4 Ways to Stimulate Hair Growth

portrait of woman with long red hair

Are you recovering from a color job or hairstyle that didn’t quite turn out like your plan?

Are you looking for ways to stimulate hair growth?

If you are tired of waiting for your hair to get longer, you might find yourself searching for ways to help speed up the process.

woman sad about length of hair

It seems like it takes forever for hair to grow, and sometimes the in-between length from short until the longer length you desire is unmanageable.

Too long to sport the short style you had before, but long enough to drive you crazy, and of course, not quite long enough to pull back or put in a pony-tail when you need.

growth process of brown wavy hair 3 times

Whether you’re looking for long hair or just longer hair, there are a few ways you can stimulate hair growth.

I’ve checked out some fantastic methods as well as an incredible product that will help you get the length you desire.

Here at Team True Beauty, we want to help you discover what makes you feel beautiful and embrace your beauty.

Finding the right beauty and lifestyle products can be a challenge, but with Team True BeautyOpens in a new tab., we can help you narrow down the selection by featuring the best of the best.

If you are ready to promote hair growth and get the style you’ve been looking for, take a look at these fantastic tips.

1. BESTOOLOpens in a new tab. Hair Brush-Boar Bristle Hair Brush

One of the best ways to help stimulate hair growth is by simply using a beauty tool that you already need every day.

Having the right hairbrush can do more than just style your hair or get the tangles out.

The perfect brush can also stimulate hair growth and give your hair a shiny and silky finish. The BESTOOL Hair BrushOpens in a new tab. is the ideal brush for keeping your hair beautiful and healthy.

a boar bristle hair brush

This brush takes every day styling a step further by promoting healthy hair and scalp.

This brush features so many fantastic benefits; it’s an obvious choice for your daily beauty and hair care routine.

The natural boar and nylon bristles glide through normal to thick hair, making styling a breeze.

In addition, these fabulous bristles promote a shiny and soft look. One of the best features is how shiny your hair will look with daily use of this brush.

Whether your hair is frizzy, full of split-ends, or damaged, this brush will transform your locks.

If you deal with oily hair, this brush is ideal for spreading your scalp’s natural oils evenly throughout your hair.

Massaging your scalp, the natural oils of your hair move through your hair from root to tip, naturally conditioning your hair.

woman using boar bristle brush

The combination of nylon and boar bristles is an effective pairing that not only will detangle your hair but will also leave your tresses naturally shiny and healthy.

Reduce dandruff and itching with this incredible brush, all while creating healthier hair and stimulating hair growth.

This brush is safe to use on extensions and wigs and even works well on wet hair.

I love how smooth my hair looks after using this fantastic brush, and the peace of mind of knowing that the bristles won’t damage or break my hair.

portrait of a woman on orange backdrop with long red hair flowing behind her

If you have long hair, you don’t need to worry that this brush can’t do the job. It glides smoothly through long and thick hair, leaving it shiny and soft as well as tangle-free.

Not only do I absolutely love the way my hair looks thanks to this hairbrush, but I love the way my scalp feels as well.

Click hereOpens in a new tab. to order your BESTOOL brush, and get the healthy, growing hair you’ve been wanting. You won’t regret investing in this incredible tool.

2. The Right Hair Products

The right shampoo and conditioner will also help promote healthy hair and scalp and stimulate hair growth. Make sure you find the right pair for your hair type and contains the right vitamins and nutrients.

picture of special tea tree shampoo

Sulfate-free shampoos are an ideal choice for healthy hair and can help keep your hair clean as well as shiny. Using a deep conditioner once a week can also help with hair growth as it can repair hair damage as well as moisturize.

Additionally, working a tea tree shampoo into your routine, like this oneOpens in a new tab., every few washes can stimulate the scalp and in turn, promote hair growth.

3. Trim Your Hair Regularly

female getting haircut

Don’t get stuck in the trap of thinking cutting your hair will keep it shorter.

Regular trims eliminate split ends and prevent your hair from breaks. Hair growth comes from the roots, not the ends, so trimming it will only keep your hair healthy and strong.

You won’t risk growth by trimming your hair every eight weeks.

4. Protect Your Hair From Heat

Sometimes using heat to style your hair is necessary. Whether you need to blow your hair dry or you like to straighten or curl your hair, heat can take a toll on your hair’s health.

Use heat less when you can, and ensure you’re using a heat protectant when you need to use your styling tools.

woman blow drying hair with head flipped over

A heat protectant will help shield your hair from the potentially damaging effects of heat. JoicoOpens in a new tab. has a great option that protects your hair for up to 450 degrees, which is incredible for anyone trying to grow out their hair.

Team True Beauty Can Help You Find the Answers

When you’re trying to find the right products for your beauty regimen, you can count on Team True BeautyOpens in a new tab. to bring you the best items.

Whether you’re looking for ways to stimulate hair growth, the perfect make-up brushesOpens in a new tab., or hair toners, Team True Beauty is ready with the reviews that help you make informed decisions.

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We want you to embrace your beauty and have the confidence you deserve. Discovering which products are right for your beauty and lifestyle needs can help you look and feel your best.

You can count on us to wade through the numerous products available and feature only the very best.

If you’re ready to grow your hair out and have healthy, shiny locks, check out the BESTOOL Hair BrushOpens in a new tab. and experience for yourself the impressive results.

Keep checking back with us at Team True BeautyOpens in a new tab. for more fantastic products and reviews.

Paulina Romain

Paulina Romain is an entrepreneur and artist in the beauty industry. She is the founder and owner of The Art of Ink Studio, where she provides services such as permanent cosmetics, microblading, and artistic ink, focusing on personalized body art. Additionally, she owns Mill Pond Salon, through which she aims to deliver big-city salon services in the comfort of a small town. Apart from her hands-on work in her studios, Paulina Romain is also active on social media platforms like TikTok, where she showcases her fine line and cosmetic tattoo work. Furthermore, she's been in the salon and beauty industry for over 14 years and operates Team True Beauty with Sam Romain. This platform includes a blog on various beauty-related topics and marks the opening of two beauty brands by the couple.

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