty much hair, shag haircuts have been SO fun to give to clients. They work for thick, fine, curly, pin-straight, short, or long hair. 

One of my favorite aspects of them is that they add edge to a style without going overboard. For those with super fine hair, the style is excellent for adding volume and movement. 

You cannot go wrong with a well-done shag haircut.

8. Curtain Bangs

Another one of my personal favorites, curtain bangs are just plain sexy and fun. They were first made popular in the 70s and are a truly classic look. 

Curtain bangs are ones that frame either side of the face. When the hair is up, the style offers flattering and delicate framing to the face. 

A great way to style these versatile bangs is with round brushesOpens in a new tab.. They smooth the bangs out and help them to lay beautifully around the face. 

9. Red Lips 

A woman with glowing skin and a bold, red lip. Red lips are a beauty trend in 2021.

Is there anything more classic or ladylike than a good red lip? It is bold, simple, and demands attention. 

I personally love red lips because they are timeless and go well with any skin tone and hair color. It’s also a bold and simple look that can be applied even if you don’t have much time. 

Have Fun With Your Look This Year!

Beauty trends in 2021 symbolized with 2021 spelled out in makeup.

As we go further into 2021, the beauty trends keep getting more fun. It is refreshing to see fashion focusing on skincare and experimentation. 

To get tips on maintaining your looks this year or discovering new ones, visit Team True BeautyOpens in a new tab. today! 

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