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It doesn’t matter if you are housebound because a zombie apocalypse has emerged, you have severe agoraphobia, or you lost your legs in a wood-chipper accident. Beard neglect is out of the question. So what’s a guy to do? 

At North American Beard Alliance, we aim to help you keep at least one area of your life normal, your beard. Product reviews, beard grooming tips, news, and more, this is where you will find the best for your beard.

I‘m Gonna Grow a Beard

Some of you may be thinking, “Wow, I have all this time at home now. Since I don’t have to go into the office, I don’t have to shave. Since I don’t have to shave, I’m going to grow a beard.” 

How hard can it be? All you have to do is stop shaving, right?

Then in a few short weeks, that facial fuzz will turn into a lush, healthy, beautiful forest of hair

WRONG. Beards aren’t just born; they’re made. 

Or maybe you’re already one of us and have been growing your beard for some time now.

Sadly though, you’re a little disappointed because it’s just not what you expected it would be.

Either way, starting a new beard or maintaining a well-aged beard, is a bit more complicated than just stopping shaving. Ok, maybe not that complicated, but don’t be in a hurry and follow these guidelines.

If you’re in doubt, go ahead…grow it out. 

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Proper Care of Your Beard

Beards 101. Guys, wash your beard. There’s nothing worse than some guy with food or some other foreign substance stuck in their beard. Gross Dude! No saving snacks for later.

It’s more than just something from breakfast lodged in your beard. Trapped food and skin cells can often be the cause of itchy skin under your beard. Some people believe that washing and conditioning their beard is the most essential step in beard care.

Get and use a good beard specific shampoo and conditioner. You will notice the difference after you’ve used it. Your beard will be softer and shinier. Much more lovable than a scraggly and dirty beard.

Now you’re probably wondering, are beard specific shampoos and conditioners that different from my regular shampoo? Well, that depends on the quality of your regular shampoo and conditioner.

You get what you pay for. This applies to shampoos and conditioners too! Cheap shampoos and conditioners are sometimes full of chemicals.

Your scalp may not be all that sensitive to the chemicals found in inexpensive shampoos, but your face may be a different story. High-quality products for your head typically have fewer chemicals in the ingredients list. That means they will probably be just fine on your beard and face too.

If, however, you go frugal on the shampoo and conditioner, which I must confess I’ve done on occasion, then splurge. Treat your face to a high-quality beard shampoo and conditioner.

Your beard will thank you. So will your face!

Man trimming his beard

To Trim or Not To Trim, That is the Question

Only you know the answer to this question. If you’re Man Mountain Milton from the local outlaw biker gang, then no, you probably don’t give much thought to trimming that hedge on your face.

But if you are NOT a 1%er riding a Harley with the gang, your face to the wind, and headed to Sturgis, then trimming might be for you.

To maintain the shape you choose, it’s important to remember to help shape your beard. Cutting or trimming alone will not get you the results that you desire. There is another step you should take before breaking out the scissors or electric trimmer.

It’s also vital that you use a comb or a beard brush to keep those stubborn hairs from revolting. Brush them in the direction that you want them to go. If you’re not sure what direction you want them to go, it’s down. Duh…

When you do decide it’s time to trim, remember you want to take care not to get too carried away. You can always take off more, but you can never put any back!

Take care and use a sharp instrument. Whether it be scissors or an electric trimmer, you want it to be sharp. The last thing you want to do is to rip out hairs with a dull tool accidentally. 

Bearded man using a phone selfie stick

Beard Oils

Take your beard to the next level with beard oil. Not to be confused with Dapper Dan, or Fop hair pomade, which are for your head, beard oils are made specifically to bring out the best in your beard.

The right beard oil can be the difference between, ”Hey, you grew a beard”, and “Wow, what a great looking beard.”

A word of caution. Sometimes beard oils can be tricky. Knowing which one is right for you can be as basic as trial and error. 

Some beard oils can be too heavy, or thick. Some can make your beard feel dry. Or some can do the opposite, and leave your beard feeling oily or greasy.

Many guys have several bottles of beard oil in their bathroom. Until you find the one you like, you may need to try several brands. You’ll know the one that’s right for you when you find it.

As you can see, there is more to growing your beard than just stopping shaving. North American Beard Alliance can guide you in detail through each phase of your beard. 

Remember to check back in with us often and keep up to date on all of the best beard grooming tips, tricks, secrets, and products to keep your beard looking it’s best.

Best of luck to you if you are quarantining. Stay safe, healthy, and looking fine. 



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