A Review of OPI Spring Nail Colors 2019 – The Tokyo Collection

Spring is here and with it comes new looks, new colors, and new styles. The spring nail colors for 2019 are hotter than ever. A fresh manicure is a perfect way to kick off the new season. With fabulous choices from the OPI Tokyo Collection, your nails are sure to stand out this spring.

If you’re looking for something bright and bold to adorn your nails with, the OPI Tokyo Collection is perfect for you. With twelve different colors, you won’t run out of inspiration this season. From pinks to greens and even dark purple, coordinating with your spring wardrobe will be a breeze. Whether you go for a solid nail color or change things up with a unique nail design using multiple colors, your nails will look their best this spring.

Rice Rice Baby

OPI never fails to produce quality nail products or the most unique colors. You’ll love Rice Rice Baby with its beautiful mauve hue. This rich color is subtle with the right amount of bold to get you noticed.

Rice Rice Baby is the perfect pink to coordinate with your favorite spring outfit or sunglasses. You’ll love how this beautiful color stands out without being too over the top. Just right for a day at the office but fun enough for a first date, click here to try this heavenly shade.

Another Ramen-tic Evening

If you want to take your love of pink to the next level, this deeper dusty rose color is a perfect choice. Another Ramen-tic Evening is ideal for a romantic afternoon in the park. You’ll love the sweet look of this lovely color when paired with your favorite spring accessories.

Click here to add another rich pink color to your collection. Fun and flirty, you’ll bring spring with you wherever you go with this beautiful shade.

Arigato From Tokyo

A brighter take on pink, Arigato From Tokyo is play and pretty. This deeper pink is gorgeous and sets the mood for a fun and lovely spring. If you’re looking to add a pop of color to your style, this sultry shade is the ideal way to accessorize.

You’ll be ready for spring activities and style with this rich shade. Click here to order your own bottle of this fabulous nail lacquer.

Hurry-Juku Get This Color

If you need something more than the pretty yet subtle lighter pinks in the Tokyo Collection, Hurry-Juku Get This Color is just the ticket. This bold berry shade will wow you with its blue undertones. This gorgeous color adds dimension to whatever outfit you choose for spring.

Summer is just around the corner with this stand-out hue. Click here to check it out and try it for yourself.

All Your Dreams in Vending Machines

Make a statement with this bold and beautiful color. All Your Dreams in Vending Machines is a bright and cheerful color, ready to run straight to summer from spring. This electric hot pink is fun and fresh.

Whether you love pink or just want something eye-catching, this color makes an excellent choice for spring. Perfect for a night out or weekend away, you can’t go wrong. Click here to get your own.

Samurai Breaks a Nail

Pink may be pretty, but purple is gorgeous. If you’re looking for a vibrant color that isn’t too wild, Samurai Breaks a Nail is a fabulous option. With warm undertones, this dimensional color will impress anyone. Stand out with spring style in this fabulous hue.

This bold color will elevate your style and call attention. Pair with coordinating colors to complete your look, or use this color for a fun nail design. Click here to take a look at this fantastic shade.

How Does Your Zen Garden Grow?

If you’re looking for something different this spring, How Does Your Zen Garden Grow will do just the trick. Switch from the flirty and fun pinks and go with this unique shade of green. This subtle lime color is the perfect accent for your spring wardrobe. Use it to contrast with a pink top, or coordinate it with matching accessories.

Lime is an essential color for spring. Your nails will look unbelievable with this fun and cheerful color.

I’m On a Sushi Roll

While the name alone might make you want to break for a sushi-lunch date, I’m on a Sushi Roll is perfect for springtime outings. This fabulous seafoam green shade is warm and inviting, just like spring. Nothing says you’re ready for spring like this deep, delightful color.

This gorgeous color looks amazing with purple attire or adds a pop of color to a bright white outfit. You’ll stand out with this unique color and be ready for whatever comes your way this spring. Click here to try it out and welcome spring.

Suzi-San Climbs Fuji-San

You’ll love this deep aqua color.Suzi-San Climbs Fuji-San is a rich, inviting, and bold selection from the Tokyo Collection. You’ll be ready for anything from a tropical vacation to a backyard party with this phenomenal color.

Paint it on your toes to look extra beach ready, or make a statement on your fingernails. This fun and bright color is just what you need for spring. Click here to pick up your new spring favorite.

Tempura-ture is Rising!

Orange is a unique color for your nails, but one that will stand out and boast “spring is here”. Tempura-ture is Rising brightens up even the rainy spring days with its vibrant orange hue. This fun color will elevate any spring outfit, and liven up your look. With a touch of sunshine and a warm undertone, you’ll have a blast with this unique color.

Click here to add some boldness to your spring look. You’ll love the energy and excitement of this fantastic color.

Kanpai OPI!

OPI Spring Nail Colors

Are you a minimalist that still wants a stylish spring look? Kanpai OPI! Is the perfect way to sport a subtle color with loads of style. This soft periwinkle with grey undertones will go with anything you wear. You’ll love the neutral but on-trend look and appreciate the sophisticated style.

OPI Spring Nail Colors

Perfect for coordinating with your purse or sandals, you’ll love how easy it is to show off this pretty spring color. Click here to try this subtle shade.

Chopstix and Stones


Do you prefer a dark nail color? Chopstix and Stones is an ideal choice for a dramatic and bold look. If you would rather flaunt dark and deep colors this spring instead of light pastels, you will love Chopstix and Stones. This color pairs well with any jewel-toned attire and adds depth to any look.

OPI Spring Nail Colors

Click here to include some darker shades in your spring collection.

OPI Spring 2019 Tokyo Collection Mini Nail Lacquer 4 Piece Set


Can’t decide which shades to start with from the Tokyo Collection? Try this OPI Spring 2019 Tokyo Collection Mini Nail Lacquer 4 Piece Set<. This set includes Rice Rice Baby, Another Ramen-tic Evening, Arigato from Tokyo, and All Your Dreams in Vending Machines. This affordable set is the perfect way to ensure you have the top colors for spring 2019.

Get Spring Ready Nails With the OPI Tokyo Collection

You’ll have every color you need to welcome spring with these bright and bold colors from the OPI Spring 2019 Tokyo Collection. Show off your favorite look with these unique and on-trend colors.

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