7 Most Popular Beard Styles for 2019

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Beard Styles

Never has there been a more opportune time to grow a beard. No longer is facial hair limited to lumberjacks and duck hunters. 2018 was an excellent year for bearded men, and the forecast for beardom is looking just as good. I’ve picked 7 of the most popular beard styles for you to contemplate.

Beard growing has expanded past the simple act of growing some hair on your face. Some have taken it to become a form of art and expression. Others, like myself, want to maximize their current beard glory.

Whichever side of the fence you are on, beard growing provides an opportunity for customization. From Janu-hairy, all the way to Decem-beard, you have plenty of styles and options.

2019 is our year to branch out or even begin our beard quests. 

Before You Begin

Before You Begin

Although it is tempting, one does not only choose a beard style and “go for it.” No, no. There are things a man needs to consider while embarking on his quest for facial hair such as face shape, hair type, hair thickness, etc.

For example, if you have curly, coarse, thick hair, a long beard may not be the option that is best for you. Although some do prefer to mimic old Saint Nick himself, it’s not a great option for some. On the other hand, someone with more delicate, thin hair may not be able to pull off the short, yet full look many beards require.

After you have narrowed your specifications down, it’s time to narrow down the options that are best for you.

Short and Simple

One of the best and classic looks, in my opinion, is some robust stubble. It’s a feat to be able to perfect the fullness that beard growing requires. Keeping the beard grown out enough to where it is visible, but not long enough to look unkempt is the key to this.

Keep it simple with some short stubble – enough to give your face an extra boost of masculinity – and leave it at that.

Short and Simple

A well-groomed five o’clock shadow is appropriate on any occasion and is never under or overdressed. It’s a safe bet for most face shapes, especially those baby-faced gentlemen or those just beginning to sprout. This style is also a great way to give even the wimpiest looking of jaws some edgy masculinity.

If you’re starting your beard growing journey, there is no need to rush into a full-blown Santa beard. Enjoy the stubble for a bit. This short style was a hit in 2018, and it isn’t stepping down in 2019.


The Garibaldi is easily one of the more popular beard trends among men. It gives the appearance of effort without any grand amount of energy. If you’re able to grow hair, that’s all that is required to achieve this look. It takes around four months, and a slight trim is all that is needed. 


I like this look because it allows for your sideburns to do their thing and grow into the beard. If you’re the type to grow neck hair, that area is welcome to the beard party as well. The only upkeep to this beard style is a slight trim, particularly around the lip area or at the bottom of the beard to give it a more rounded look.

This style is nondiscriminatory. All face shapes, sizes, shaving skills, and hair type welcome. With very little upkeep and a significant impact, this beard style is one to try for 2019.

Full Bearded Glory

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it. Beard growing is a rite of passage. It is right up there with drinking your first pint or even learning to drive. Sporting a full and long beard, to me, is the trophy style of all beards. This style shows the world all you have accomplished, presenting itself as the trophy for all you have achieved.

Full Bearded Glory

I will admit, this beard style would work best for the man with more of an oval shape rather than a round or square. This beard also requires a bit more fullness, length, and more upkeep.

If you’re up to the task and able to accomplish it, this beard style never leaves you or your face lonely. Your neck will not succumb to the elements, and it makes for a great face companion for your fingers to run through.

Faded Beard

2018 was a year that men began accepting that sometimes looking good requires a bit of work. This popular beard style is a true beard game changer. I call it a faded beard.

Faded Beard

Essentially, it is a much shorter style that lets hair “fade out” as it grows upward. I like this look due to the few stragglers that rise high on my cheekbone. A few stray hairs can ruin a look. Take a straight edge razor to clean up the edges, and bam. You’ve nailed this look.

This style is a kicked up version to the short stubble beard I mentioned before. Who knew clean lines and a fresh fade could make even the burliest of men look somewhat polished.

Circle Beard

The goatee is a staple in every man’s beard growing journey. You’re past the short stubble, but not ready to commit to bearded glory. I get it. The circle beard may be a style for you to try. The chin and mustache areas can be the more full areas of your beard. Why not showcase them?

Circle Beard

The circle beard merely is a beard to frame your mouth. It gives you a smaller area to maintain. Most men can achieve the look, and it looks great on just about everyone. It’s simple and easy.

You can add a bit of personality with shaping your mustache or even with how long you let the beard grow. Once a man tries this style, it’s hard to break away since it is so easy and gives a classic look while keeping the chin and mustache covered.


Every man I’ve discussed the wide world of beardom with all agree on one thing. The infamous goatee was the first attempt at growing a beard. I can remember being a kid and this was the badass style I imagined myself wearing at first sign of facial hair.


The goatee is well-recognized, has a hint of badassery to it, but is perfectly acceptable in any occasion.

Chin Strap

Baby-faced fellows and patchy haired men, I’m talking to you. So you can’t grow a full-on beard, or maybe you have no interest in one. A chin strap is a great option to showcase your facial farm without too much length or upkeep.

Chin Strap

Just grow out some stubble and clean up the edges to focus on the more masculine features you have. A great jawline is highlighted with a well-grown chinstrap and no longer will “adorable” be part of the vocabulary when describing you. Looking like a bad-ass feels good.

Which Style Is For You?

In any case, beard growing is a journey that every man should embark on in 2019. There are plenty of styles out there to allow you to experiment with your face farming. I encourage you to branch out of your normal beard routine and try something new. Which style are you looking to try in this new year?

No matter which style you decide on, you will most likely want to use a few beard products to tame and groom the unruly beast. Whether you need a good beard cleanser to prevent over-drying, or beard balm to give it a high glossy sheen. Many beard products not only handle the job but also smell nice and are appealing but not overpowering.

One of my new favorite product lines is Scotch PorterOpens in a new tab.. Check out this product review of the Scotch Porter line. Opens in a new tab.You can’t go wrong, and won’t be disappointed.

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