An Octocurl Review: Getting Stunning Heatless Curls

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An Octocurl Review

If you’re like me and want to avoid curling irons like the plague, you need to try heatless curls! You can achieve heatless curls with hair rollers and other heatless hair products to make sure not to heat damage your hair.

There is a downside to heatless curls, though. Some heatless hair products can be tough to put in and can be so uncomfortable to sleep in. The worst part is that sometimes my curls come out all wrong after all of that effort.

For those reasons, I used to hate putting in curling rods and constantly reached for my hot tools instead, causing heat damage to my strands. When I discovered the fabulous and efficient Octocurl, I had to write a review because it was so easy and gave me perfect results every time!

In this Octocurl review, I’m going to share the features, pros, and cons of this fantastic tool with you. Use this Octocurl review to decide if it’s right for you, and let me know what you think when you use the linksOpens in a new tab. in this review to get one for yourself!.

Octocurl Features:

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The Octocurl comes in microfiber, cotton poplin, or satin fabrics for frizz-free heatless curls. The material you choose will affect the outcome of the curls. 

Microfiber is the most absorbent and helps dry hair faster for wet sets. Cotton poplin is excellent for preventing excessive frizziness, and satin is best for retaining moisture in coarser hair types.


In addition to multiple fabrics, the Octocurl comes in various lengths and sizes. The 13″ is excellent for long hair, 10″ fabrics are for medium, and the 7″ will work for short-haired gals.

Soft Yet Strong Construction

The product is designed with soft fabric only (no uncomfortable hard plastics like traditional rollers). Additionally, the headband is 20-22″ and stretches to fit comfortably on your head.

The Octocurl is flexible, so you can wear it in several ways to achieve different looks. Place it over your head like a crown or wrap it around like a headband.

Versatile Strips

Achieve different curl shapes and sizes by changing the number of strips you use. For example, you can use two or more tentacles for loose curls, one tentacle for spirals, or braid your strands with the tentacles for beachy waves. 

Your hair will come out great no matter how you decide to wrap your hair. You could even try your own unique method — the possibilities are endless!

Completely Heat Free

The is no heat necessary when using the Octocurl. The best method for using this heatless hair tool is to dampen it slightly by using a misting bottle filled with water. You roll up your hair, leave it in overnight, and wake up with beautiful, bouncy curls. 

Avoid using this product with soaking wet hair as it may not dry before you wake up in the morning. Wet hair is the most fragile, and the whole point of heatless hair styling is to protect your hair, duh. So hair this is about 80% dry is the best practice here!

Hair Dryer Safe and Travel-Friendly

If you’re pressed for time, you can use a hairdryer as a low-heat method to dry your curls in the bands. This makes the process much faster than waiting for everything to air dry. 

Also, Octocurl is travel-friendly. There are no individual pieces to carry around because everything you need is one piece.

How to Use the OctocurlOpens in a new tab.

Octocurl Review

Step 1:

Mist your hair lightly with water, or make sure your freshly washed hair is about 80% dry. Then take the Octocurl headband and place it around your head like a headband or around the crown of your head.

Step 2: 

Make sure there is an even amount of tentacles on each side of your head (four on one side and four on the other).

Step 3:

Take a section of hair that is about how large you want your curls, and begin to wrap it around two tentacles as far as you can. I recommend wrapping the hair away from your face, but any direction you like works!

Step 4: 

When you get near the end of your hair, use the rubber bands at the end of the tentacle to secure your hair to the tentacle.

Step 5:

Repeat the above steps for the rest of your head until all of your strands are secure.

Octocurl Review Pros:

Before and after Octocurl review

1. Simple

 With regular rollers, I had to figure out how many to put in and where to put each one. The Octocurl is simple and easy to put into your hair because it is all one piece, and each tentacle is attached to the headband.

2. Secure

I never have to worry about the Octocurl coming off of my head at night because of the secure elastic in the headband component. No matter how much I move around at night, it remains secure, unlike traditional rollers.

3. No Damage To Your Hair

Heat toolsOpens in a new tab. fry my strands, but the Octocurl is gentle and uses no heat. The soft fabrics don’t cause breakage, so I never have to worry about split ends.

(Personally, I prefer the satin option the most because it’s super gentle and helps my tresses retain moisture while reducing frizz.)

4. Comfortable

I hated sleeping in perm rods or flex rods because they were stiff and rigid. The Octocurl is made of soft fabric, so I sleep like a baby when I wear it at night.

5. Many Types of Curls

I can create so many variations of heatless curls and waves with this tool! So far, I’ve achieved spiral curls, beach waves, and body waves.

6. Inexpensive

I can’t tell you how many rollers I have bought that I lost or broke throughout the years. Over time, all of those rollers cost me a pretty penny.

Additionally, heat styling tools are also pricey. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on high-end brand curling wands and flat irons to use at home and in my salon.

The Octocurl is a less expensive option because you only need one, and it lasts so long. 

7. Works for Any Hair-Type

I have seen this product make amazing curls for many hair types. No matter the hair length, texture, or density, anyone can get a nice curl or wave.

8. Great for Busy Schedules

As a mom and business owner, I’m always on the go and can’t always style my hair the way I want all of the time. But this product makes it so easy and saves time. While I’m at home doing chores, I can wear it with no problem.

9. Beautiful and Consistent Results

One of the worst parts of using traditional rollers is that I’d never know what it would look like in the morning. Sometimes it would be a huge success, and sometimes a disaster.

On the other hand, Octocurl gives me great results consistently. I never worry about how my curls will come out when I wake up anymore.

Octocurl Review Cons:

1. Takes Some Time to Get the Hang of It

I will not lie; it took me some time to practice using the Octocurl. It’s simple, but you still need to learn where your fingers go and what wrapping techniques work best for your hair. 

Luckily, the video tutorials and manual made it easier to learn how to achieve the looks I wanted. I suggest watching the video tutorials to tap into the full potential of this product.

But once you find your method, this is quick and easy to use. 

2. Extra-Long Hair Option Not Available Yet

If you have extra-long tresses, you might be out of luck. Octocurl only goes up to 13″ so far. 

Hopefully, even more sizes will come out to perfectly fit the needs of longer styles. 

Shop the Octocurl Today

A black woman wearing yellowing excitedly opening her package with an Octocurl she ordered.

I love my Octocurl.

You can create beautiful heatless curls today. You won’t regret it, and your tresses will thank you for putting away those damaging hot tools. 

You can find and buy the Octocurl hereOpens in a new tab. to wake up with beautiful heatless curls day after day.

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