4 of Our Favorite Beard Styles and How to Achieve Them

Beards are only getting more popular and more diverse.  That’s why we’ve, of course, dedicated an entire blog to just beards.  Though beards are as old as dirt, just having a crazy beard where you could store food in it for later won’t do. No, long are the days are simple beards and mere men.  Today, there are beard styles, trends, and even accessories.  Yeah yeah, we know.  We’re fond of all the patterns (just say no to sparkles and Christmas tree decorations). However, some of the trends aren’t that bad and when done right. Look pretty dang awesome and dare we say, *ahem* “manly.”

So we did a little research on beard trends and picked our favorites out of a surprisingly extensive list (seriously though, we didn’t think THAT many different things could be done, but there we were, sifting through hundreds of types of beards).  

Without further ado, here are our favorite beard styles and how you, yes you over there, can have it!

The Original

Look- back when beards were for a purpose and necessity for men, the style wasn’t a thing.  Men had beards to keep their faces warm while hunting in winter and help keep sweat off in the summer.  But we can’t stop loving this bad boy.  It collects dirt and food and even makes that look good.  You could pull off super manly in one second, and crazy ass murderer in the next- just add crazy eyes and people will run. You could even braid the bad boy when needed and pull that off.  It’s almost magical. Plus, it’s the easiest to grow and maintain.  Just don’t touch it, ever.  That’s it.  Have fun.

long bearded man

2. The “Uniform” Beard for the working professional

If you have an office job and don’t want to scare away clients, customers, or co worker this is the beard for you. This beard is well trimmed and is honestly the perfect look with a suit and tie.  This beard is NOT a long beard and needs to be cut and often shaped- so consider it a bit high maintenance.  To pull it off, however, it’s essential that you make sure the mustache is blending perfectly with the beard- no curled up crazies ok men?  Just beautiful and smooth around the transition points.  You’ll be office ready and the envy of those cleanly shaven newbies.  


3. The five o’clock shadow

This is pretty self-explanatory, but we can’t get enough of it.  It’s the beard for those that want a beard, but just don’t like the long look or hassle.  Here’s a warning though- this beard screams bad boy.  This beard screams, “I’m a mess” and “don’t take me too seriously.”  So if you’re in a business where you need to be taken seriously, this is not the beard for you.  If you work in construction or the like, go to town and enjoy! And hey, it does add some sex appeal (so we’ve heard from the ladies) so embrace the look and get you a hot date.  

american beard

4. The Toaster Strudel

As the name implies, this beard will remind you of a toaster strudel at first glance. Not the thickness or thinness, but the shape.  It’s a perfect rectangle with the mustache curled up perfectly on both ends.  You can grow it as long as needed, or keep it short- whatever tickles your fancy.  The main idea here is you keep edges straight and corners slightly rounded.  This look can be pulled off at work, home, or hunting- it’s versatile and not too overwhelming.  The one thing we do notice about men that have this beard is that people gravitate towards it and tend to want to touch it- because they can’t believe how perfectly trimmed it is.  So just be ready to have your personal space invaded, especially by the kids.  You’ve been warned.  


And there you have it.  Not your most exhaustive list because we don’t have forever, but you get the idea.  Out of all of them, I’m most  fond of the last one- the toaster strudel.  I mean LOOK AT THAT.

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