All-Natural Beard Grooming: Mountaineer Brand Review


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I’ve been a beardsman for years now. I’m not going to shy away from a little bragging opportunity when it comes to my beard product knowledge. I’ve seen beard trends come and go and then come back again. I’ve experimented with the best of products and worst of outcomes. That’s why I am so pleased to bring you this review of Mountaineer BrandOpens in a new tab., brought to you by Founder and CEO Eric Young.

My wife has even inserted her opinion into my beard grooming with scent recommendations and knowledge of natural vs. synthetic ingredients. In my opinion, give me a product that works. I don’t care about your balms if it does nothing for my beard. So let’s delve into the Mountaineer BrandOpens in a new tab. and what I like about it.

Branching Out of the Beard Box

So like she does often, my wife found a new product for me. I call it her “need-to-fulfill-her-shopping-addiction,” she calls it expressing her love language with me. In either case, she keeps leaving it out on the bathroom counter. I finally used up my go-to bottles and grabbed at this one. She would win, for now.

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Usually, I like to base my beard purchases off of price and other’s reviews. I was trusting a non-beard grower on this product. Fellas, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying she hasn’t offered opinions that worked out well for me, but you see the problem I have here.

I love my wife, so I began inspecting the merchandise, attempting to figure out just what she was getting me into. I had heard of the Mountaineer BrandOpens in a new tab. before. I have a few friends who also use the Mountaineer BrandOpens in a new tab., so I had high hopes.

The setup came in a burlap bag and inside had a beard wash, beard oil, and beard balm. It also had a sturdy wooden handled brush. The bristles didn’t seem like they would do damage on my face but still felt like it would get the job done correctly. So far so good.

Testing The Product Out

Upon opening the bottle, I found the scent of the beard wash not to be very strong. I appreciate this in a product as I prefer to be my cologne of choice to be the smell that people notice – not my facial hair products.

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The scent on this particular bottle was called Timber, and I describe it as being woodsy with a fresh eucalyptus after smell. There are also three additional scents available: Citrus & Spice; Pine; and Coal. The beard wash had a nice lather and cleaned nicely. I found my usual amount of product I would use was too much with the Mountaineer BrandOpens in a new tab., another plus in my book. Less product being used means the bottle will last much longer.  

Beard wash is pretty straight forward. Wet, lather, rinse. You get the idea pretty quickly.  If in doubt, watch the Mountaineer Brand video on beard washing. There’s no need to condition when using a beard oil. Step two for my new kit was up.

Remembering how far a little amount of wash went, I figured the oil might be the same. The oil had the same scent as the wash, and a little product was more than efficient to cover my beard area and my hair. The oil absorbed nicely and didn’t leave my hands or me feeling greasy or heavy. The Mountaineer Brand kit Opens in a new tab.was still a strong contender in becoming an everyday favorite.

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I use the brush to ensure the oil is working well throughout the beard.  The handle was sturdy and had a good shape. It wasn’t overly scratchy and was easy to handle.

The Real Winner

After brushing out your beard and making sure all pesky stragglers are at bay, there is nothing like a simple touch on your beard that throws all efforts out of the window. Every beardsman knows one cannot just stop after brushing the beard. One must always finish with a balm to keep the masterpiece mastered.

With that said, I’m picky about my balms. I find a lot of the cheap crap is sticky, too stiff, or honestly does nothing but give my beard a smell. As I said, if the product doesn’t work, I’m not interested in any so-called perk it might have.

My first impression of the balm was that the scent was much stronger than the other two products. The stronger-smelling scent is pretty typical for a beard balm as it’s consistency is a bit denser. It smells good, so I’m not complaining. The beard balm felt a lot softer than I was expecting; probably an effect of the all natural ingredients, and melted into my hands quickly.

The balm required very little product to start working. I liked that the beard balm allowed me to mold and shape how I wanted with minimal effort. In my mind, I was already beginning to think of how to let my wife know she did well.  

The Final Verdict

It’s been a few weeks of using the Mountaineer Brand Opens in a new tab.kit. It has gotten a lot of good use. I do find that I didn’t notice a huge difference in the first few days. It seemed to do its job just as well as my other loved beard products. Mountaineer Brand Opens in a new tab.

After a few uses, my beard did begin to feel softer, and the hair was much more comfortable to manage. I found that my beard was ready for a break from the synthetic and it’s now living life better than ever. My beard feels truly moisturized and full without being unmanageable. My wife enjoys kissing me again sans scratchy beard, and my skin is feeling better as well.

If you’re looking for a new product, or maybe even if you aren’t, I do recommend the Mountaineer Brand.Opens in a new tab. I like that the kit comes with just about everything a beardsman needs. The brand has many other products to expand upon as well depending on your bearded needs, and they all seem to do the job well. You can find the kit ready to purchase by clicking here. Opens in a new tab.Give the products some time, and you’ll see that it transforms your beard game and all around makes life easier. Cheers.

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2 thoughts on “All-Natural Beard Grooming: Mountaineer Brand Review

  1. I ordered a bottle of the Mountaineer Brand Shine Away PH and liked it a lot so I ordered a second bottle. Second bottle was poorly package and had leaked about half of the bottle out during shipping. But one other thing struck me as odd. This bottle didn’t smell the same or look the same. Just looked like straight apple cider vinegar. So after emailing them they sent yet another bottle. Packaged the same and luckily didn’t spill this time. But same thing. Not even close to the first bottle I received. Didn’t have the minty cooling effect on the skin of the nice woodsy smell. Reeks like apple cider vinegar. I messaged them once against asking what’s up with the inconsistency in this product. Said they’d ask the guy who mixes it but have yet to get back with me or offer me a refund for spending another $16 plus dollars on a bottle of apple cider vinegar. If I wanted that id go to Walmart and pay 5 bucks for a bottle 3 times the size of this stuff. Also noticed they conveniently removed a comment I left on one of their FB posts about this product. Overall im highly unimpressed with this bottom of the barrel company who clearly lack product consistency and proper customer service.

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