Beard vs No Beard: Which One to Choose

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Are you torn between being a clean-shaven or bearded man? Perhaps you can’t decide whether you want to sport an unblemished Daniel Craig/James Bond look or a rugged Clint Eastwood/Man With No Name look. Let us help you then!

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve listed all the pros and cons of both facial hair trends in this article. If you want a final say in the beard vs no beard battle, read on!

The Pros and Cons of Having a Beard

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Let’s start with what growing a beard entails, be it a light stubble or a full beard!

The Pros

Here are all the pros you’ll enjoy if you grow a beard:

Increased Appeal

It’s no secret that most women prefer men with beards, whether it’s because of its more manly appearance or how it highlights the jawline. If you want to attract more women, growing facial hair is usually a safe bet.

Boosted Confidence

One of the best aspects of growing a beard is that it hides any skin problems you might have, like acneOpens in a new tab., scars, dark spots, and the like. This effect, added to the fact that beards make men look more attractive, means you’ll walk around with boosted confidence like never before!

Added Protection

Another part where having a beard wins is the protection facial hair provides against weather conditions. For instance, it’ll protect your chin from sunburns and keep it warm in cold weather. Not to mention, it’ll keep all the dust and pollutants you meet in the street every day away from your skin.

More Convenience

Shaving every day or two is an inconvenience you won’t have to face if you become a bearded man. In addition to the time it takes, regularly shaving your beard makes you prone to issues like ingrown hairs and razor burn.

The Cons

Now, let’s discuss the cons of being a bearded man!

Face Irritation

Growing a beard comes with the risk of skin irritation. Since facial hair traps dust, dead skin cells, and bacteria, it’s a no-go for men with sensitive skinOpens in a new tab.. Over time, the hair growth might cause itching, redness, and more.

High Maintenance

Groomed beards take a lot of commitment to look the way they do, and they’re very high-maintenance. For example, if you decide to grow a Viking beard, you’ll have to trim it, clean it with beard shampoo, and moisturize it every other day. Also, you might have to use beard oil to keep it looking neat.

While the care routine will differ according to your beard style, you’ll still have to commit to one to stay clean and neat.

The Pros and Cons of Not Having a Beard

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Now that you know what growing a beard will entail, it’s time to discuss the other side, not having one!

The Pros

Here are all the pros that come with being a clean-shaven man:

Youthful Appearance

Clean-shaven men look younger than bearded men; that’s a fact! So if you want to drop a few years of your age, we say you clean-shave your face and enjoy the smooth look and feel.

Clean Look

While most women prefer beards, a few consider them a turn-off because they don’t exactly scream cleanliness. In their opinion, a clean-shaven face looks more hygienic and thus more attractive. In a way, this might be true because sporting a clean-shaven look gives you a chance to regularly remove dead skin and dust from your face.

Low Maintenance

The best part about not having facial hair is probably its low maintenance. All you have to do is shave daily or every couple of days, and you’re good to go. There’s no need for beard oils, shampoos, trimming sessions, and the like.

Classic and Formal Look

Do you want to know why prestigious fictional characters, like James Bond and Jay Gatsby, always sport a clean-shaven appearance? Because it looks far more classic and formal than any beard style, of course!

If you want to give off an aura of authority, ditch the rugged, bearded look and start shaving.

The Cons

Here are the cons you should expect to face if you get rid of your beard regularly:

Faster Aging

While a clean shave makes you look younger overall, it doesn’t offer the same privilege to your skin. The absence of facial hair exposes your skin to many aging factors, like UV rays, dust, and the like. Over time, you might notice the appearance of face lines and dark spots faster than expected.

Improper Shaving

If you shave every day, you might do it hurriedly or carelessly out of boredom. However, improper shaving has unfavorable effects on the skin.

For instance, if you shave against the direction of growth, you’ll irritate the hair follicles and cause ingrown hair and razor bumps. Also, if you shave without shaving cream or aftershave, you’ll irritate your skin.

Tips for Growing a Beard

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Here are a few tips for growing a healthy, neat-looking beard:

  • Let It Grow: Before trimming and growing your beard, let it grow first for a month or two. This way, you’ll have enough hair to style it how you like.
  • Choose the Right Style: While picking a beard trim, don’t let your mind wander too far. Consider your face shape and how the beard will change it.
  • Use a Beard Brush: Your beard might tangle and look disheveled from time to time, similar to hair, so always keep a beard brush nearby to tame it.
  • Choose the Right Beard Products: Beard hair is different from head hair, so make sure to buy designated products for the chin area to avoid adverse reactions or poor results.

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Tips for Having a Clean-Shaven Face

If you decide to go with a clean shave, check these tips for an attractive look:

  • Exfoliate Regularly: Exfoliating before shaving cleans all the dead cells and dust that might prevent your razor from removing the hair efficiently.
  • Avoid Layered Razors: Multi-blade razors increase the risk of skin irritation and bumps. While they might get the job done faster, they might leave marks behind.
  • Only Use Sharp Razors: If you use your razor more than five times, chances are it’s not as sharp anymore. In that case, you should replace it to avoid scratching your face by passing the blade over it more than once.
  • Use Sunblock: The absence of facial hair exposes your face to the harsh sun rays, so always use sunblock cream to protect it from sunburn and fast aging.

To Wrap Up

Both growing a beard and maintaining a clean shave look come with pros and cons. After reviewing the ones we mentioned above, you can make an informed decision and go with the option that suits you. However, don’t forget to follow our care tips to enjoy a healthy and neat look!

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