Aftercare for Waxing Tips: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

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Body hair isn’t desirable for most ladies, especially during the summer, so waxing has become an integral part of the beauty routine. It’s a beneficial procedureOpens in a new tab. and an effective way to get rid of hair in no time, but it also irritates the skin and makes it sensitive.

Skin irritation after hair removal has many forms, from acne and bumps to burst capillaries. Luckily, proper skin preparation before the treatment and aftercare for waxing can prevent these unpleasant symptoms.

Tips for Post-waxing Care

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Post-wax skin needs some love, so provide it with gentle waxing aftercare. And whatever you do, try not to touch freshly waxed skin with your hands before washing them.

Don’t Shower Right Away

You might feel relief after your body hair has gone, but there’s that sticky feeling after waxing, especially after a bikini wax. Your skin is irritated and itchy, and you can’t wait to take a shower, but that’s a no-no right after the treatment.

Open hair follicles on your newly waxed skin can suck in chemicals from body washes and baths, which can clog pores. So at least for 24 hours until open pores close, avoid bathing, especially in swimming pools.

A cosmetician will clean the waxed area to remove the wax residue and apply a cooling gel to soothe inflammation. If you wax at home, use post-wax oils to clean the skin and aloe vera to cool it. If you still need a quick shower, wait at least two hours, and don’t use soap.

Don’t Apply Heat

The post-wax skin is already irritated, so any heat applied will only worsen the inflammation. Plus, it’ll open pores and dry out skin, making it prone to ingrown hairs.

Staying in hot baths and steam rooms and going to hot massages and steam treatments aren’t recommended at least 48 hours after waxing. Hot yoga is another thing to avoid, as sweat and heat on your post-wax skin will make bacteria thrive, leading to skin inflammation.

The same goes for any kind of UV radiation, so don’t do self-tanning or go to sun beds at least two or three days after waxing.

Moisturize Waxed Skin

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After removing hair and the superficial layer of your skin, it needs proper care to recover. As waxed skin can be dry and flaky, daily moisturizing is necessary.

Use gentle moisturizing products containing natural oils, like tea tree oil, witch hazel, or aloe vera, to moisturize your post-wax skin. Your cosmetician might recommend lotions for after-wax care to prevent post-waxing irritation. Be careful with products containing chemicals that can enter your open pores.

An antiseptic cream like Finipil LaitOpens in a new tab. can soothe dry, irritated skin after the waxing service. Apply this product for three days in a row and use a cold compress for extra relief.

Exfoliation Matters

Exfoliation helps you remove dead cells from the topmost layer of the skin, so it’s good to do it a couple of days before and after the waxing treatment to prevent ingrown hairs.

Always opt for gentle body scrubs like Eraser Body ScrubOpens in a new tab. and loofahs, two to three times a week. You can also use a gentle brush to remove dead skin. Use it dry on your dry skin before taking a shower.

After exfoliation, blood flow gets better, so new skin cells can grow. If there are bumps, you can relieve them by applying cold compresses or an ice pack after exfoliation.

Never exfoliate freshly waxed skin, as waxing treatments already remove dead skin cells. So if you’d rub your sensitized skin even more, that could lead to bumps and skin damage.

Chemical peels for dead skin removalOpens in a new tab. are recommended from time to time, but only after three or four days after waxing.

Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing

To prevent irritation on your flaky skin, put on some loose-fitting clothes like sweatpants that don’t cause friction.

Pay Particular Attention to the Bikini Area

Waxing aftercare especially matters in the bikini zone, where sweat combined with fresh wax can trigger bacteria buildup and severe inflammation.

Also, this area is particularly prone to ingrown hairs, so don’t forget to exfoliate it and apply antiseptics and cooling gels (which you can cool off in a beauty fridge) regularly.

And forget about tight clothes and panties that can worsen the irritation of your lady parts.

What Not to Do After Hair Removal

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Here’s a list of mistakes to avoid after your wax treatment:

  • No perfumed products: Avoid cosmetics with artificial scents, alcohol, and parabens to prevent infection of waxed skin. These compounds can cause tingling, redness, and even an allergic reaction.
  • Don’t go to the gym a few days after waxing: Sweaty skin is prone to irritation and infection, and friction from tight clothes can make it even worse.
  • Avoid shaving between treatments: Although hair growth starts two to three weeks after waxing, you can spot them here and there, so you might be intimidated to shave them. Shaving irritate follicles which can trigger the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Why Proper Waxing Aftercare Is Important

Visiting certified waxing salonsOpens in a new tab. every four to six weeks will create a hair growth pattern you should follow with regular hair removal treatments. In the meantime, you should moisturize and exfoliate your skin to prevent bumps, flaky skin, and ingrown hairs.

Small bumps, redness, and dryness are common things after using wax on your skin. These should pass after a day or two. But if you notice swelling in a waxed area or experience pain and discomfort, don’t refrain from contacting your cosmetician.

To Sum Up

Seeing a waxing specialist regularly will help you get rid of unwanted hair and dead skin. To ensure the best hair removal results, you should provide your skin with proper after-waxing care. Avoid heat, friction, and cosmetics for a while, and let your skin rest before you show it off!

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