The Beard King: Our Honest Look Inside & Review


I think many of us can agree that a well-trimmed beard is sexy as hell. Those masculine, full beards make me think of the American Folklore lumberjack Paul Bunyan. So strong and masculine, fierce down to the very bone.

But do you know the work that is involved in keeping that beard impeccable? It takes work. Shaggy beards that are all scraggly and look like they just might have some critters calling them home are not exactly the desired level of beard that we’re going for. But hey, if you’re wanting to grow your beard down to your knees and braid it, then you do you.

However, if you are thinking that shaggy beards are more Joe Dirt than Paul Bunyan, and you are looking for a more trimmed clean-cut look, then we want to help your beard grow into all its groomed frontier glory. We understand that reaching that level of beard awesomeness takes a lot of tools. A bearded man has to have the right tools in his beard tool belt. Grooming, trimming, oiling, and combing are all components of a well-oiled beard growing machine of a face. Beard King has a line of kick-ass beard tools to help your beard reach legendary beard status.

Beard Bib Review

Now, before you start thinking that bibs are for wussies, I’d like to point out the following activities that require a bib: eating lobster, eating 20lb steaks (its a thing), shotgunning a beer in a nice suit, eating buffalo wings. Need I go on? Proof that bibs are manly.

The Beard Bib, which you can find here, is Beard King’s primary product and even appeared on the show Shark Tank, where businesswoman Lori accepted the deal. This must-have grooming tool for men boasts of being essential in preventing manual cleanup of hair clippings, saving you time and hassle. The beard apron features adjustable straps to fit all neck sizes. The apron is made of a silky material which is similar to what salons use. It’s designed for the hair to slide right off for easy disposal. Two suction cups at the end of the Beard Bib stick to the mirror and features a hook on each suction cup. The hook allows you to stop in the middle of trimming, step away and come right back with ease and no mess.

What is cool about this product is that it has a built-in pouch so the full apron can quickly store and zipped up into a travel size bag. This is as simple as 1- 2-3.

  1. unzip pouch and pull out the apron.
  2. velcro around the neck.
  3. place suction cups on the mirror.

The cleanup is just as simple. Un-suction from the mirror, use easy flap shoot for disposal, fold back into the pouch. No wiping down counters or floors. Can I get a what, what?!
Here is what one Beard King customer recently said about the Beard Bib,

“This has changed my life. Ok, maybe that’s a little bit hyperbole, but it has, at the very least, greatly improved my beard maintenance. Cleaning up after was always a pain, and in some cases, I’d resort to putting a bag over the sink and working hard to keep my clippings in the bag. As a tall person, it was super uncomfortable and annoying. With this, I can stand much more naturally, and there is less mess to cope with. Anyone with a beard should have one of these, seriously.”

Another doting fan sings their praises in this way,

“I found out about the Beard Bib through Beard King’s Instagram and had to get it. I trim my beard every week, let me tell you… I wish I would’ve found this a lot sooner. It’s effortless to use, and I love that the hairs slide right off of the Bib into the trash. Cleanup is now 10X easier and faster. Best part: no more face pubs all over my bathroom counter! Needless to say, my wife is a big fan of the Bib too. Thank you, BEARD KING, for this awesome creation!”

Beard Oil – 3 Kings Review

This 3-pack of beard oils features different scents: Imperial, Knight, and Blade. Beard King’s Beard Oils are NON-Greasy beard adding nutrients and vitamins to help tame your wild beast and support hair growth. Beards can make your face dry and itchy, so it is essential to have a good oil to moisturize both your skin and hair.

This product is also free of sulfates, parabens all sorts of other toxins that are likely found in competitors’ products.

A delighted customer writes,

“I’ve tried a ton of beard oils and this is the BEST one I’ve ever used. I hate the greasy film most beard oils leave, and Beard King’s oil doesn’t make my beard feel/look wet and greasy at all. It makes it soft, and it smells amazing. I will definitely be repurchasing, and I’m excited to try all the scents they offer on their website.”

It seems this product is hands down one of the best oils out there based on many reviews. It will keep you feeling, and smelling like royalty. But don’t take my word for it, visit Beard Kings website to read more reviews and see other products.

Beard & Body Wash Imperial Review

The Imperial Beard and Body Wash is a 3-in-1 cleanser for the beard, hair, and body. I love that there is one product that does all these things. I don’t want to have to remember three different items to grab at the store. 3-in-1s make it easy. One bottle. Three jobs. Boom, done.

Another positive of this product is that it is free of all parabens and sulfates and enriched with natural botanicals. It seems the product itself is a success but some people have mixed reviews on the smell and potency of the fragrance.

This reviewer raves about the product

“Great Product. When I start growing out my face fuzz, my biggest issue I run into is the drying out and flaking of my skin. EVERY shampoo I use to wash my beard ends up drying and flaking my beard. The Beard wash from Beard King lets me wash my beard daily while not over drying. If you are growing your beard out, this is a must-have product.”

Another testifies to the product itself, even so much to say it’s possible the best they’ve ever used.

“The soap itself is excellent, possibly the best I’ve used. The scent, for me, is overwhelming and is pretty much as offensive as that one brand major U.S. brand of body wash that stinks up the gym. If you go for that sort of assault on the senses, I suspect you’ll love this stuff. I used it once and smelled to high heaven for a couple of hours. Will not finish the bottle.”

It’s no secret that smells can be, we smelly, for some. Fragrances are just one of those things that you are never going to please the masses with. I say if it makes you feel like a king, and possibly smell like one (does anyone know what a king smells like), then go for it, baby!

To get that three-in-one awesomeness, head on over to the Beard and Body Wash Imperial page.

The King Kit Review

Having a great beard is not as easy as it looks. Great beards take great responsibility. The King Kit gives you everything you need to get started and on your way to a fantastic beard. The kit includes the Beard Bib, Beard & Body Wash, Premium Beard Oil and a Beard Brush.

This would be a thoughtful gift for the KING in your house. If you’re looking for the gift that kills two birds with one stone, The King Kit just might be the one.

This reviewer was excited to buy the kit for her husband,

“This was a win-win gift. My husband loves the beard brush, wash and oil, and I’m stoked because there are no longer little hairs littering our bathroom sink. It’s the perfect gift!”

Low and behold, she found it was a bit of a gift for herself as well.

Another satisfied customer affirms,

“This KING KIT was a great gift and value. The package arrived in a cool box with some awesome messaging inside. Welcoming me to “The Royal Family.” I truly feel like a KING now.” So, Christmas is coming. Go get that gift box now and win the day!

So it seems the products are a royal hit (pun intended) but what about their overall look and customer service? Even to the select few that had complaints about the product or just decided that it wasn’t for them, they all had nothing but good things to say about Beard King. They made quite a name for themselves with their marketing.

Of course, their royal humor (last pun, I promise) is something we all can enjoy, and they have made that a part of their brand. Their packaging is all black and white and looks very sophisticated and clean. Their products also come in a choice of black or white, whichever you prefer.

They have built a company that exudes practicality, fun, humor and excellent care of their customers. I think it is imperative to point out just how stellar their customer service is. It seems they know how valuable their customers are indeed and they make sure to treat them as such.


Overall, from the products to the team behind Beard King, we can say we are thoroughly impressed with the products and accessories that Beard King has to offer are top-notch.

The process of keeping a beard trimmed and clean can be a messy, cumbersome battle. With products like the Beard Bib, cleaning has become a two-step process. Trimming is so much easier, knowing that all those little beard hairs are caught in the bib and not on the counter.

The oils for conditioning those rough, grizzly beard scruffs into a smooth, velvety feeling. The oils are great because they are not greasy. Your beard feels soft, rather than dipped in fry sauce.

I am thoroughly impressed with the suave game Beard King brings to the table. Suave, Beard King. Real suave.

Click Here to check them out, and if you purchase through my link you will help support North American Beard Alliance!

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