Plan to Get Babylights? Here’s What You Should Know

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As their name suggests, babylights are a form of traditional highlights that resemble kids’ hair. This technique gives your hair a natural-looking, sun-kissed effect and gives your face a new, fresh look. And the best thing? It can work on any hair color!

So if you’re into hairstyle changes, here’s what you should know about babylights before you decide on them.

How Are Babylights Done?

Creating babylights isn’t rocket science since it’s similar to traditional highlights. However, the procedure is more time-consuming, as your stylist works with small sections of hair and carefully applies a dye to them. That should be only a few shades lighter than your natural hair color.

After that, the next step is to wrap dyed strands in foil so that the follicle can better receive the coloring. While doing this, your stylist should follow your hairline to create a more natural color blend.

The final step is washing and heat styling your hair as you wish. And the end result should be super-fine highlights that seem to have slightly changed shade due to the sun. Of course, if you go to the salon and leave your head to professionals.

How Are Babylights Different from Lowlights or Balayage?

All mentioned techniques can be marked as highlights and enhance your look, but with some differences. For instance, lowlights follow the same process as highlights but in the opposite way. They call for a darker hue on smaller sections that adds depth to your hair.

Lowlights also differ from babylights, which usually add dimension to your hair by using bright shades. In that way, they add fine contrast to your hair color.

As for the difference between balayage and babylights, it’s all about the dye application technique. Balayage doesn’t need a foil; it’s more of freehand highlighting with dye applied to the ends of the hair.

Who Are Babylights for?

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After familiarizing yourself with the working process, you’re probably wondering if babylights are right for you. But you’ll be happy to know this coloring technique perfectly suits any color, texture, and hair length.

For starters, babylights work great on blonde hair, making it shiny and vibrant. Likewise, lighter strands may be an excellent choice for dark brown hair. And if they’re closer to your hairline, in shades similar to your base color, they’ll enhance the hair’s shape and create the impression of a thick, lush hairstyle.

Redheads can also try babylights in shades of copper and gold for a multi-tonal effect. On the other hand, ladies with gray hair can also be brave and add a few silver, ash, or even some light blue tones to conceal or refresh their hair.

You can try babylights when planning to change your base color, but you want to do that gradually. So you’ll have enough time to get used to the new hair color. Plus, you won’t think about a heavy line of demarcation, as babylights are natural-looking and subtle.

Probably the only time your hairdresser won’t recommend babylights is when your hair is damaged. In that case, don’t insist on them, as you won’t achieve desired results. Instead, consider restorative treatments to recover and soften your hair. Only then can you consider balayage, highlights, or babylights.

How to Care for Your Babylights?

Regardless of the coloring technique, you must know that painted hair requires good and regular maintenance. But you’ll be happy to know that babylights are low-maintenance compared to balayage, ombre, and all-over color.

For starters, you need specialized products for your highlights and that new, dimensional color. So you should buy quality shampoo and conditioner for treated hair. And if you have fine hair, don’t skip a nourishing mask that protects and strengthens your hair from the root.

You should also invest in leave-in products that moisturize your hair and make it softer. And don’t forget extra protection when exposing your babylights to the sun. Finally, keep up with regular touch-ups.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose the Right Shade for Babylights?

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Babylights can look great on anyone’s head, but you should always consult experts regarding color choice. They’ll consider your hair condition, needs, and individual skin tone to determine the subtle shade that’ll add depth to your hair color.

Will Babylights Damage My Hair?

Every hair treatment damages it to some point, but babylights usually do no harsh harm to your hair. That’s because your hairdresser treats only smaller sections of hair that are treated.

How Often Should I Refresh Babylights?

Because of thin painted strands, babylights are easy to maintain and need fewer coloring sessions than other techniques. So seeing your hairdresser every three to four months will help you keep that naturally-lightened hair look.

Can You DIY Babylights?

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Regardless of your skills, there’s almost no way you’ll achieve that subtle color transition. Plus, there’s a risk of choosing the wrong dye shade, which can ruin your look. So don’t mess around, and go to a reputable salon for professionally-done babylights.

To Sum Up

Babylights bring much-needed refreshment to your look without making a world of difference. They are low-maintenance and can look good on anyone, provided they’re done by a professional stylist who knows how to deal with different hair colors and styles.

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